Today I watched a boy skipping stones across the water. Watching him I realized that he is the Child of all of us, the wonderful place that we think of as childhood, where there are no regrets about a past and no worries about a future. This is the place of JUST BEING. I watched his earnest intent to find just the right shape for skipping. I watched his joyous response when the chosen stone skimmed the waves. I watched as he turned time and again in search of yet another stone. I noted his total emersion in this pursuit, unaware that anyone was watching him. He was absolutely centered, focused and having fun, enjoying life! But in that simple picture of a young boy skipping stones, I saw something of much greater value. Not only did I enjoy watching him, sharing his childhood pleasure, but through him I was reminded of the simplicity of Life, joyous, innocent and carefree. This is why Jesus said that we must become like a little child – not child-ish, not even child-like, but trusting, open, expectant, willing and free in order to come to where we belong: a place called HOME. We must return to The Innocence, The Untainted, Uneducated, and Undefiled by the cares of "this world" - BEING THAT WE ARE. We must go back to that moment of AWARENESS before we thought we were born, and realize WE ARE LIFE ITSELF!

"We" appear on the screen of Life, a Visible Expression of the Invisible ONE we call God. We come into a world of beauty with clarity of mind, purity of heart, that LIFE might have a face. All of us have the childhood experience that GOD might experience it. We do not have to go back to being a child. We’ve done that now. But we can once again return to the MIND that is pure, innocent, and whole - this time knowing about it all. We can, like a child, begin to see a new world before us with new eyes. We can once again experience LIFE at the level of newness. That long lost feeling of fascination with such things as butterflies and fireflies, sunny days and snowflakes. We can begin to realize a world within us, a world which we bring into visibility simply for our good pleasure! Paradise regained in the realization of our True I-dentity. With this realization we see that Paradise was never lost, except in our thinking.

Consider, with me, the simplicity of a child’s life. Recall, if you will, the joy of JUST BEING, in the MOMENT, in the HERE and NOW – LIFE as just an exciting adventure. The thrill of just being alive! Recall that time before you began to take life so seriously, before responsibilities drained the joy of life out of you, before the world’s affairs laid heavy on your mind, and the daily grind ground you to dust. Go again to that innocent beautiful time of being freshly aware. That innocent, lovely ALIVENESS is yours once again to enjoy when you begin to AWAKEN to TRUTH. That wonderful place where you do not worry about anything, where you trusted Life to provide for you, protect you, and love you. Love was all you knew. You were unaware of a world of trouble, loved everyone and believed everyone loved you. Don’t you wish to return to that state of mind, that un-intimidated, un-inhibited, unafraid and unlimited ALIVENESS and AWARENESS? Well, my friend, IT awaits your turning from "this world" once again to the TRUTH of your BEING! This time, however, you will understand it all as it is. You will appreciate LIFE in all its glory, but from a different perspective because you have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and are returned to the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH, realizing it all within your SELF.

Once again the world becomes a playground. What I am going to share with you will take you there if you will let it. I have stepped through a doorway, an entrance into a "happy place". I am experiencing something that I can only attempt to tell you about. If you know me only as "Jane", you may not at first recognize anything particularly different about me. But if you will hang around close for a while you will see some things about my life that you will want to experience yourself. You will hear some things you have not heard before, if you will allow me to be "real" with you. If you are willing to listen, and really consider what I am saying to you, you too will begin to realize LIFE, and see that IT is something quite different from what you have thought it to be. Things that are otherwise impossible will begin to be possible. Doors will open that you could not open with a crowbar by the little personality person you have thought yourself to be. You will begin to realize the TRUE SELF YOU ARE doing all, as you ride the bow of the ship and watch, and yet know that YOU are indeed the Captain of your Salvation as well. If you are unafraid and can become again like the child, you will slip away with me into a place you have been before but seem to have forgotten exists.

Driven by circumstances to be still and quiet, I began to see something totally remarkable to the one who has lost sight of his original and only TRUE STATE of BEING, the one who has been caught up in "business as usual", the one walking around calling himself "human", the one who has been working at trying to make a living, trying to make life work. In the stillness and quietness of my heart I found LIFE, and in finding LIFE I have realized something incredible: that we are all ONE BEING! "WE" are ALL ONE and that ONE is LIFE. "WE" are GOD being, which is LIFE, LOVE, SPIRIT, PERFECTION, REALITY, LIGHT, TRUTH appearing as different expressions; ONE GARDEN, but many varieties of plants, herbs and blossoms, colors, shapes and sizes, all just BEING, each contributing to the beauty of the WHOLE.

Once again I am beginning to view "my world" from a child’s innocent perspective, believing anything is possible, and realizing it is so. I feel like the little one who stands before an aquarium turning his head from side to side observing. He does not judge or criticize what is going on in that watery world, unless he falls into it. He simply enjoys watching it. The difference is that as I unlock the secrets of LIFE I realize I rule over my world calling those things that are not as though they were and they are!

There is a sense of realizing myself as the Observer, rather than, like a fish in a goldfish bowl, the observed. Rather than trying to fit into a world that never could contain ME, I have begun to realize that the world has actually always been within me. "The kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU." You are not "in it", in REALITY, but it is all within You! As you begin to realize this and many other things that will come to you, you will see how you can rule and reign in a world where every wish is granted, every desire realized. No this is not a fairy tale, any more than any of the promises in the Bible are fairy tales. While You appear to be "in and of" the world for awhile, in order to experience things you would not otherwise, the moment of great expectation finally arrives and you burst through, so to speak, into another place where the visible and invisible are realized as ONE, and all is realized as Spirit, GOD BEING ALL.

So I feel compelled to write, because no matter where you are now, and how you see "life" at this moment, you will at some time, find yourself seeking something higher, farther, greater than "life" as you have known it. The clichés of the past will not suffice at some point. All the rhetoric will simply fall at your feet as autumn leaves: dead words, void of life. You will find yourself at some point asking the big questions, the ones regarding Truth. The "thorn in your flesh", whatever that irritant might be, is the very thing that will eventually be the catalyst to propel you out of your complacency and satisfaction with the lie into TRUTH. Your thorny encounters will last only so long as you need them. Just as the tiny grain of sand which somehow gets trapped in the oyster shell causes such irritation to the oyster that he has to begin something NEW: a secretion that creates the pearl. Just so the difficulties in your experience will at sometime cause you to realize the pearl of great price, something beautiful stirring WITHIN as an awareness: YOUR TRUE SELF.

Remember as you read, that all of us write from the place we are at this moment. I write with the understanding I have right NOW, but I realize that my "right now" is ever revealing and thus by the end of this I will have seen more than I see at the beginning. The latter house (understanding) will be greater than the former. The next writing I write will have expanded even more because the increase of our understanding has no end. I share only what is LIFE to me, what I have seen thus far, and am walking through. All is always only in the NOW, so though it seems as though time is what has "taught" me, in Reality, TRUTH is simply bringing to my remembrance that which for a moment I seem to have forgotten.

Please understand, this is not written to tell you TRUTH. No one can tell you TRUTH. You have to find that out for yourself, because TRUTH is not something you "know", but WHAT you BE. What you will find here is a door standing open to you. You may step through if you wish. If you read this only once you may be mildly entertained or perhaps even find confirmation of what you are already realizing. You may be lifted into a higher understanding or you may awaken to something you have not even dreamed was there as you read. If you will read it more than once, every time you read it you will find between and behind the lines things you will not see at first read. But know this, what you are seeking you will find. And when you find IT, you will realize IT was here all the time. When you see IT – YOU ARE IT!

IT is the reason you have never quite been completely satisfied. IT is that mild undertone that causes one to wake up one morning with everything going well to say, "I feel depressed and with no good reason". Or when everything is at its absolute best there still seems to be something missing. Or when everything is the pits, you wonder why and what its all about. If all were always bliss, completely perfect in your dream-world you would never wish to awaken.

The IT spoken of is the heaven you don’t want to die to get to, but you sure want to enjoy HERE and NOW! IT is the absolute peace that nothing otherwise earth shaking can affect. IT is the answer to every question, and yet it has virtually nothing to do with education or religion. In fact, TRUTH, has nothing to do with how much one knows. Isn’t that a relief?! IT is the sudden stillness and silence you experience when you come out of the world! The calm after the storm. IT is the "Oh this is IT" that you have wondered about for what seems like ages. IT is what Jesus Christ really meant when he spoke about being born again, nothing like what the world believes.

So long as we think we are "in" the world, as well as "of" it, everything is thought to be made up of parts and pieces, segregated and separated. We think "we" instead of "I". We think many instead of ONE. We think we are separate identities, separated beings from each other and certainly separate beings from God. We think in terms of separate people living separate lives, in separate bodies, with separate names, having separate problems, separate families, separate nationalities, separate minds, etc. We are not viewing "life" from the perspective of the Observer at that point, rather we think we are "the observed": observed by others and even religiously speaking, observed by a God who is watching over us.

TRUTH is so SIMPLE that even a child KNOWS it until he is educated to forget it. Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. The "this world" he was speaking of is actually a belief system. It becomes more and more complicated the more educated we become, and the more we believe to be true. Each road of endeavor has its own intricate and complicated avenues of thought. That is another reason we must become as a little child to enter the kingdom, because a little child is not chock-a-block full of information, reasoning why it cannot be, but rather a little child is able to accept what is told to him when TRUTH SPEAKS.

"My kingdom", or "the kingdom of God" is not something religious. The "kingdom of God", the "kingdom of heaven", are both the same thing: REALITY – HERE NOW. Jesus was not religious! He was not being religious when he told us about this wonderful kingdom, neither was he telling us fairy tales. He was telling us about "HOME", that MIND, or state of BEING from which ALL things flow. He was telling us about WHERE we come from –actually always are, as well as WHO and WHAT we are. He was inviting us back again into our right MIND. He was saying, "What I AM you are". He was saying "You have been fooled by what appears to be a body you think you live in, but I tell you to take no thought about a body, what you will eat or drink or what you will put on. No one can take your life from you. Your life is not your body, nor in your body. The works I do you will do also, and even greater works than I do you will do. Just as no one can take my life from me, I can lay my body down and take it up again, you can lay your body down and take it up again as well, because all is within you, within the MIND that you ARE. Your body is an idea in what you call GOD, which can also equally be called MIND. ALL that you see are ideas in MIND, thus all and everything is SPIRIT, the SUBSTANCE that GOD IS. GOD is LIFE, and LIFE IS ALL in ALL."

