“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” “The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN YOU.” One thought of as prayer, the other - the answer.

            Heaven.  We have all thought of it as a “place” “somewhere over the rainbow”, a place we could/would eventually “go to”. We may have assumed certain things about this place called heaven without stopping to consider why we believe what we believe about it in the light of truth. We may have accepted what we have been taught about it without giving it much thought really.

            Heaven, by true definition, is harmony: harmony in all your affairs, in all your thinking, in everything - period. Heaven cannot be manufactured, only accepted. Heaven is a state-of-mind, as is hell, as is the world.  The one who believes he is “in” one or another is “of” that state-of-mind and what he accepts is reality to him. We have been conformed for what seems like a period of “time” to “this world” of belief, but all is transformed when we begin to recall what we knew before time began for us. 

“Heaven” is not a place way-off somewhere, rather heaven - or “harmony” - is HERE NOW, “at hand” as Jesus said.  It becomes apparent to us as our True State-of-Mind, or True State-of-Being, when we are willing to accept that there is something greater than what we “think”.  It is readily available to us, as we are always standing right in the midst of It, without seeing-knowing It.   

We have never truly left heaven - except in our thinking that we have, because HEAVEN, which is GOD, is OMNIPRESENT, everywhere, always, non-stop- God unlimited. Our insatiable hunger for Truth can only be satisfied in the dawning of a new day when the Light begins to shine for us, in us, through us, AS us. We emerge from the cocoon of confusion, stretch our wings and take flight. We have been unable to fly, all wrapped up in the gross darkness of “belief in a personal mind occupying a material body”.  But now, in Truth, we are set free.

All belief in and about “this world” is a dream-state of mind from which eventually all will be awakened.  Waking up to Truth brings the realization that “I” have never left heaven (harmony) and can never leave. I can only “think” I do in the moment I accept the cocoon as my reality.  “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment”, means simply: do not be fooled by what you “see”, but rather square everything by TRUTH.

Truth is:  I truly have never wandered far from home. I have always been in the state of Perfection, the city of the living God, the house of my Father-consciousness.  In the morning Light I can see this clearly now.  With the night time experience of the soul over, I realize again my True I-dentity, and rise with healing in my wings, in the knowing that I AM the I Am.  This is the narrow way that few find, but if you are reading this, the door stands open to you to step back through the looking glass at this very moment to find your SELF once again. The ONE who has been keeping watch over you, seeing the reflection, but never becoming subject to it, merely observing the world which you have called real, is your True SELF.       

When we realize that all that is THE TRUE – THE REAL (HEAVEN) -  is right here, just beyond what we can see, touch, taste, smell and feel, then we know that there must be a change in the way we think for us to begin to see It.  Though we have thought we were seeing through physical eyes, realize right now that ALL IS SPIRIT, thus there is no “physical” in reality.  You need not adjust your vision, just accept that you are Home ( in Heaven), have never left, and what you accept is yours.  Understand that all is Spirit and the imagined world you have called real is all in Spirit or Mind as well.  Jesus gave us a key when he told us that “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”  How could that be, but in Mind? ALL is MIND - not your little mind and my little mind, for there is no such, but Spirit, Mind, Life, God are ONE and the same.  GOD IS the INTELLIGENCE behind, in and through ALL. This Magnificent Mind always has been and always will be.

When you think you are not only “in” the world, but “of” it you are seeing from the place of opposites, thinking there is a front side and backside to the mirror, rather than realizing there is only ONE SIDE: the IN-side, the IN-visible, from which you observe all that comes forth from MIND into visible expression.  Thus begin to close your eyes to “this world” of belief.  For truly ALL is within YOU.  This is not just changing “your” mind, this is a complete transformation that begins to take place the moment you desire it with all your heart.

Since there is ONLY ONE MIND, given opportunity, IT will lead you into all Truth. We do not have separate minds, but rather we have had a lot of confused thoughts from which we have formed a world of belief.  Though we have called this our “human experience” or “natural life”, it is simply a dream state, an illusion, or as scripture puts it, “a strong delusion”.  Actually I have been only seeing through a glass darkly, in part, not in WHOLE, or WHO-LENESS, or Holiness.  Behold and be whole! 

