This website is dedicated to the awakening and awareness of the reality of Life through expressions that have come from the depths of Presence,  providing a pathway for those whose passionate desire is to be a clear vibrant manifestation of Being. 

There exists within the heart of every man the core need of knowing who he is and why he is alive.  Day to day life and the resultant hyper-activity of our mind, have a way of obscuring the simplicity of knowing and living in the liberating answers to these vital questions.  Most people know instinctively that there must be a way of living from a deep place of peace and rooted-ness in who they really are, a place of being.  Other teachings have called this place many things, spirit-filled life, abundant life, awakened life and so on, yet the essence is the same, it is a Life not dominated by the illusory identity and feeble reasoning of the human mind. It is a Life that is lived from a secure identity in the One God who gives Life to all. This is a Life where the creative ideas and genius of God are given expression in the present moment through the agency of a mind that is still.  In people all over the world, there is an awakening to the understanding that this visible, tangible Life of Oneness in God is indeed available here and NOW.  It is the expressed purpose of A Place of Being to provide the available resources and nurturing atmosphere for this awakening to take place.

In the pursuit of this vision, there will be the purposeful impartation of illuminating Life shared through words and expressions of Presence.  Our desire is to see each individual realize that they are, in their essence, unique expressions of the Infinite Individual I AM; and that in this realization there would be the dissolution of the mind-created Self-Identity with its typical self-absorbed thought activity and corresponding action.  In this putting off of the old mind and putting on of the new mind, love will flow spontaneously and naturally from a heart that has ceased from self-concern and has surrendered to the moment Life has presented.