Just as the droplet of water on your kitchen counter and the ocean are one and the same substance, so you and God are one and the same Substance. Just as the droplet of water from the ocean is drawn up forming clouds which move over the mountain and drop in the form of rain which comes down in torrents, forming creeks and rivers, eventually filling the reservoir that supplies your local water tower, and eventually makes its way into your kitchen, that same drop of water will change form once again evaporating from your counter to form new clouds and end up again as ocean from which it came. So God (Life) comes into visible Expression AS you. God (Life) comes in the "form" of you, then fades from view again, once the reason for this particular form is no longer needed. If you awaken to the TRUTH of your ONENESS with the Source, you will realize that though you will never be without form, you need not worry what form you will take. You have always been aware, as your TRUE Self, and you will always be aware. There is ONLY One Source, One Substance, filling all, in all, as all, forming and re-forming in whatever way I find applicable and desirable.

Consider these things, then read on.

What you are reading is not to be confused with religion. The scripture verses used here are not even given religiously. GOD is not religious, but TRUTH presented Itself to me through scripture so I use the scriptural references here to help those who are familiar with the Bible, but know this, TRUTH is not bound up for the religious only. TRUTH is not religious. Religion is one of the systems of belief of "this world". The TRUTH is the TRUTH is the TRUTH. No matter how Truth presents Itself, IT is the same Voice speaking. And if it is not TRUTH - it is NOTHING but an illusion! TRUTH is likewise not bound by the King James way of speaking. What we are talking about is REALITY! The kingdom spoken of is not a religious place to be, nor a place to go to or come from. For the kingdom to be a place one could go to or come from it would have to be a separate place from where you are right now. When you realize that GOD IS ALL, LIFE IS ALL, SPIRIT IS ALL, you know that ALL is in Spirit, Spirit is in ALL, and the kingdom is the only REALITY there is. SPIRIT (GOD) being all, the KINGDOM or PLACE WHERE GOD IS IS everywhere all the time! There is no where God, Life, Spirit, is not. LIFE is OMNIPRESENT.

This writing is an expression of that which is going on in "my world", but what is true for me is equally true for you. What I am aware of I am sharing with you so that you may come to realize you are home in the HERE AND NOW, and have never left. No longer bound to "this world", you can find a world beyond what you have thought, a place of rest and contentment, joy and abundance, a place called heaven, HERE, NOW. I am experiencing heaven and earth all the same in one; watching, observing, seemingly involved, while watching it all passing from within out and away, and it is truly an amazing wonderful happening, without beginning, without end. I share it with you because it is for whosoever will, and is "the kingdom of God", the place where "I" dwell, have always been, non-stop and will always be non-stop. It is the AWARENESS of My Being, and is the BEING of ALL. It is here to be realized at any moment you are able to take hold of the truth, and willing to stop buying "the lie".

"This world" is the way you have thought it to be, thinking "matter" is real and spirit is flimsy, filmy or ghostly. There is a world of difference between "this world" and "your world". You world is that which is the visible, and though real to you in this moment, it is passing away even as it appears. Though your world, or that which you see, hear, touch, taste and smell is real to you at the moment, when the Light of YOUR Life begins to shine, the senses are restored and what you have considered the "real and true" you will find to have been only in part. And you realize it is GOD, THE MIND of ALL, the "I", that is bringing it all out simply for the pleasure of it. And, it is all very good! THIS MIND IS THE ONLY MIND THERE IS. Thus God, or Mind conceives all things, for all things are of God, and all that MIND conceives MIND sees as I seeing. Truly, all that I see is real, but it is not the eye seeing, rather the "I", the INTELLIGENCE I AM conceiving,perceiving ALL.

The belief that we are human beings living in human bodies, seeing through human eyes is the "lie" we have bought into! All opposites are an illusion, a dream-state of mind. To believe that there is good and evil, birth and death, rich and poor, young and old, up and down, light and dark, lack and plenty is "thinking", is "taking thought", and is "living" under a mind-set called "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil". In the book of Genesis we are warned not to partake of that tree – mind. THERE IS ONLY ONE MIND – or only ONE TREE – THE TREE OF LIFE. This ONE MIND, being the ONLY MIND is your mind. But it is your mind WHOLE, no longer confused, afraid, and limited. It is your MIND set free. It is YOUR mind, but it is not the mind of the personality you have thought you were, subject to the opposition of "this world". Choose ye this moment which tree, you would live under: the lie (a world of opposites – opposition), or the TRUTH – where GOD is ALL IN ALL. GOD is GOOD, therefore all is GOOD.

I have read elaborate explanations for the opposites, excusing and even supporting their reality as being a part of the great plan of God. How can you support an illusion? You cannot. You merely banish the thought! GOD has no plan. GOD IS GOD JUST BEING. The opposites are a mere moment of confusion, a moment when love can experience hate, life can experience death, but it is of no eternal consequence, anymore than last night’s dream effects you today. Though it may have seemed to have lasted 20-30, maybe even 90 years, it was merely a moment in time that what appeared to be "good and evil", "birth and death" took place. If my mind wanders away from the TRUTH even for a moment, I become the prodigal child, the mind wandering in the wilderness of sin (duality – which is thinking there is more than ONE of anything). I can wander there at any moment that I forget WHAT I AM, and take an alternate route which will find me trying to climb up some other way as a thief and a robber, trying to enter into a place where I ALREADY AM, and never leave, except in my imagination.

At once, when we accept the belief which is "this world", our senses are stepped down to the finite and we lose sight of REALITY, becoming confused by images, believing the pictures of light to be the real, rather than the showing forth of the idea which is the real in MIND.

Any mental explanation for "this world" can only be given by the one still suffering under the illusion of death, that we have been calling "life". You will never make the illusionary world better, nor is there anymore reason to do that than to try to "fix" last night’s dream.

MIND, GOD, LIFE is I, the I of all, the EYE of all, bringing forth whatever IT conceives into visible expression. The CONCEPTION is the INVISIBLE, the PERCEPTION is the same made VISIBLE. Both are GOD. Both the visible and the invisible are MIND, but the visible is passing away even as it comes into visible form form.

Everything that MIND conceives exists, and what exists is real to MIND. All that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel is real to you in this moment, but these tangibles are SPIRIT showing up on the screen of LIFE, LIFE VISIBLE to be enjoyed. What is tangible and visible IS your world, but if you "think" that you "feel" pain, or you "see" sickness, starvation, misery in the world, or you "hear" about wars and rumors or wars and believe those things to be so, or you "smell" danger, or "taste" defeat, you are buying into the belief which is what Jesus referred to as "this world". In "this world" the poor and needy will always be. In REALITY, there are no poor and needy, but this takes a return to FATHER’S HOUSE: Your conscious awareness of THAT WHICH IS and has always been, even while we dozed off into the land of nod.

God is GOOD. GOOD IS GOD AND GOD IS ALL. The things of "this world" work to bring me out of the dream world, if I happen to have a momentary lapse, and wander away from TRUTH. If I dream long enough it can even become a nightmare which causes me to awaken from the illusion that I seem to have been having. Words are insufficient, and we use many of these words, such as "dream" to typify what has been going on in our thinking. And that is the only place it is going on.

I recently read a book which appeared to have been written from a place of great understanding. The author was certainly on his way, but he was obviously still living in the step or place in his dream just before the WHOLE PICTURE would have become apparent to him. There is no condemnation to any one for where they are, because you only know what you know. What you consider reality changes when TRUTH comes. All is coming out of the LIGHT, AS THE LIGHT IS ALL THERE IS. It is only when I close my eyes (the eyes of my understanding) and begin to "think" I see with "natural eyes", that I get lost in the dark, and begin wandering around in confusion. When the eyes of my understanding are ENLIGHTENED I come once again to my senses, and find those senses to be beyond what a natural eye can see, and a natural ear can hear.

All that you see is GOD, LIFE, being made visible. It is absolutely real, but it is passing away even as it comes into visibility. In the dream we have called the visible world "physical", "material", "human", but ALL is SPIRIT and ALL IS GOD BEING. All the visible forms are simply ideas in the ONE and ONLY GREAT MIND we call GOD.

GOD, MIND, I, IS WHOLE, who-le, holy, and can only conceive, perceive that which is GOOD. GOD IS GOOD, and nothing else. All ideas, forms, bodies, things are holographic in nature, in that GOD, LIGHT projects all into visibility. That which is visibly expressed is the 3-D or 3-dimensional appearing world: breadth, height and depth. I have read all kinds of things, and you may have read them too, but know this: there is the 3-dimensional appearing world, and there is the 4th dimension, which is Spirit. SPIRIT IS ALL. We seem to go from ONE, the ONENESS of our being, into twoness (thinking there is me and God), to the belief in a 3-dimensional world, back into the realization of the 4th dimension (Spirit), which is truly to come to ONENESS again. Don’t go off in another tangent listening to the man whose breath is in his nostrils. He believes in many of everything, but LIFE is SIMPLE – SIMPLY ONE.

We can only "think" something is bad, difficult, wrong, sick, diseased, broken, in part, missing, lacking, without, dying, but thinking it does not make it so. That thinking is the "lie" we have bought into. GOD is GOOD, and since GOD IS OMNIPRESENT, everywhere all the time, evenly present, GOOD is the ONLY REAL there is. It is not the beauty we see that is an illusion, but the belief that that beauty is all there is and that it is confined to a planet called earth hanging in space, where all "on it" will eventually decay and die. "I" am bringing all things into visibility in the eternal moment. Even as they appear they disappear, but as my senses are once again lifted into the heavenlies, that which I bring into being is abundant in Life. Only where I AM IS. I AM OMNIPRESENT. There is no where I AM NOT. There is NO WHERE I AM not. What I accept IS. If I accept the state of things "as a man thinketh", living in an imperfect world, then that is all I can see. When I go "out there" for my interpretation of what’s what, then I accept what ever "man" says to be true. When I go within I know, I am NOW in the kingdom of God and I accept only THE WHOLE, THE PERFECT, THE TRUE, and that is what I see. Accepting only the TRUTH, what I conceive I perceive and thus I am finding my "SELF" – a new heaven and a new earth.