There is ONLY ONE MIND, THE MIND WE CALL GOD. Anything referred to as “another” mind is not a mind at all, but one thought following another until they both fall into a ditch.

But when That Which is Perfect is Come then we begin to see with new eyes: inner sight (insight) - inner eyes (the eyes of understanding), and we begin to hear with new ears, the ears of the heart.  When we can begin to hear the still small voice within whispering words of Life, which have a very familiar ring, all things will be brought to our remembrance - all things.  Remembrance from when? From before you took on a name, from before you drew a breath, from before you began to develop a “history”, and before you began to think that you were a human being living on planet earth, from before you “thought” you were born.

The ONLY TRUE and LIVING MIND (God) is the MIND OF ALL, the MIND BEHIND EVERYTHING.  You have no mind of your own, and yet THE MIND IS YOUR OWN.  The un-awakened soul, dreaming away, shares his dream with his neighbor, and thus there is a whole world of belief.  But, in Reality, there is merely a lot of educated confusion. 

When you are following along on the road and you see a sign indicating that your lane is ending you must begin to merge with the inside lane. So it is when you begin to recognize the Truth. Your thinking begins to merge once again with the ONLY MIND, the ONLY THOUGHT, THE TRUTH, the Christ mind, or Mind of Christ, that the scripture tells us is ours already always.  But this is not just sitting down and determining I will change my mind. This is the second coming of Christ.  What is Christ?  Scripture defines Christ for us, yet we miss it and attach it only to the name “Jesus”, and thus fail to see Christ for what Christ is.  “Christ” is THE TRUE LIGHT which LIGHTS EVERYMAN that comes into the world”. (John 1:9). Christ is the TRUE LIGHT of Life which lights every man, not just the ones who profess to believe a certain way!  It is GOD who is our savior, “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of GOD OUR SAVIOR: (I Timothy 2:2), WHO WILL HAVE ALL MEN TO BE SAVED”! AND TO COME INTO A KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.

It is GOD who is our Savior. GOD is LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE. The CHRIST is the ENLIGHTENED SELF, the ONE who knows no was never separated nor divided from the TRUTH.  Jesus is the visible form of God, just as you are the visible form of GOD! 

“I am the Light of the world”, “Ye are the Light of the world”.  What I AM YOU ARE!  So the Light comes streaming into your little dark world, and if it is your time to awaken to TRUTH, you will “Rise and shine, for your Light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you”. 

We have miss-understood, miss-translated, and miss-interpreted, not to mention: miss-represented the TRUTH.  We have simply missed IT! How could we do otherwise since we have been sitting in the dark trying to read a book which can only be seen in the LIGHT of LIFE.   

As we focus on the Truth and discontinue holding so tightly to what we have believed to be true, we begin merging until we are no longer double-minded trying to focus a double vision. Rather we are single eyed, seeing with the “I” of Truth.  With a singleness of vision, or heart, we are no longer fooled by the world of illusion, thus that world begins to fade away.  No longer are we concerned about what is happening in the world, nor do we fear anything, for Perfect Love, which is the True State of my Self, casts out all fear through the knowledge that there is nothing to fear.

In this re-newed state-of-mind (Oneness), Heaven (the Unseen) and earth (the seen), are ONE, and there is nothing here to make a lie. TRUTH REIGNS as ALL in all.  Here only peace abounds and the “things of this world”, no longer having hold on us, become abundantly available to us to use and share, give and enjoy.  This is your lifetime to be awakened, the lifetime of your coming again to your RIGHT MIND. You will be led to others who are awakening as well.  ALL are destined to awaken to Reality, to come to know the Truth.  Thus ALL are merely at various levels of understanding, waiting in line, as it were, on the road to Sanity.  ALL MEN WILL BE SAVED AND COME UNTO A KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH! (I Tim 2:4).  

