Without the knowledge of “good” and “evil” it is impossible to do/be evil.

            Set before you are two trees (minds), one the knowledge of good and evil (double-mindedness) is an illusion, the other – the Real – is the Tree of Life (the Mind of Christ).  Choose ye this day which you will serve. Choose Life.  You have the mind of Christ – why move out of the garden of all good?  Why put more on your self than you can bear? Why separate your self from the Love, which is God, when the Love You are can never separate Itself from you?
           There is ONLY ONE POWER, one True and Living Power – One Life, One Mind, One Heart, One Love. Why run from that which cannot be escaped – the Omnipresent Oneness of  Being, present in all places at all times – world without end? You only run from your Self, and there is no place to hide, but the Hiding Place, the Secret Place of the Most High. 
            There is no garden of good and evil, only the Garden of Abundant Love and Grace.  And every tree (apparent visible form of life) is good.  Creator and created are One.  The body cannot be destroyed. Only the idea is dissolved, with an ever new idea present awaiting recognition.
            Life and death are only in the power of the tongue as we speak only words of Life, and thus dispel the illusion of death. 
            That which Is IS, and will always and eternally be present NOW.  It matters not what men say about it or think.  Truth stands no matter the winds of diversity or adversity that blow about it.  It stands the test of time.  It stands unscathed, undaunted by the winds which blow about - caused by the highs and lows of men’s attitudes and fluctuating opinions and beliefs.  It is the true lady standing in the harbor – awaiting all who come from foreign shores – welcoming the one who flees the world left behind.  It is the True Statue of Liberty – standing with outstretched arms – the everlasting arms of faith and glory, which stand for Truth, Justice, and the Only Way!
            There is only One Way in and once in you are land locked. There is no exit, for there is nothing to return to.  The Door closes behind you and the glory of the Presence surrounds you. 
            Within - the illusion of “without” is seen for what it is.  The Lord – THY GOD – your True Self – in the very midst of you is Mighty – All Mighty.  There is nothing to fear. 
            This is not a sink or swim proposition.  This is walking above the circumstances, above the watery grave of time.  This is the Land of Promise, where no opposites – no opposition – appears.  It is neither here nor there.
             Here the cup is full, and running over! Here the lion lies down with the lamb. Here peace reigns eternal – never having been otherwise, never having been affected by the world of confusion in an atmospheric delusion.  Here all is well, the sun shines, the grass is eternally green, the flowers bloom in season and out of season, and the birds sing.  Winter is past – over and done. The turtle dove’s soft cooing is heard in the eternal spring breeze wafting over the meadows of Mind.
            It matters no more what sounds come drifting on the currents of air from the “outside” world. It is nothing and is soon swallowed up in the rippling waters of Life. 
            Time is no more. The sands of the hour glass have run out for you, yet you still stand - apparently “here” – but now  you stand behind the lattice work where only bits and pieces of you are visible to the “outside” world.    They think they see you, but they only see from the perspective of through a glass darkly, in part.  Now they see you, now they don’t. 
            All consuming Life has locked you in where peace and safety attend you.  The Wall of the City IS God. Once you hit It and did not realize what you had hit.  Expecting to be repelled by the Wall you had run into, you found you had run into it to be absorbed by it, and you are glad.  It is the Wall of defense, where nothing in the “out there” can reach you or effect you anymore.  You have become One with the Wall.  This wall is the shield of Truth, the Armor of God.  Oneness is your refuge and fortress: My God, in whom I trust.  You have now made the Most High Thought your habitation, your dwelling place. 
            What happens to “this world” is a by-line, an anecdote, a parentheses, or just a distant “Oh” – soon forgotten in the flutter of angel wings (high thoughts of God), which surround and engulf the newly welcomed to the Presence of God. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Be still and know I Am.  Having run into the Name or Nature of Truth, you are no longer “you”.  You are I - and I Am ONE.  Besides this ONE there is none other.  Here you are standing in Reality, the Center of the Universe of ideas, glowing and pulsating Life, Life AS you, Life living you.  
            Stay here never to be led astray again.  Remain here, in Paradise where nothing can by any means hurt you.  Stay focused, alert, aware, as Life presents Itself to you - seat-belted in, secure in the Love of your Life and watch! Watch and pray (recognize Truth). 
            The Tree in the Center of your Being is your Being, your conscious awareness.  It is the largest Tree in the Garden, and it is where birds (lovely thoughts) come to nest.  One seed of it is all that is ever needed to fulfill every desire, grant every wish, answer ever prayer. All Life is sustained by this Tree (Mind).  From the infinitesimal root system to the infinite display of branches, this magnificent Mind, which we call God, stands - Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omniactive.  When the mind is at rest the Mind is at work, ever living, moving and having Being.  Let the merging with ALL that IS begin and rest in peace.  All pretense is passed, all games over, all manipulating uncovered, all hypocrisy revealed.  It is finished and its demise is simply death to an illusion.  It fades and fades and fades, until a memory is only an aid for in keeping contact with the world which appears before you until your merging is complete and all in your world have seen the Light.  There is no other purpose in a memory.  All that needs recalling is coming to you out of the revelation of Reality.  The Spirit of Truth is continually bringing to your remembrance That Which Is, and you know all you ever need to know.  Cut your losses. There are none.  Burn your bridges, they were only a walkway to nowhere.  Pull up your anchor and set sail into the Light of the New Day! The time is at hand!