It is only in what seems to be a confused state of mind that we have constructed through thought, the "tower of Babel", which is "this world". We even thought we could build it all the way to heaven by being good, by meeting certain religious requirements, by saying certain words, always saying our blessings before meals and prayers before bed.

It is time we realize and admit that we have the mind of Christ – I Corinthians 3:16, which means we have the MIND which is Light, Enlightenment, and are, in fact, ONE with that MIND. We begin to realize that our visual world is our Invisible Self being made visible. When we turn our back on "this world" we come again into our right mind, THE ONLY MIND THERE IS. We have only to realize it and know that GOD, MIND, LIFE, GOOD, LOVE, cannot even look upon iniquity: evil, duality, or those things which would be opposite to ALL. Why? Because there is none! These things only seem real to the double-minded, the dual-minded man who is unstable in all his ways! In other words, love cannot look upon hate, because to LOVE, GOD there is no hate to the Awakened, Aware ONE I AM. Good cannot look upon evil, because to GOOD there is no evil (duality). Light cannot look upon darkness, because to the ONE: "Darkness and light are the same to ME." Life cannot look upon death, because to LIFE there is no such thing as death. And on and on. It is only in a dream-state-of-mind that we believe that there is opposition. "Awake to righteousness"! GOOD IS ALL THERE IS. "Seeing" otherwise is to still be living in the confusion of this world. And to make excuses for "this world" is still being mentally in it and of it, trying to make sense out of nonsense.

GOD, MIND, conceives, perceives constantly. What GOD, MIND, INTELLIGENCE, I, the ONE ALONE I AM BEING, conceives – perceives, is real and is ALL that is. Thus the kingdom is where THE ONE rules and reigns and is King. So long as we "think": there is time. Just so long as we "think": there is pain, sickness, suffering, war, etc. When we "think not", we realize GOD, LIFE ALL IN ALL. Any thought-taking only leads to the wanderings and wonderings of the soul.

GOD is TRUTH. When I stand in the LIGHT, AS THE TRUTH, I know nothing but LIGHT, TRUTH BEING ME. "I" rule my kingdom, my world, but you will never do this as "Jane Doe" or "Joe Blow". This cannot be done from the personality you have called by your little name. Each of us, though we think of ourselves as separate beings, are all equally ONE BEING being, ONE LIFE expressing. By coming to a "knowing" of this as REALITY, you step out of "this world" into a whole other world, one you may call "your world" and leave the "thought-taking" world behind. You begin to "know" and it is what you will indeed call "MY kingdom". You will realize "your world" within MIND. And you, like Jesus, will not claim "this world" of opposition as your kingdom anymore either.

Listen very closely, because what I am telling you many have walked right into. It comes from a willingness to turn your back on the world you have known, to die to your little self, that you might go headlong into a whole new world. In this new world the same "people" you have known will still be present. All that wondering about "heaven", would our loved ones still be there, well, my friend, they are! But know this, that they are GOD being expressed as well. Only so long as their expression seems to be needed, wanted or desired, they will remain as visible, tangible loves in your life. As you realize your I-dentity with LOVE, you will begin to love equally all, though some will seem closer to you than others.

You will realize that you are still in heaven, have always been in heaven, never left. Although heaven seems pretty much the same for a while, then a little here and a little there you will realize something has happened, something has shifted, something has been altered and your vision which before was from one perspective, will somehow be from another. "The world out there" becomes "the world in here", and nothing "out there" is of any real significance to you anymore. You will realize that though you appear to be on earth, you will not really feel like you are "on earth" anymore. The body, as you have thought of it, loses the great importance you have placed on it. Health becomes WHOLENESS as you realize that you are ONE with INFINITE LIFE which is PERFECT. Though you still feel fatigue from time to time, you know that even that "thought" is in the process of disappearing, as you go back to Father, which is being consciously aware of your TRUE SELF. As you realize that you have never truly left heaven, because Heaven, God is everywhere always, you will find your SELF standing in the LIGHT, and "this world" is dispelled by that Light.

Jesus said to call no man on earth your father. Though those you have called your parents, your children, your relatives, etc. may still be there in this new world you are realizing, thinking they are your parents, your children, your relatives, YOU will see them differently. Although they do not recognize their identity yet, you must recognize that they are IN YOU, IN MIND, and that your awakening affects them and your concept of them. You cannot come into the LIGHT without casting a shadow everywhere you go. They may not realize anything as yet, but you will now know that they are equally GOD in EXPRESSION, as all things are.

You will come to understand that you were never born in the way that "this world" says you are. The whole egg and sperm fantasy falls apart as you realize that no one is ever "born", ever evolved, is ever delivered or grows, but ALL SIMPLY ARE, without beginning or end. The belief that you were born, or that anyone is born as a result of the egg and sperm story is more of the "lie" you have bought into by accepting the illusional world of duality, polarity, multiplicity, double-mindedness, opposites.

If you find it difficult to accept this at first, ask yourself where the first man came from. Without parents how did he come into being? Realizing then that the first man simply was, you can better see how you simply ARE. All simply is, and is only to what is referred to as the "human mind", the "fallen mind", the "carnal mind", do the beliefs about birth and death seem to be true. Some asked, "What about my children? I saw them being born?" Did you now? This very thought begins to change your whole perspective. You begin to emerge from a cocoon of illusionary thinking and see with new eyes. I promise you this is true, but I cannot prove it to you. You will have to be willing to step out of everything you have ever thought, dreamed, imagined, believed. In so doing you will begin to hear, see, and know that what you thought was real is something you dreamed up. Remember "birth and death" are opposites and thus are not REALITY.

"This world" you have thought to be real, becomes the lullaby land as you awaken to the TRUTH. You have bought the lie and it has brought you nothing but pain, lack, depression, hardships, worry, fear, sickness, and death – with a few brief periods of happiness dispersed throughout. NOW buy the TRUTH and sell it not! You can give it away, but the TRUTH is not for sale. Freely you receive it, freely you will give! You will buy it with your "self-life". Let your self go. You have to die to your little self, personality, ego, to come home in TRUTH. But when you make this purchase, the cost is nothing! The reward is ALL.

You may have accepted that Jesus had an immaculate conception, but find it hard to accept that you are conceived in God, Mind, as well. However, Jesus came to say to us, "What I am you are". We read where Jesus said, "I am the light of the world", John 8:12, then turned to Matthew 5:14 and read "Ye are the light of the world". Jesus said, "I am the door", John 10:9 and then turn to Psalms 24:7 and read, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in." We come into visible expression the same way Jesus did, born of a woman (soul, mind), and call no man on earth father. Thus we appear to be in "this world" and of it for a while, UNTIL we begin to remember What we truly are, and then we begin to leave it one moment, one revelation at a time.

Realizing LIFE makes all the difference in "this world" and REALITY. Truly now your prayers are answered, all of them. Jesus told us time and again, "Ask whatever you will and it shall be done unto you", yet we have asked and asked and asked for a variety of "things" only to find that the prayers haven’t been answered. Then we assume that it is because it is just not God’s will to answer our request. We think that if we keep on begging we will eventually get an unwilling God to give in and change his mind, and are willing to even go against God’s will to have our own way many times. We have thought that we were either willing to suffer the consequences to get our way, or that we knew better what was good for us than God did. We have been afraid of this God we employ on one hand, yet dare to be angry at him on the other when things don’t go our way. We have felt helpless with our rights defended by what we are taught to be true about this God we worship. And yet we still have Jesus’ words staring us in the face, "Whatsoever you ask when you pray, believe you receive and you will have it", only to not have it work for us.

Was Jesus just trying to frustrate us? Teasing us? Does "whatsoever" mean whatsoever, or only some things some of the time? This is written to help you realize the whatsoever! I am writing this to you, and for me as well, because I am experiencing the depth of Jesus’ words and promises and want you to come to the place where your prayers are answered also – all of them, because it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!

"Before they call I will answer them". "Before"! "Before"! IN REALITY, the reason you ask is because it is already there awaiting your recognition. You would not even be aware of it to pray for it, whatever it is, if it were not already HERE, ready to come into visible expression. Where we fail is in our "trying" to "get" it, and of "effort" to make it happen "out there". The "out there" is nowhere. It is the graveyard of all things brought into expression. It is the visible passing into the invisible again. All futile attempts to do something separate from or apart from GOD, as a separate self, of which there is none, will only fail, or end in frustration. You just haven’t known how to pray as you ought, nor what prayer truly is. You have thought that "things" were either for you to earn or work a sweat to try "to get", or that possibly God might come through for you and just make it happen. You have been sort of "stuck" in a place you don’t know how to get out of or over. Jesus said, "I AM THE DOOR", and he said he would give us the KEYS. Well, this is written to help you UNLOCK the DOOR with the KEYS you have already, but do not realize you have, and may not know how to use at this point.

This is to awaken you out of a state of complacent acceptance of what you have thought of as life. This is not something intellectually ascended to, however, so relax. You must be like the soft silt of a newly plowed garden, so soft that the farmer can come and gently with one finger press the seed into the soil. Seed in that good ground will bring forth a whole harvest of LIFE. Harboring beliefs and opinions, being set in your ways, determined about your convictions, ready for a fight to defend them only hardens the ground of your heart. GOD IS LOVE. Let LOVE rain upon your heart and soften you so that you become as a little child, open, ready, prepared and excited to receive TRUTH, even if it goes against everything you have thought you knew up until now.

True humility is being able to accept and receive. Open up. Buy the TRUTH, and sell it not.

When you realize that GOD, MIND is all and that that MIND has been bringing every good and perfect "thing" your way all along, you will begin to expect, and know that although you can of your "own self" do nothing, the ONE you ARE in REALITY knows your heart and your every desire, and will bring only GOOD if you will "LET" It.

Be still and know… Accept, receive. Let. Allow, and watch!