Saved? Saved from what? From “believing” in sickness, lack, disease, misery, limitation and death. And once the tangled web of belief is seen for the deception it is, we realize these fictitious states - having no basis in Truth - have no power over us, in fact, no power whatsoever!  If you dreamed last night that you were sick, and woke up this morning feeling wonderful, you would know that the dreamed illness had no power over you.  Though these things “appear” real to the one who believes in them, in Reality, Heaven, your TRUE STATE OF BEING, you are Wonderful - always.  Judge not by appearances.  No longer be confused by the world of duality. Stop flipping the coin. There is only The Head (Christ) and all “tales” are fairytales. Let go all opposites and you find there is no opposition. Recognize ONLY GOOD and you are back where you began, “in the beginning God”.  See GOD as ALL and with unveiled eyes see your SELF, face to face. Be no longer bullied by a world of doubt. Simply accept that there could be nothing but God and don’t try to explain further. The Answer will come to you. The Truth will keep you from going over the edge, and you will pass right through the crowd of false witnesses which say you are only human. Nothing can by any means hurt you.     

Creation is INFINITE IDEAS, complete and “very good”.  We have only to have an idea and know that the manifestation of it follows, for heaven lacks for nothing.  I AM constantly conceiving, perceiving all.  You have done it already, even under the limitation of time.  But then, You, the Real YOU, was never limited by time.

It was only when you took the reigns in your little hands and set out to conquer a world of your own making that you found the road rocky and forbidding. Creation is complete, yet you have believed you could “do” something to change “it”. Creation is a finished work - a very good finished work - yet you have believed you stumbled into an unfinished area of opposition where there was both good and evil. Where in all that God declared very good can you find evil? Creation is ALL, and you can add nothing to it, nor take anything from it.  Its done. “It is finished”. All that is ever “going to be” IS already. Accept it and you accept the will of God as your own.  Accept it and you will find you are in heaven, here, now, and always have been.

You have imagined and believed the world you think you see, the world you think you are part of, the world you think is “out there”. The world of illusion, confusion, has produced the things that men fear, those things which only appear to stand in opposition to the Truth. With a renewed MIND, re-newed to that which was yours before “the world” began, you find yourself standing in the LIGHT. Thus you begin to recognize a new heaven and new earth, where there are no opposites, ONLY GOOD, ONLY LIGHT, ONLY PEACE, ONLY LOVE, ONLY HARMONY!

“Things” - no big deal.  You have always produced them from the TRUE MIND, right out into visibility.  The soul (mind or thinking) that fell in love with the appearance world joined itself to it in an adulterous relationship. This “marriage” could never work, because only what GOD, LIFE, joins together cannot be put asunder. This “love” of the appearance realm, where the soul covets the gifts rather than the GIVER, not realizing that the GIFT AND THE GIVER ARE ONE,  is the root of all evil (duality, sin).  Duality is simply thinking that there is more than ONE, more than GOD.  This  thinking that “I” can ever be joined to something other than MY TRUE SELF is the soul/mind/thoughts (or woman caught in adultery), who has taken other lovers: money, things, thoughts of materiality, physicality, a past and a future, knowledge and personal identity, and believed them to be true to her. Having forsaken TRUTH as her only LOVE, her FIRST LOVE, this woman, or soul, or mind, has been looking for LOVE - but in all the wrong places.  Thinking there is “God and…” whatever: a little “me”, or a world where God is NOT, is playing with fire.  But then, hey, OUR GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE, so eventually, wandering around in the dark, that little soul will fall right into the lake of Fire and the old self, the old man, the personality, the little thought taker,  will be burned up! And in this glorious bond-fire “I” ALONE rise from the ashes!

GOD IS ALL! And thus, GOD (which is LIFE) is all. Where in LIFE can you find death?  Can there be a little tag hanging out of “ALL”? And where would that be?  

GOD IS LOVE, where in LOVE can you find hate?  GOD IS THE MIND, the HOLY MIND, THE WHOLE MIND. Where in this MIND where can you find insanity, confusion, erring thought? 