The Veil is Rent

No matter where you are right now, no matter the seeming circumstances that you are presently "living in" or through, you can be awakened to REALITY to walk through the prison doors of your own making. The veil is rent. The way is open. The time is NOW and only NOW. Right now, listen, be very still and very quiet. JUST BE. As the little child totally immersed in his skimming of pebbles across the water, get so carried away in the activity of being quiet that you might even fall off to sleep, but that’s okay because your intent Listening will go on listening. I do not go to bed to go to sleep now. If sleep comes, fine. If I awaken in the night, fine. All is well, because I go to bed to listen. For what am I listening? TRUTH, that which we call the still small voice, DEEP calling to DEEP, which is really MY own TRUE VOICE, speaking from a place of ALL-KNOWING REALITY. Do I hear a voice? No, but often I ask my Self questions and before the morning light or shortly thereafter, the soft answer usually comes in one way or another. I AM bringing ALL into FOCUS. The SEED-THOUGHT that comes in this MOMENT, this MOMENT of being still, quiet and listening to the Sound of Silence, will be the KEY that will carry you through, and show you THE WAY in the next "circumstance, or situation" which appears.

Scripture tells us we know all things. This means that in our BEING we know every thing we need to know at the moment. All being in the HERE and NOW we only need to know what we need to know NOW. There is nothing "out there" we need to know, but if the apparent world of necessity requires anything we will know immediately what to do, when, and how.

In the quietness of your heart, seed-thoughts will come to you. You must be absolutely willing to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF THE SEED! The Seed or "sperma" is the Christ, the Light that issues forth the Life of any situation. This is a "get it, set it, forget it, and let it" proposition. Get it. Let the words come to you, even if you don’t understand them at first, even if you get something, but feel certain that you just don’t quite yet "get it". You will. Set it. Like when you place a cake in the oven and leave it to bake. You don’t keep opening the door to see if its ready. You know in time the timer will go off and THEN and only then will it be ready. Forget it. Let the seed in the good ground of your soft heart take its own course as you read and reread, listen and listen more, until gently, like a soft spring shower brings forth the tiny buds and lime green leaves, LIFE will REVEAL ITSELF to you, in you, AS you. Let it. You cannot do anything to "let". You just LET. You cannot "make let", as Walter Lanyon would say. You just have to leave it be. GOD, LIFE, LOVE, MIND, INFINITY, PERFECTION, however you wish to term IT, is perfectly able to REVEAL ITSELF, make ITSELF HEARD, SEEN, KNOWN, for when the aperture is made, the Light, Life has no choice but to come streaming through.

What I am saying to you everyone will eventually come to realize. It is something intensely personal, yet can only be known by the ONE you TRULY ARE, the innocent ONE YOU ARE, who accepts all because IT KNOWS ALL, the ONE who is not afraid. This is the ONE who doesn’t try to figure it out, analyze or argue about it. The ONE in you which accepts it and lets it be within the heart, even as that seed planted in warm moist soil awaits the exact moment of shooting forth life.

Think for a moment about the proverbial camel who would find it easier to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Why? The "eye of the needle" is said to be a small gate in Jerusalem through which a camel could pass if he were unloaded of all the baggage he was carrying first. So it is with us. We must be unloaded of all the intellectual baggage and become as a little child to enter in. We must let go all the baggage of belief and opinion, as well as all the doctrines (teachings of men), to pass through this gate or the door called Christ, the door of Light. Be open!

The one and only requirement to open the door to TRUTH is for you to have a sincere desire to remember what "time" has made you forget. That desire is the Divine Inspiration. We have only to want TRUTH with "all our heart" – to KNOW. This does mean with all our heart, more than we want any "thing", more than we want our next breath. This is not a Sunday matter. This is not a religious experience. This is not just another religion. This is a death to self, a complete surrender. It cannot be worked up, mentally ascended to, learned, or bought, except with your life. We have to have had our fill of "non-sense" to want things to begin to make sense. We must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. We must come to the place where we realize the insufficiency and dissatisfaction of the nonsensical world. We have believed that what has been taught to us has come from "others" who knew more than we. We have placed faith and confidence in those who appeared to be older and/or wiser than our own little selves. Little did we know that "they" were just as much in the dark as we. It is the hardest questions of "life" that education will not/cannot answer. There is a place where glib answers simply do not suffice.

It was not until my little belief-world was shaking and collapsing around me that I began to wake up and realize that I must know the TRUTH. I was willing to pay whatever price to KNOW. Accepting what I had been told was the TRUTH was not feeding the bulldog. It may not be until your very life depends upon it, or the life of someone you love, or a seeming situation is so badly out of your ability to control or rectify, and you are miserable with the world as you have known it, that you will get so serious as to be willing to do whatever it takes to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW. There is a divine demand that begins to take place. It is a Katie-bar-the-door sort of demand that refuses to budge without the TRUTH. Little do we know at that time that we can relax, because when the Desire is that strong, it is YOUR MOMENT of UNVEILING. The Desire of your heart is THE DESIRE: "And I shall shake all nations, and the Desire of all nations shall come…" (Haggai 2:7.) "And you shall seek ME, and find ME, when you search for ME with all your heart". (Jer 29:13).

You may be familiar with a hymn entitled "I Surrender All". Millions have sung it, but few believe it, or would dare to do it. If there is a true surrender of ALL then you will truly "Leave all and follow ME". You stop "TRYING to make a living", when you "know". LIFE provides in abundance. You cease to worry about "tomorrow", when you realize there is none. There is only THE HERE and NOW. You stop worrying about a future, therefore you only enjoy whatever comes into your realm of vision in the moment, doing that which seems appropriate and sensible at the time. You will be like the "fowls of the air, which neither sow nor reap, nor gather into barns" (pile up, or save money or things in case of a rainy day). You give, you live, you spend, you love and you enjoy, because you know the continual flow. You enjoy all these things in abundance because you know the Unlimited Supply. There is nothing irresponsible, ridiculous or silly about what you do, but rather, you are the most sensible you have ever been!

"How? How do I come to know the unlimited supply? How do I begin to see things come into visibility? How do I come to rely on this ONE I AM? How do I stop worrying about the bills, and the practical everyday life I still seem to have to live?" "Father knows what things you have need of before you ask him". (Mt. 6:8) "And thou sayeth, How does God know: can he judge through the dark cloud?" and the answer comes: "Thick clouds are a covering to him, that he seeth not; and he walketh in the circuit of heaven". (Job 22:13-14).

YOU know what you need, what the requirements are before "you" ask that they be met. YOU know what is coming up before "you" know. YOU know what is on the horizon of your visible world before "you" know, and thus YOU begin to bring into expression whatever is required. A shift in perspective takes place, and in stead of looking up towards a Heaven somewhere, praying, begging and pleading about the things you envision to be ahead that you are worried about, you start looking "out from Heaven" and "know".

Hear this: Whatever you know the desire of your heart to be, knowing God gives us the desires of our heart (Ps 37:4), and knowing our selves to be in PERFECT UNION with THE ONE WHO KNOWS, what have I to fear, what have I to dread? That which is the desire in the secret place (in the recesses of your heart, the Invisible) shall be rewarded openly (visibly). And whatever you can tell your Father (CONSCIOUS AWARENESS) shall be shouted from the housetops. "Therefore whatsoever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which you have spoken in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops". (Lk 12:3) "When you pray enter into your closet (the inner sanctuary of your own heart) and when you have shut your door (mouth), pray (acknowledge) to thy Father (That place where you are Consciously Aware in the ONENESS of Spirit.) (BE AWARE that the request is granted before you ask.) which is in secret, and thy Father (Your VERY BEING) which seeth in secret shall (not maybe) – shall – reward thee openly." ( Mt. 6:6). "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad." (Lk 8:17). KNOW in your heart, in your BEING, what is going to be required, or whatever it is that you would ask, just KNOW IT and LET IT BE. Knowing is sufficient for it to be brought into manifestation: made visibly present for your good pleasure.

It has been asked, "Why refer to Father as CONSCIOUS AWARENESS? Would not it be sufficient to just say "Consciousness" or "Aware", or "Awareness"? Certainly that is true once you realize the difference in being CONSCIOUSLY AWARE and just being conscious or aware. Really consider what is being said by each of those words and realize as well that you are aware to some degree all the time, but do not realize the AWARENESS I AM until you are CONSCIOUS and awakened from your world of beliefs.

When you know that that which is known and recognized in the secret place of the MOST HIGH THOUGHT, will be made visible you stop "trying" to make anything happen. You do not try to finagle or manipulate people or circumstances – OR GOD. You may at first feel a slight twinge if things do not appear to be going the way you want them to, but you will soon come to know not to be concerned, but rather to wait and watch. You begin to inwardly "know" that all is working for the good – truly, and you LET IT BE. You know that even what appears as difficulties to you are being managed by the TRUE YOU of you, and that YOU, the TRUE YOU of you, has always been the ONE causing all, BEING ALL, DOING ALL, and ALL, OMNIACTIVE, has brought you to this marvelous place you find your SELF in. You do not work up a sweat putting forth any real energy to bring anything to pass. You do not weep and agonize over it. You do not beg and plead. You do not travail! All "travail" is only done in the dream-state of mind.

In that state-of-mind "i" have been through some agony while pressing into the TRUTH. Childbirth is a picture of the birthing of the TRUTH. The head comes first, in other words, the mental must be squeezed out of you. The pangs of birth are those moments when you are so frustrated with trying to understand that you feel like beating your head against a wall. I got so angry with my "little self" at one point that I felt like giving up, but that was exactly what was needed at the time. When I, like Peter after the crucifixion said, "I go a fishin", since everything else I had desperately tried seemed to be absolutely futile, then the TRUTH began to just dawn on me. When brought to the point of no return, when you are just ready to die, or go on living a "natural life" in a "whatever" state of being, in sheer frustration, the TRUTH comes.