GOD is WHOLENESS, SOUNDNESS, HEALTH. Where in health and wholeness can you find sickness, disease?

GOD is ABUNDANCE, and as GOD IS ALL, where in the Abundant ALL can you find lack?

These things which “appear” to be in opposition to God are only imagination gone to seed.  Let them go! “TAKE NO THOUGHT”.  GOD doesn’t need help.  LIFE will live AS you the more you surrender your belief that you can do something. Jesus said, “I can of my own self do nothing”.  If Jesus could do nothing, what makes you think you can do anything? 

When we “be still and know that I am God”, we do know (Ps 46:10).   What the world thinks about “it” doesn’t matter one whit.  Yes, yes, this will put you in a rare breed, where you will be misunderstood, especially if you cast your wonderful pearls of revelation before the eyes of swine which have no clue what they are eating and have no more respect for the precious than the putrid.  Thus you might as well expect that the swine will turn and rend you in their confusion, but “what is that to thee? Follow thou ME”. They are just in their lowest state of mind right now.  Shake the dust off your feet and keep going.  They would crucify you given half a chance.  They are but fictitious characters playing in a play of their own making right now.  There is only ONE POWER and they are not IT. 

Eventually even they will come to you seeking what you have.  Love them and understand that they are merely confused asking, “What am I? Am I the swine or the prodigal?”.  Since both eat from the same trough it is hard to tell what’s what and who’s who.  Not knowing who they are - or: “What is right?”, is chaos.  So long as the debris is flying, nothing can be pinned down in their world.  Recognize that all of us have been in the hog pen at some time, eating the husks right in there with the rest of the pigs, gobbling up anything the world fed to us as true.  But it was only a dream, my friend, only a dream.  It never happened.  Extend grace and mercy! You get as good as you give. BE as good as IT gets!

The judgment call is a boom-a-rang which returns swiftly to kick us in the seat of our own little selfish self.  Hello! “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of us all?”  The ONE who judges not, condemns not, but sets free all who come his way with a cheery smile and a wave of the hand, saying: “Go thy way, neither do I condemn thee. Go and be double-minded no more”. And THAT my friend, is YOUR TRUE SELF.  

Speak the TRUTH but do it in LOVE, AS LOVE. LOVE does not put down, rather builds up.  LOVE does not point a crooked finger, but rather offers a HAND to help the ONE rise and walk.  LOVE firmly, but gently corrects a soul that appears to be misled.  LOVE is the Light in a safe harbor, the Port in the storm, the Candle in the window, the Light at the end of the tunnel, the Eye of the hurricane, the Cradle of comfort, the Nail in a sure place, our final resting place.  IT can be counted on no matter what, for IT never leaves us or forsakes us.  IT never fails.  IT is the guidepost leading us HOME.   

In coming into the ONENESS of our Being, we find our SELF at HOME, surrounded by a garden of seed-thoughts waiting to come into manifestation.  The Substance of all things engulfs us and we lose any sense of separation. YOU lack for nothing.  Thought happens, the desired “thing”, the wish, the prayer, and “before they call I will answer”.  Your heart’s desires are brought into expression.  All things are MIND expressed, and all things are mine. Once you realize that all things are indeed yours by recognition, “things” no longer are something to be grabbed or held on to.  They no longer represent security to you.  The loss of them is no loss in Reality, for the Creation, which is a whole universe of ideas, is constantly coming from the invisible to the visible.  Nothing can be lost.

            Realizing that there is no past or future, only the HERE NOW, there is no reason to hold on to things that bring back memories.  In fact, remember Jesus’ admonition:  “Remember Lot’s wife” and look not back.  Let go things that hold a past up to you as being real, and let go things which you have saved to remind you of a past. Let go “memories” of a past life. Let go yesterday!  If not - you are doomed to repeat this “past” you hold so dear, until you “consider not the former things”. 