I spent hundreds of dollars on books, listened to tapes by the dozens, read the Bible front to back, back to front, studied as intently as probably is possible to do, only to find myself one day saying, "I can’t do this", (and that’s exactly right!). "I want what has been promised to me. I want abundant life. I want the truth. I don’t care if I live or die, I want the TRUTH. I want ‘thy kingdom come’. I want all I have been told by Jesus is available to me. Why is this so hard?" And "i" was mad. I was beginning to understand WHO God was, however, and so couldn’t figure out who to be mad at! But "i" was angry. I was frustrated, but LIFE would not allow a little personality to know this. This is not for the wise and the prudent. This is for the child, the one who has had all the self-importance humbled to the point of realizing, truly, "I can of my own self do nothing." The self-made-man must die. That little personality person who "thinks" I can do something, has to begin to die, and I die daily.

One day I shut down and refused to listen to any one’s tapes, read anyone’s books, pray or even read the Bible. I just sat quietly for several days before a little booklet which I had ordered sometime before, but had forgotten about seemed to draw me to it from under some other things on a the bottom shelf of a table beside my chair. It was the little book, "The Unchallenged Self" by Alfred Aiken.

Suddenly the VOICE came through the clouds of confusion and I knew. I knew WHO/WHAT I was and "duality" took a fatal blow in that MOMENT of awakening. The Expression came after that in many books and other ways, but it was always the SAME MESSAGE, just like this writing said various ways.

IT, LIFE, GOD, is living, moving, being as you, and thus YOU know what to do and just do it! You stop laboring under the sweat of your brow to "make" - attempting to cause - anything to happen, and worrying about how, when and where. Rather you rest in the joy of knowing that the I that I AM is in control, has always been and will ever be, Expression without end. The "I" has been doing it all all along! So, "you" will not have to have all the questions answered ahead of anything. All that seems necessary is taken care of in order and in a timely fashion. There is no more struggle, no more fight, no more worry, anxiety, fear or frustration! You just KNOW. And you know: ALL IS WELL.

Even and especially when you can’t imagine how, when you have gone in the MOMENT to the ONE, knowing that "Father knows", then you can go on about the "daily happenings" knowing that that which was told in secret will be! Not maybe, not possibly, not "if", but what is told to Father in secret, will be manifest, made visible, tangible, usable, practical. That which is "told to Father" is not a "telling" really, but an acknowledgement. Once the acknowledgement is made, the rest is left up to the ONE who EVER and ETERNALLY IS the I THAT I AM. You will see a thing brought forth that "you" as a little personality could not have done in a lifetime. Not only will you know it, but it will be made manifest for others to see as well. They may not understand what is going on in your life, but you can rest assured that if they did they would want some of it!

You cease from having to make decisions or plans. Your so-called plans will simply come from a knowing when something is going to take place and you will move into it, flowing with it. There are no decisions to make. All things are decided and you are moved through the situation as though you were merely a bystander, an observer of what seems to be taking place, the bow of the ship moving forward in waters (thoughts) that you do not "think" so much as "know".

I have told of this example many times, but it is worth repeating because it is just one of many times this very TRUTH has been made REALITY to me.

One morning I awoke and thought, "I will go to the porch and sit a while and be quiet", but instead of turning right to go out of the bedroom, I went left and began to get things together for a shower. I then thought, "Oh well, I suppose I am going to take a shower and then I will go have my quiet time on the porch". After the shower I got dressed and headed out into the living room where instead of turning right to go to the porch, again I turned and began to gather my paints and portable easel together. Then I thought, "Oh I must be going to paint instead of going to the porch". I gathered everything and headed out the door for the car. Driving down the street I thought, "I wonder where I’m going." I had no direction, but kept driving. At the light I felt to turn right. I turned and headed down the road to a community not far away. I had the thought of exactly which house to paint come into mind. I stopped the car in front of that house. I got out and set up my easel and began to paint. It was so very hot! And the humidity was sweltering. I began to paint this particular house with sweat pouring off me.

Suddenly a sprinkler system kicked into action and I was drenched in spray. It felt wonderful! Thank you, God! I kept right on painting because I use oils and the water didn’t effect what I was doing, except to make it more bearable for me.

After about an hour someone pulled up along the curb and asked me about the painting. She said, "Wow, I came by an hour ago and you didn’t really have anything on the canvas. Now it looks great. Do you know the people who live there?" I told her I did not. She said, "You must take that to them when you are finished with it." She gave me their names.

A week later with the painting complete, I headed to the house to show it to the owners of the house. I have found that it IS GOD telling you to do things no matter what the Expression looks like. Take the suggestion if it is something good, right, proper, encouraging, giving direction, and follow through on it. Accept is as from God and go with it. When it comes in the form of a compliment, "Your work is wonderful", take it. When someone states, "Your work sells itself", accept it AS FROM GOD.

When the man came to the door I lifted the painting for him to see. He said, "Oh my gosh! That’s beautiful. Did you paint it? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Come in. Oh, my gosh!" He just kept saying, "Oh my gosh!" as he took the painting from me and I followed him through the house. We walked right through and out to the back porch. His wife was sunbathing in a boat in the back yard. He held the painting up and said, "Look honey". Of course! She said "Oh my gosh!" It was all I could do to keep from laughing. I thought, "These folks have a very limited vocabulary".

She got up out of the boat and came in the house. She didn’t hesitate for a minute, but said, "How much do you want for it?" I had not given it a thought, but I just let the words come right out of my mouth, "$1500. She immediately went to her purse, took out a checkbook and pen and handed me a check for $1500.

I told them I was wanting to paint the house again from another angle and they invited me to do that whenever I wished. I did return, painted the house again and sold that painting to some other folks as well, but that is another incredible story of how "the kingdom of God" works.

You might say, "But I don’t paint. I can’t paint pictures. I can’t make things with my hands. I haven’t any talent or skill". Yes, but the TRUTH is that WHEN THAT WHICH IS PERFECT IS COME, then you will be led in whatever direction you feel to go. You will do whatever you feel to do. You will begin to see doors open, opportunities arise, that you would not have been able to do your "own little self" if you had given it your best effort and all your strength and intellect. But you must not hesitate. He who hesitates is lost, really. You must act on the direction that comes to you knowing that you will never be required or asked to do anything that YOU cannot do. God never requires anything of us without the ability coming forth to make it happen and happen excellently. If you hesitate, or are afraid to step out of the boat, you will never walk on water. You will never see the kingdom of God which is WITHIN YOU and AT HAND (all about you). You are right here, smack in the middle of IT and yet you cannot see it until you walk right out of your little belief world and accept that which is right here awaiting your recognition.

Yes, yes, at first there seems to be moments when all is so absolutely perfect, the Light is brighter than ever, the glow of the moment, of REALITY almost takes your breath, and yet there are moments of apparent "lapses", when you feel "I am falling backward. I said such and such, or did something that I know is not indicative of the LIFE that I AM", but you have no choice at this point. You will go on and you will just laugh, because you will just understand that for a "moment" you simply forgot WHO, WHAT you ARE! And you will go on without guilt, without apology, without egotistical expectations of some holier-than-thou saint you have expected yourself to be. That burden will be lifted from you.

Awakening – and you are awake the Moment you realize WHAT, WHO you TRULY ARE, from that moment you see, hear, understand as never before, and you can rest assured that it will not cease. "Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the DEAD, and Christ shall give thee light." (Ephesians 5:14). "I AM the resurrection and the LIFE,: he that believeth in me, though he were DEAD, yet shall he live". We have been dead in the only sense that death is of any significance whatsoever, dead in sin (duality). Duality is simply thinking that there is: GOD and… The thinking or belief that there is GOD and anything else is foolishness. The one who declares that there is "GOD and…", is still living in sin. And don’t think of sin as you have thought of it. Realize it for what it is. Yes, it is "death", but that is where you have been "living" – in death, so long as you live in the "world of beliefs". Well, let the dead bury the dead and come on! The purpose in Jesus coming was to remind us of WHAT WE ARE and abolish this death-like state we have been calling "life". And he did that, regardless what anyone says about it. We have been snoozing on the job, asleep at the wheel, napping and dreaming, but in the moment we "see" the TRUTH, we wake up! We awaken to LIFE and realize the TRUTH of our BEING! The ONE and ONLY LIFE, the SOLE, PERFECT, WHOLE BEING THAT I AM! GOD BEING. GOD BEING MADE VISIBLE!

In the realization of this TRUTH, and this is the ONLY TRUTH there is, you will see there is nothing to heal, nothing to fix, nothing to change, nothing to improve, nothing to enhance, nothing to deliver, nothing to forgive, nothing to forget, nothing to correct, nothing to hold against, nothing to make better, holier, nicer, sweeter, kinder, "more Christian", "more religious", more anything! How can you improve on ALL, PERFECTION, WHOLENESS? And that is the TRUE STATE OF YOUR BEING! Not the little personality person, but the TRUTH that there is ONLY ONE, and that ONE is the ONE I AM Which appears to be "all of us". "Awake to righteousness…" I Corinthians 15:34. "For if the dead rise not, then is Christ not raised: and if Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain, ye are yet in your sins (double-minded, the unstable dream world of belief). Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished. If in this life (the dream-state-of-mind you have been calling your life) only we have hope in Christ (LIFE, LIGHT, AWARENESS), we are of all men most miserable." I Cor 16:19. But, relax, my friend, because CHRIST is RAISED! I AM THAT I AM is ALL in ALL. There is no one sleeping. All those we might say are are not! This may sound like a paradox, but in REALITY, GOD IS ALL THERE IS, and the personality "living" the dream is nothing. Look beyond it. And do catch what I Cor 16:19 is saying: "If in this life only we have hope…"! If in this dream state-of mind only one had hope and missed it, how miserable that would be. This should relieve your mind regarding your "loved ones" who might not be seeing what you are seeing right now. Your "loved ones" are your world right now. I AM the SOLE ONE Being.

The ONLY REALITY is that OF THE I AM (GOD, GOOD, LIFE, LOVE, MIND, INTELLIGENCE), AND THAT ONE has never been sick, nor diseased, nor without, nor at war, nor angry with anyone! You can just relax because you of your own little self never did anything – period – good nor bad. BUT YOU! THE YOU THAT IS THE VERY LIFE THAT IS has always done all and is responsible for CONCEIVING-PERCEIVING ALL!

My government and peace will not cease, but will continue to expand even as an ever opening rose. LIFE has now opened Its Door to you. The windows of heaven fly upward. The walk before you brings things that you could not do if you did try! There are truly moments of rapturous moments of extreme intensity when you know "something is happening here, now", or "something just happened that was marvelous", but you will find words do not begin to do justice to whatever you experience, and you know you are not the same.

IF you are still saying "But how?", be still. Be very still. God gives you the desire of your heart. IF TRUTH is your desire, you have it already, so you can relax. Quietly, tenderly, the Spirit brings to your remembrance all things that you knew before you first took thought and assumed a false identity.

You are merging again with LIFE in MIND. To be awake, alert, and born again, truly is not just some neat cliché or something you have been "taught" to "think" has happened. This really is a newness of Life, renewed, restored, revealed, and you truly are a New Creature, not the old man made over! This is NEW LIFE, a LIFE you have not known in your "human thought world", flowing, flowing, flowing!!! Something has happened. The little personality you have assumed yourself to be is, in REALITY, NOTHING, therefore if something appears to be coming from that personality person you call by your name, it is really nothing at all! This stirring within is realized to BE the TRUE YOU stirring, your REAL SELF, living, moving, being! Nothing can stop LIFE when LIFE begins to move AS YOU!

Acknowledge, "I can of my own self do nothing". When we try to love someone and feel it is an effort, acknowledge, "I can of my own self do nothing." When we try to understand what is being said, and try to "see", acknowledge of my own self I can do nothing". When we get frustrated because we want the TRUTH and feel it is just past where we are able to grasp, acknowledge, "I can of my own self do nothing", and acknowledge the ONE I AM, then BE THERE. Don’t question further, just DO, just BE. Come into your right mind, and KNOW it is done, it is happening, it IS!

No book, no seminar, no tape, no instructional video will add to nor take away from what I am speaking of here. This is something so different that once LIFE is moving AS YOU, it is not you – that little personality you have claimed to be that lives, but IT is LIGHT – CHRIST – (the same thing), LIVING! And LIGHT, LOVE, CHRIST, GOD, MIND, SPIRIT, BEING, I AM, REALITY, THE ONE, TRUTH, LIFE, NEVER DIES, NEVER CHANGES, NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL.

Surrender All means that you step off the edge. You realize that in TRUTH, I never did anything anyway, so you let go. You let down the human bars of the "reasons and reasonings" that keep you bound and allow TRUTH, GOD, LIFE, THE ONLY ONE, to BE. The little "you", you have thought yourself to be in personality, gives up, gives in, gives way, lets go, quits! And - like the CHILD - trusts FATHER. "Father", remember is your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of ALL THAT IS. You begin to realize, "I can trust the ONE I AM, the ONLY ONE that has ever done anything, while a little "i" dreamed of struggling trying to do the impossible. " I can of mine own self do nothing", but with GOD, with the TRUTH of WHAT I AM - DOING ALL - ANYWAY, ALWAYS - NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. After all, this truly is TRUTH.

Jesus thought it not robbery to consider himself equal with God. You need not consider it robbery either. "LET this (same) mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus: who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of man." (Phil 2:5-7). YOU and GOD ARE ONE. We are the INFINITE being infinitely visible. The INVISIBLE GOD being GOD VISIBLE. To deny the TRUTH is to deny CHRIST. To deny CHRIST is anti-Christ. If Jesus had waited until his words could be understood by the hearer, he wouldn’t have spoken at all. Rather he spoke the truth and "let the chips fall where they may", knowing that words of TRUTH, LIFE will not return void. He may have shocked Mary when he told her he was "The Resurrection and the Life", but he was never afraid of speaking TRUTH. Sometimes we need a little shock treatment to wake us up! Hearing the same old dull rhetoric only lulls us further into sleep and keeps us in a state dreaming that those things are so, thus we go on believing we have to die, when Jesus abolished death for all time (II Tim 1:10), bringing LIFE and IMMORTALITY to light through the TRUTH being made known. His words are SPIRIT and they are LIFE, and he never apologized for saying things that were difficult for the hearer to understand. Who are you talking to anyway, but a dreamer dreaming? Yes, you are sensitive and you don’t go around saying things until you sense the time is right, but Jesus told us the time is now, today is the day! A watered down "gospel" is not another gospel really, but is, in fact, nothing!

Paul said, "Be not deceived: evil (duality) communications corrupt good manners. Awake to righteousness (TRUTH, THAT WHICH IS), and sin not (live, nor speak double-mindedly); for some have not the knowledge of God; I speak that to your shame." (I Cor 15:33) He was saying it is a shame to be in a position of influence in the lives of others and yet not proclaim the truth. In REALITY, there are no "others", there is only God, and thus to support the lie is to continue to act as though it has some TRUTH, and that God is not all there is. But is not ALL enough? No lie has any TRUTH in it. Many have not the knowledge of GOD, LIFE, TRUTH, because those who are supposed to be their "leaders" either do not know the truth themselves, or are afraid to proclaim IT. Thus the blind lead the blind and they both wind up in a grave. It is a shame to know the TRUTH and proclaim it not, or to claim to be a leader, lost and wandering in confusion, while trying to lead others. Ah, but even "shame" is part of the illusion, so get over it, and begin NOW proclaiming the TRUTH or be still until you know…

Beware of "leaders" who tickle your ears and tell you what you already know week after week. Beware the ones who "neither go in themselves, nor allow you to go in" to the kingdom of Heaven, available to you HERE and NOW. Beware those who would circle the globe, so to speak, to bring one new member into their group or fellowship, "and when he is made (a part of the group, supposedly as a believer), ye make him twice the child of hell than yourselves". (Mt. 23:13-35). Hell is a state-of-mind, a world of belief held in mind, the cocoon, human thought patterns, death.

TRUTH is LIFE, and to speak anything other than the TRUTH is to perpetuate the lie (death). What is called the "human mind" is the liar and the father of it (the illusion). This thinking knows its time is short, so attempts to prop up the belief system at every turn, to keep "this world" afloat, because the things of God are foolishness to men. We are to speak the TRUTH in LOVE, and if we speak not the TRUTH, it is because we do not yet realize LOVE.




I recall at one point crying out, "Where is this abundant Life I am supposed to be having?" Bewildered by the world "i" was at the end of my little rope. Bills needed to be paid, but work as hard as I might it seemed the end was no where in sight, and the "abundance" was but a trickle, and then it came squeezed out of my every effort. If you go to sleep tonight and dream that you have to work and slave and never get anywhere, and nothing ever comes of it, you might think that that is a very "real dream", because in your everyday life you may feel that is indeed the truth. When you awaken from the dream-state-of-mind, however, you realize that both the dreamer and the dream are an illusionary state-of-mind, that YOU have an Unlimited SUPPLY, in fact your TRUE I-dentity IS THE UNLIMITED SUPPLY.

So, you give! If you know this AS TRUTH, you give! You live and you give. You give, not to get, (that is not the way to acquire anything), but you give because you know that even as you give here and there out the front door, (you are the door), the door is only a façade, an opening through which all manner of supply is coming in the back. You may not ever hold a million dollars in your hands. You may not ever see a million in your checkbook, but you have it and any and everything your heart desires within, on the inner side of the door you are. Your interior house (understanding) is immeasurably adequate for the supply of your daily bread and to help or contribute to God in Expression in the form of someone in your world.

Every time you have said: "I can’t! I cannot do it!" or "It will never happen", or "That’s impossible", you have assumed yourself human and refused the TRUTH. You have bought a little further into the lie and called GOD a liar as well! Because the scripture plainly tells us that "With God all things are possible", and God is not a man that he should lie! GOD IS TRUTH and in TRUTH ALL things are indeed possible. You begin to see the impossible - possible once you realize your ONENESS with the Spirit of TRUTH.

Oh, my friend, my precious friend, my SELF – that you are, get this! YOU – even while you have thought of yourself as a little personality person, which you have called by a name, said lived in a body, drove a car, ate your lunch, drank your milk, smiled in the rain, jumped into mud puddles, stroked the cat, patted the dog, hugged your loved one, YOU< YOU< YOU< were ALWAYS LIFE BEING! GOD lives, moves, and has BEING AS you. Your TRUE SELF never stops being in the immediate, present moment, even when your thinking went in so many different directions. You cannot stop the INFINITE by "thinking" and "reasoning", arguing and questioning, but you can get into a world of confusion and stop everything down to a finite appearing world forgetting just WHO you are for a "moment".

You have only thought of yourself as something other than LIFE (GOD, TRUTH). You have only thought that you were some "human" being; that you were inferior, that you were born to live a few years and would someday die. You have only thought you were created in the likeness and image of God. This "likeness and image" man is the soulish man who has wandered into a far country, a state-of-mind, trying to be in control of an out-of-control world. This one now sits pondering the truth, instead of RECOGNIZING HE IS THE TRUTH. But the TRUE YOU, the ONE reading these lines IS GOD. The ONE recognizing TRUTH as you read IS LIFE. The ONE of YOU is the ONE of ME, is the ONE of ALL. GET THIS: GOD IS ALL! And thus, when you are ready, when its harvest "time", and the fruit is ripe for picking, GOD (LIFE) chooses you, and begins to move on the face of your DEEP. At that moment Something (NEW LIFE, or LIFE A-NEW), begins to stir within.

What in the world am I talking about? Well, this is not of "this world"- its LIFE! Its LIVING IN THE KINGDOM of GOD, or the KINGDOM of HEAVEN, "thy kingdom come! In earth as it is in heaven", HERE, NOW. Heaven and earth are ONE and the same, and you will know this when you awaken to the TRUTH. And those about you who appear to be living in "this world" are only there to push you forward, while your Light becomes the beacon by which they are guided into all TRUTH. You will not be able to prove this to anyone, but YOU will have to prove it.

I look out into my little garden and I see Iris, Foxglove, Roses, Sage, Petunias, Impatiens, Larkspur, Daisies, and so on. Different in appearance, yes, but they are ALL flowers! And all is one garden, ONE LIFE appearing many ways! We are not "god-beings", but GOD-BEING! THE EXACT SAME ONE – appearing in whatever form is necessary; LIFE just being.