The fields are already white to harvest, ripe for the picking.  All that your heart desires is all about you awaiting your recognition of it.  Realizing all things are yours the greed drains from you.  Life becomes more simple.  You may have what you want, and God would have you to have only the best, but once you realize the great bounty all about you, satisfaction comes with the knowing. Realizing all is yours, what more could you want?  What you want will come into mind and you will simply follow the instructions required to bring it into manifestation.  That is the only requirement: following the instructions.  This only comes at full surrender of any other way than THE WAY given from on high. You will need to be still and quiet to hear the instructions, but they will come and you have only to follow them through.

Realize, my friend, that you, as the little personality person you have given a name and thought to be you, never has done one single thing.  The personality I have lived through never earned one single cent, never bought one single thing, never put bread on the table, never paid a bill.  The “named persona” may have “thought” she/he was a human being, living in a material world, but she/he has been merely existing, calling it life, in a figment form of imagination. I – the TRUE I – GOD, is the SAVIOR OF THE SOUL that went wandering off into a world of delusion and found itself in the hog pen, having squandered its inheritance of Truth.  GOD, the Savior of the soul, restores the soul (the wandering mind), to its rightful place at the head of the table prepared with all good things.  Come and eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst (heart) of the paradise of God.

Once you realize that your little personality self is nothing and can do nothing, then you realize that YOU, the TRUE YOU, the ONE within, the ONE who IS the WITHIN AND THE WITHOUT, and ALL in ALL, has been doing it ALL all along.  Then you can relax and know that no good thing will God (Life – Your True Self) withhold from them, from YOU, that walk(s) uprightly! 

You have thought you were like a worm crawling in the dust, unable to rise above your circumstances, unable to do much beyond getting what your education or knowledge, talent or ability would permit, to secure your place in the world, while subject to the diseases and consequences of a world beyond your control. A worm, or caterpillar is nothing more than a short serpent, and a serpent is simply a “symbol” of a twisted way of thinking.  But none of this way of thinking is true.  You are not a worm.  This beguiling way of thinking keeps one in fear and confusion.  Understanding lifts you into a place where all that appeared to be real in the dust realm is like a dream to Reality. There is no body of dust, only the Body of Christ, the Body of Light.

Stand up now, stop slithering through life eating dust, taking in the talk and belief of the world as though it had any substance in it, and walk uprightly! No good thing will be withheld from you.  Shake the dust off your feet. Take up your bed and walk. Though you have made your bed in hell, God (the TRUTH of your Being, your TRUE SELF) has been here all the time. Heaven, here, now.   

We speak with new tongues and thus if you haven’t the ears to hear this at this time, yet it seems strangely wonderful, albeit somewhat unclear or unbelievable, continue to seek! In seeking you will find.  Do not be afraid to ask your Self, “Who am I?”. Call to ME and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know you know.   In Reality, you know all things, but you have forgotten what you know and the Spirit of Truth must bring all things again to your remembrance.  Return. Return. Return. Return to the ONE you are in the beginning.

You will not know all the educated world can teach you.  You do not need to.  The wisdom of man is foolishness to God. You know all you need to know, however, in any given moment.    

We have believed that we are getting smarter, better, richer, stronger, more capable through great technological advances to make the world a better place.  Yet is the world a better place even with all the technological advances?  No, my friend, the world is the world, and it will never be other than it is.  Foolishness. I, of my own little self, as a personality, can do absolutely nothing, but the moment I return to the ONE, and leave the double-minded world of make-believe, I can do all things through the Light of Life (Christ), understanding.  All ability is given me in HEAVEN and EARTH, which are ONE and the SANE! I am in the Father-Consciousness and the Father-Consciousness is in ME.  With all your getting, get understanding! Awake to righteousness, you who were dead, and the Christ Light will shine in your soul, your heart, until you are fully awake to the TRUTH, and there is no more personality ruling your world.