GOD IS THE I that I AM. I am LIFE being, thus Life being a synonym of God, I am God being. You must first KNOW this. Then, as this becomes REALITY to you, you find yourself walking in a new place altogether. You can’t explain it. Words are insufficient. But you must try, because you are compelled to share what you see, what you hear, what you know, what your hands have handled of the TRUTH.

Your desire is to awaken all in your world, and yet all you can do is lay the TRUTH out and allow the God of ALL, to reveal TRUTH in due season. All is always in the here and now, so though it may seem like some "time" before someone comes to see, it really is not.

You begin to rule your world, not anyone else’s because there is only your world in Reality. You can do nothing for "another", because there is only the ONE. You love your neighbor as your SELF, because your neighbor is your SELF. All that you do is the ONE doing. All that you say is the ONE speaking. All that you think is the ONE thinking. All that you know is the ONE knowing. You make recognition of some thing and it comes to be visible and tangible and you rejoice. No longer do you see miracles, but you see GOD, LIFE being at every turn, in every way, in this very moment.

You recognize a desire and know that it is here immediately awaiting your letting it come into being. Tonight we ate at a restaurant where we have dined often. As we went in we realized that they had added a new addition to be back of the building on the beach. My husband said, "I’d like to eat on the new porch". I had already thought it and had let it go, knowing that we would be led to the porch. Again, my husband said, "What did you tell them?" In other words, "Did you tell them where we wanted to be seated?" I replied that I had told them nothing. I knew that I didn’t have to tell them. I told my Father (Conscious Awareness) in secret and knew that it would be shouted from the housetops. I knew that what I knew in secret would be made visible, no matter how great or how small the desire. Soon we were led to a table on the new porch, and neither of us had said a word. "See that you tell no man." "Be still and know". "Before they ask I will answer them."

This is a simple illustration, but it is LIFE to me now. It is the "open sesame" in every situation. I tell no man. There is no man to tell. If I thought I had to "man"ipulate something I would be in the illusion again. If I take no thought, but rather, just know, and really take a "take it or leave it attitude about it", nonchalantly "knowing" IT, IT happens. It is sufficient that I just know, watch and see. This, my friend, is abundant LIFE.

So long as you think you are a human being, you may "try" whatever you wish, but except on that rare occasion when you put the Principle into effect and "let" what you desire come into manifestation, you will find yourself falling on your face "trying". TAKE NO THOUGHT! Stop thinking about it – whatever it is. Stop trying to figure anything out. "Be still and know"…

"Which of you by "taking thought" can add one cubit unto his stature?" Can you by taking thought, by thinking about it, make yourself physically taller, shorter? Can you by taking thought make yourself smarter, younger, stronger, richer? Can you? Can anyone? "If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?" (Lk 12:25-26) Why think you can do anything if you cannot even by taking thought add one cubit to your stature?

How could the blind man see, the cripple man walk, the withered arm straighten out and be whole? How could the little girl arise from a death bed where she was "sleeping", which is the true definition of "death". How? By suddenly recognizing WHAT they ARE IN REALITY. When we take hold of the TRUTH, our TRUE IDENTITY takes the "pow, the how, and the wow" out of the problem. TRUTH reveals there is no "problem", except in the thought of it. TRUTH is above thought!

We recently bought a house. We put a contract on the house weeks before we bought it. We first heard within us to "look". While seeking we found and in finding we saw exactly what we had been wanting. But we had to walk through all that was required to take possession of "our house". We had to buy it first in order to OWN IT. Our sole focus for a while was to pack and prepare for the move, then make the move and unpack. Then, when we moved in, we still had to make it ours, otherwise we could be living under the roof, but it would have nothing special that would indicate that it was ours rather than the former residents. We set about claiming various areas, accepting and enjoying the owning of it. Thus when people speak of it now, they say, "You have made it your own". Same with revelation. I share with you what I am now owning, but IT must become LIFE to you before you are possessed of your Possession. You must buy the TRUTH and LIVE IN IT in order to OWN IT and be ONE WITH IT, so that IT BECOMES YOU.

So long as you do not TRUST this WONDERFUL GOD, SELF, the YOU TRUE NATURE, YOUR TRUE IDENTITY, you will continue to believe that you must do something, can do something, or perhaps everything, that you must have a talent, a degree, a title, a rich uncle who must die, a lucky ticket to the lottery, or some other "visible means of support". You will try to figure out where your supply might come from. You have believed things like: "I had a father who took care of me. I have a job which provides for me. I have a husband or wife who provides for me. I have an inheritance coming, or social security, etc.". But he who climbs up some "other way", never recognizes the TRUTH. This one is always dependant upon "something or someone", calling their SOURCE anything but GOD, LIFE. You have given your SOURCE a name other than recognizing IT, GOD is ALL there is. This is the man living out his little dream, reasoning a way to get money or things. Your wee little mind, which you think is somehow contained in a wee little brain, will be working 24/7 trying to "imagine" ways it could happen and how to make it happen. The fear of LETTING GO and falling back into this wonderful thing called LIFE does not allow GOD, by recognition, to BE.

Now let’s consider something. Ask yourself: Do I really believe that the GOD I claim to worship, the One that I believe brought everything into existence, that I equally claim to believe created man and all things, cannot or would not, be the Supply for all! Does that make sense? Do I further believe that God – LOVE - brought everything into being, created a man or woman, then at one little dual thought (one separate thought - sin), got so angry that he cut them off and said, "Okay, little creatures, go fend for yourself. You must now go out into the world and make it on your own. Sorry, I made you of dust and I knew you were weak, but I expected you to be strong! Too bad, little buddy, you blew it. But if down the road, a few thousand years from now, you could still be around and you could believe in my son Jesus, you could be saved. Between now and then though, if you die (and I already know that you will), you have no hope. So, millions, even billions of people will be born and die with no hope. Even after my son comes, a whole world of people will not hear about him, and so they will just have to die in their sins too, with no hope. But if you could just wait it out for a couple thousand years and live long enough to hear about Jesus and believe on him, which you won’t even know about because you will be dead long before he comes, but if you could - and you could just be baptized - then you, my precious creation, would have a chance to avoid going to hell forever. And while you do live you are going to have to eke out a living the best way you can because of being so weak that you committed sin, you failed, and you must be punished. And if, while you are out there in the world, working by the sweat of your brow you offend me again I may strike you with lightning, take your baby away, give your mother cancer, or any other number of things in my wrath. So you better be good, because I’m watching everything you do, making a list and checking it twice, going to find out who is naughty and nice!" Now, think about it! Do I really believe like that?

DO YOU? "GOD IS LOVE". The disciple John defined GOD for us. Does all of this sound like LOVE? No. The "the god of this world" – your wee little mind, which is no mind at all - has misinterpreted and perverted the TRUTH. Consider what you have been taught. Does any of this make any sense? If you have believed anything like this, consider all the nonsense in what you have been taught and thus what you have "thought" and claimed to have believed. Consider and then REALIZE TRUTH!!! This is what is known as "ancestoral teaching", and the "wisdom of ‘this world’". It has nothing to do with TRUTH. Our interpretation, while reading scripture through a glass darkly has not brought LIGHT, UNDERSTANDING. We just can’t see until the LIGHT of THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL begins to shine into your heart. You must begin to see with new eyes, "real eyes", enlightened eyes, in order for you to accept, consume and be consumed by TRUTH.

REALIZE my friend, that the Bible as you have it today, came from another language in another time, written by men where they were in their understanding when they wrote it. Then on top of that, it has been translated and mistranslated, and picked over – even voted on - as to what you would be allowed to read and accept as the canon of scripture long before it ever came into your hands. And yet you hold on to it literally because you are afraid of this GOD called LOVE. You must at some point realize that GOD is not contained in a BOOK! NO BOOK ANYWHERE can contain GOD! The book is given - pointing, pointing, pointing the way, UNTIL you are ready to awaken to TRUTH. It is not the "letter of the law" that brings LIFE, rather the SPIRIT! The SPIRIT behind the letter(s), between the lines, beyond the script, above the printed page. IT is the SPIRIT which IS LIFE.

GOD IS LOVE. THAT is WHAT GOD IS. Not a man! Not "a" being somewhere. God is not contained in some vision of a Spirit-being, some dream-like character that sits in a place called heaven on a big throne-like chair! TRUTH is not a fairy tale! GOD IS TRUTH. GOD IS SPIRIT and LIFE and they that worship IN TRUTH must worship in SPIRIT – AS SPIRIT, from the point of TRUTH. You become the praise. You become the tithe. You become the song. You become the gift. YOU become the ONE you have thought you worshipped, realizing the ONE is ALL there is. You are the WORD! The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Why? To shake us and awaken us that we might realize that the flesh and blood can never become the WORD, but rather I AM WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! GOD, THE SPIRIT WHICH IS LIFE. LIFE, LIFE, LIFE speaking in your heart and you know. It was never the Bible that would set you free – BUT IT IS TRUTH THAT MAKES FREE! "My sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow." Why? Because there is no "other"! Of course, you don’t throw your Bible away, but you must take what is being said to a higher level. YOU can only do that when you realize and recognize your ONENESS with YOUR GOD, YOUR LIFE – that YOU ARE LIFE. If you are hearing GOD, you will be losing concern about a mental foundation to support your beliefs. You’ll stop note taking. You’ll stop trying to cram "knowledge" between the pages of a notebook that you hope you can take home and memorize until somehow what you have written will change you. You will stop trying to make the scientific world and GOD mesh. Truly everything you can visibly see is a reflection of the REAL. Why try to make "the two" mesh when if you simply except the ONE, all flows into and out from that ONE and there is true peace. What appears to be "two" is ONE, the INVISIBLE (SPIRIT) BEING VISIBLE (SPIRIT). And, you will equally stop thinking of this GOD, LIFE, as something "woo-woo spooky", weird, or strange, but you will just realize LIFE! JUST BE! JUST LIVE! LIVE, and LIVE, and LIVE. THE TRUTH must become your absolute and sole interest!