Surrender your little self and YOU will begin to rule your world.  You will be King of your kingdom.  Jesus Christ is said to be King of kings, Lord of lords.  The Master-Mind that is the ONLY MIND THERE IS, begins to rule and reign in YOUR heart.  You become King over the things that have been the kings or ruling factors in your life. Those things which have appeared to have control and authority over you! They were fiction, false gods, with no power! The only place they had control was in your thinking.  You allowed it.  You have allowed one thing and then another to be your god, and you have bowed to many kings.  But they have no power in Reality, my friend, no power, because there is only ONE POWER and that ONE POWER is the ONE MIND, GOD, and this ONE POWER IS THE TRUE YOU of you.  In surrendering to LOVE you actually give up.  At the end of your little line, when the world has gotten on your last nerve, when the circumstances of “this world” push you to the wall, when you are ready: THE TEACHER WILL COME.  The SPIRIT of WHO-LEness (Holiness), your TRUE SELF will come to your rescue.

There is not a long trek back Home.  You are HOME, HEAVEN, immediately when you accept it.  

You begin to take control of your kingdom, because it is not of “this world” of belief, but rather is the MIND of Christ ruling and reigning every thing, every thought, in the moment.  You will begin to take every thought captive to TRUTH.  The way you take up your position of King in your kingdom is to put on the robe of righteousness, which is being clothed upon, or enshrouded with Truth, all wrapped up in Truth, having given your “self” over to It.  Truth is your garb. You wear it with honor.  You depend upon it.  You recognize nothing else.  When your thoughts begin to be concerned with a “world out there”, you turn immediately and recall where YOU are - in the Court of the Great King. Then you recall your TRUE STATE of BEING:  YOU ARE the Great King. You are enthroned – IN throne - (the Highest Seat in the House). A seat is where you rest.  A house is understanding.  Thus “enthroned” you rest in understanding.  You are Master of all you survey. You recall that in Father’s house (Conscious Understanding, Conscious Awareness) are many mansions (ways of seeing things, many levels of understanding, perspectives), and I and my Father-Consciousness are ONE.  “I will arise and go to Father’s House”, and you rise and walk.  Whatever I, as King of my kingdom desire, is mine. 

When you come out of your dream you will be able to say the same thing.  The little personality person I thought was me, the one I see (or thought I saw) out there in the hog-pen eating slop with the hogs is not ME. “ME” is who Jesus was speaking of when he said, “Come unto ME”.  “I” is who Jesus was speaking of when he said, “Fear not. It is I”.  Know who ME and I ARE!  You must begin to say I know who I AM.  The wandering mind, which must be restored to its true state, may still seem to have some validity for some time.  You may occasionally forget again WHO you are, and slip, but even as your knee hits the dust, the ONE who has called you, Who is whispering sweet messages of LOVE, wooing you back, will not leave or forsake you even when you recognize the VOICE as Your very OWN.

“I AM your God.  I will help you, yes, I will strengthen you, yes, and I will uphold you with my right hand of righteousness.”  “I AM thy God! There is none else”.   I AM YOUR GOD.  “I” cannot be the God of my neighbor.  I AM YOUR GOD.  And yet there is only ONE, but this ONE TRUE AND LIVING MIND can only be KNOWN by YOU.  You will never know the God of Jacob, as a dear friend says.  You can never know the God of Abraham.  YOU can only know YOUR GOD.  The I AM of ME, MY TRUE I-dentity, the TRUE SELF I AM, is ALL THERE IS.  God is all! Then, do I begin to awake to righteousness (right thought) and KNOW I AM GOD. 

So, clothed upon with the robe of righteous thought, the ring is placed upon your hand, a symbol of ONENESS, and the marriage supper of the Lamb takes place.  The soul (thinking) is once again joined in perfect union with Spirit (THE MIND, TRUTH). Wandering thoughts are brought home. “Return unto thy rest, O my soul” (Ps 116:7). Having returned home you find your mind at peace.  You have returned into the TRUE SELF.  Once HERE the merging of thought begins taking place until there is only SELF, with nothing besides.  You take your true position of Authority so that even as a King commands and receives all that he commands, you decree a thing and it comes to pass. 

This is not done to impress anyone.  God is all. There is no one to impress. See that you tell no man.  No man will believe you anyway. 

While passing through the airport  I witnessed a wonderful parable.  A blind man came through the crowd, tap, tap, tapping his way along with a long cane.  I could not help but admire this one who was so courageous as to challenge the busy Atlanta airport.  People kept bumping into him!!!  There is none so blind as him who will not see.  It was not that the ones around him couldn’t see him, but they were so wrapped up in their own little cocoon of thought that they failed to see something right in their midst that they would refer to as blind.  How much is around us, in our midst that we fail to see?!   Right there, tap, tap, tapping and we, who think we see, are stumbling all over the obvious, blinded by our own agendas.

We cannot blame the blind for what they cannot see yet. We too are still wiping sleep from our eyes. We cannot blame the dear soul lying on the bed for having a silly dream.  He’s asleep! When he awakens then he too will see how silly it was which he believed to be real in the dream.  Why be angry with the blind man or the deaf or the dreaming?  They will not/cannot awaken until HE PLEASE.  LOVE is patient and kind. 

No man owes me anything,  and I owe no man anything, but love.  What is MINE is yours. What is yours is MINE. We can take nothing from anyone. Neither can we give anything to “another”, for in Truth there is no “other”, only the ONE, GOD, LIFE, Being AS US.  In Reality, you cannot be robbed, neither can you rob. The very thought that someone can rob us is a red flag that we still believe we are separate beings.  There is plenty of everything you could ever want, and always will be, as it always has been. Heaven is the storehouse of ALL. Creation – all ideas - are there for the taking, but you cannot take them until you are ready, and then you will take nothing, because you already have it all.  And this my friend, is heaven.

HEAVEN - HERE, NOW.  YOU have never left it.  You only “thought” you did.  Come once again into your right mind, the UNIVERSAL MIND, the ONLY MIND.  Stop separating and dividing.  The TRUE BODY of CHRIST, BODY OF LIGHT, OR FAMILY OF GOD, is ALL OF US: GOD being seen in many expressions, living NOW in many dwelling places we call form.  THERE is no where LIFE is not.  Though I was once a child, thought as a child, understood and spoke as a child: thinking that heaven was a place I would die and go to, now I am a Man (GOD’S MAN – the ONLY MAN – ONE ALWAYS NEW MAN, the ORIGINAL PERFECT STATE OF MIND, BEING), I put away childish things.  It is high time we grow up and realize that there is ONLY ONE, ONE MAN, THE CHRIST MAN, THE EN-LIGHTENED (or IN-Lightened) MAN, THE ONLY BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER-CONSCIOUSNESS, LIVING, MOVING, BEING in various forms, and infinite expression.    

No more a child I am not living in a dream world. I have left the world of imaginary friends and security blankets. My world is in me! The kingdom of God is within YOU, within MIND!  And thus, I do, I live, and I BE, and there is nothing else besides! 

HEAVEN, HERE AND NOW, presently present! Absolutely, infinitely available.  As you accept it, you take possession of your Home. You have been given the keys.  All is provided.  There is food and drink freshly prepared from before the foundation of the world, awaiting your arrival, as no time has elapsed. Come and drink!  The well is deep, in deed, but the Way to the water of Life has been made straight for you. You may drink and drink long, but you will never thirst again. Never again come up short.  Never again take second best.  Never again just get by. Never worry about a future.  Never scrape and bow to a system. You will never again do without. Come.  YOU are lovingly invited back HOME.  The Door is open.  The welcome mat is out with your New Name on it, the ONLY NAME under Heaven’s recognition. The MIND IS WILLING.  ALL THAT I HAVE IS THINE.  Be HOME IN HEAVEN< HERE AND NOW.  Surrender.  Turn your “self” in. Give up to the ONE who stands within, closer than fingers and toes, nearer than your breath, deeper than your imagination, greater than your ability! 


“I” stand at the Door and knock.  YOU must open yourself, your mind, to ME. 

Welcome Home.