If you are trying to hold onto "your soul life" you will lose it. You must release, let go your soul life, to realize your SOLE Life. If you are trying to continue to live the "human life" and straddle some imaginary fence between what your little human personality wants and TRUTH, forget it. If you think you can be both the HU-man - the man hewn out of the Rock, and the ROCK ITSELF, you are entirely mistaken. Two women in the field, one will be taken, the other left. Two in a bed, one taken and the other left. Two of you: the double minded man, unstable in all his ways, and the spiritual part of you which makes all the claims of wanting GOD. One of you desires the TRUTH with all your heart, "would die for you Lord", while the other shakes and quakes in his little boots, afraid to venture into the GREAT UNKNOWN. One of you must go! One of you must die. This is "death to self" which issues in the TRUE and ONLY ONE I AM SELF. ONLY ONE CAN BE LEFT! ONLY ONE. ONLY THE ONE! For there is no "other". And there is nothing to fear in the "death to self". GOD, LIFE swallows up this death in victory. For what seems like some "time" you will feel as though you have one foot in heaven one on earth, but the transition is made without you doing anything, but being. Twoness fades into nothingness, just as the train track seems to merge on the horizon.

"My sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow", yet we have followed another, and another, and another. Since there is no "other", what have we been following, but the one whose breath is in his nostrils, the one who is sitting in the same boat we are, telling us what is what. Oh, brother! Its time we see for our self! We have been blind sheep following blind leaders right off the face of the cliff, and thus it appears that millions have been buried in the ditch they fall into. IT IS "MY SHEEP" that hear MY VOICE that do not follow blindly and fall right into the grave. MY SHEEP. MY, ME, I. IT IS I that IS and there is not "another" anywhere to be found.

"I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE: He that believeth in ME, THOUGH HE WERE DEAD, yet shall he live." (Jn 11:25). "Verily, verily I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death." (Jn 8:51). "If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death." (Jn 8:52). "And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish…" (Jn 10:28). "And WHOSOEVER liveth and believeth in ME shall never die. Believeth thou this?" (Jn 11:26) Who is this ME that is being spoken of here? Is it a man with long dark curls who walked the dusty streets of Galilee some 2000 years ago? Is it this man we call Jesus? WHO is the ME we must believe IN? WE must believe IN THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING ME, the LIFE OF ALL IN ALL. THIS ME that I AM is the ONE YOU MUST BELIEVE IN. Not your little personality self, not your little ego "trying" to be good, "trying" to be a man of faith, "trying" to be a Christian", "trying" to be anything, but the SELF of your self, the TRUTH of your BEING. The LIFE YOU ARE. Realize the "I-s" and the "MEs" of which Jesus speaks IS the I that YOU ARE, the I THAT I AM. If you will but realize this to the point that you really do believe it – then you will never die, for you will understand that LIFE NEVER CAN SEE DEATH, and you will realize LIFE ABUNDANTLY, above all you could ask or think. "Believeth thou this?"

"THOUGH HE WERE DEAD…" We have been dead in sin and trespasses (duality of mind), but in awakening you are dead TO duality and ALIVE TO THE ONENESS OF YOUR BEING. Yes, yes, yes this takes you out of the world of illusion and imagination, where the systems of men rule your day. This takes you out of the world of patriotism, politics, governments and men scrambling for the one-up-ums of the world. This takes you out of the caring one way or another about what is going on "in the world", because "this world" is not your kingdom. IF there is no "other", then who cares what is going on "in the world"? "I Am the Lord, there is none else." (Is 45:5, 6, 14, 18, 22, 46:9, 47:8, 10). IF the world is in YOU then you rule and reign your world and there is nothing there to defile nor work abomination, nor make a lie. It is only "without" that dogs can be found, and sorcerers and whoremongers, and murders, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. (Rev 21:27, 22:14-15). But when your "within" becomes your "without", then in ONENESS there is only to be found the PURITY OF LIFE in ABUNDANCE.

GOD is not a God of the dead, but of the living, for ALL LIVE UNTO HIM! ALL are truly ALIVE IN GOD, and are GOD LIVING, therefore CANNOT DIE. The shrubbery I have cut back in my yard is lying dead and dying apart from the root system to which they were attached. Apart from the VINE – "I AM the VINE", we are dead. We have only to realize our ONENESS with GOD, GOD BEING US, GOD, LIFE BEING, that we remember our TRUE LIFE, LIFE which can never die. "I am the vine, you are the branches: he that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without ME you can DO NOTHING". I AM THE VINE, YOU ARE THE BRANCHES. I AM THE VINE, YOU ARE THE BRANCHES. I AM THE VINE, YOU ARE THE BRANCHES! SAME VINE!!! Hello! Though you have thought you were separate from LIFE, GOD, you simply cannot be. If you think that, the mere thought of it is death and you are dead already, not "going to die someday". REALIZE your ONENESS with the VINE. Go out in your yard. Look at a vine you have growing there, or look at that wonderful tree, or the shrub, and realize that if you cut off one of the branches that branch will shrivel up and die. Are you ONE with the FATHER (CONSCIOUSNESS) or are you UN-conscious to the TRUTH.

Are you separate from the ONE? GOD? LIFE? Are you? If so, then, where are you? What are you? Answer for your own self. BY GOD ANSWER!


"I am the vine, you are the branches: he that abideth (LIVES) IN "ME", the ME of your TRUE SELF, LIFE, BEING, and I IN HIM – WE ARE ONE – the SAME bringeth, THE SAME, THE SAME – ONE AND THE SAME – bringeth forth much fruit: FOR WITHOUT ME you CAN DO NOTHING!!!"

Realize that "I", I – MY TRUE SELF, MIND, has brought forth a body, a visible form, called "Jane", or whatever name you call your body-thing-form-idea. I have brought it forth to present this very TRUTH to you that you might know LIFE! That you might awaken to the REALITY of ABUNDANT LIFE. I present MY SELF as a body – person – form – making MY SELF visible to you, until we all come to a knowledge of the TRUTH.

I will always have form, making the Invisible-Visible, for the Visible is simply GOD seeing GOD. I – MIND will always have ideas – things – because that is what MIND does, IS, but the form you right now "think" of as "you" will change, even as it has changed many times already. You once thought you were a 3-year old form. You once thought you had a teenaged body. You once thought you were young, tall, fat, skinny, brown, white, yellow, red. You once thought you were a product of human parents with inherited physical traits, and you thought all this was taking place in "time", but my friend, the "interpretation" of this thing-world-body-form IS the dream world of thought, THE LIE we have bought and tried so desperately to live.

Does it make sense that millions, billions have lived never having had the privilege of hearing about Jesus Christ, and a GOD, WHICH IS LOVE, would cast his creation into eternal hell? No! We cast our self into one sort of hell or another by believing "the lie". Don’t tell me you are a faith man and yet are afraid to question! Faith and fear don’t work together. Fear is faith perverted. GOD will not strike you with lightening! God will not zap you if you question. Scripture says, "Come let us reason together", and "Prove me now herewith and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing so great you will not even be able to receive it". "I COME TO GIVE YOU LIFE, AND THAT MORE ABUNDANTLY". "I" COME! It is the "I" of you, the I that is your TRUE I-dentity, that comes and is come in this moment speaking words of LIFE to you. Reject me and you reject MY FATHER. You reject the GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS! You reject LIFE.

Not only DOES GOD PROVIDE, but GOD IS PROVISION! SUBSTANCE! The provision for all things is YOUR VERY TRUE AND LIVING SELF! There is a "surrendering all" that must take place of your "little self", in order to realize LIFE ABUNDANTLY. You must truly cast the care of ALL on THE ONE I AM! ALL, not some, ALL. Only then will you prove what you cannot prove. Only then will you know TRUTH, not "about" truth. Stop the pretense. Stop saying one thing and living another, talking about TRUTH, but living the LIE!

I cannot tell you what TRUTH IS, but if you desire TRUTH, if you can hear, if you are listening, you will hear it and recognize it in your own heart as you continue to read and do yourself a favor and reread. As I share with you, I am not putting myself above you in any way, because remember, there is no "you and me". We are ONE, the SELF-SAME "I" appearing as everything and everyone. No one can be taught TRUTH, but hearing IT, and hearing it repeatedly in various ways will begin to help you recall something you already know.

I am no different than you are. I have no degrees in theology or philosophy, but I have the same credentials as you. My credentials are established on a need to know basis! Circumstances forced me to my knees, crying out for the TRUTH, disappointed by "life" as I had believed it to be. Disappointed with everything "man" had told me about it, disappointed with "abundant life" being an illusive butterfly, disappointed with religious claims of health, wealth, peace and joy. "Fear not" meant nothing to me when something came into my field of vision, seeming larger than life, causing me to fear. "My peace I give to you", meant nothing to me when the rubber met the road after Sunday’s joyous meetings faded into Monday’s reality. "My God shall supply all your needs…" was as frustrating as any words I could imagine, when bills came and I could see nothing in the till to pay them with.

It is not enough for me to hear of the experience of the mountain climber, to stand on the precipice and peer over the side and talk "about" descending and ascending, and then go about my everyday business telling every one how wonderful mountain climbing is, if I have never gone over the edge myself. The truth of what the Instructor is saying must become my experience for it to be REAL to me. I must BECOME the mountain climber to really know what I am talking about. Yet, there appear to be many that go around daily talking "about" TRUTH, having never realized their ONENESSS with IT. These are speaking from someone else’s idea or opinion, with no true knowledge of their own. I’m not impressed, are you? If they haven’t TRULY walked or "hung" in a place between heaven and earth then I don’t need their telling me how it is done. It is not their words I want to hear when my life depends upon it! It IS their LIFE that IS the proof that IT can be done and that THE TRUTH has not hurt them, but rather has brought them back to the top! TRUTH must become yours! Buy the TRUTH and sell it not! OWN IT. TRUTH can only be purchased with your life: a death to your opinions, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, judgments, and all teaching. "This" is death to "self". This is the only way you will have something no man can take from you. This is the only way you can know ABUNDANT LIFE, LIFE IN ABUNDANCE.



TRUTH IS CHANGELESS. Regardless of what is "believed" to be true – regardless how many people say something is true, regardless what person-ality it is that is stating something as being true, regardless how well "educated" the one declaring it, if it can change - it is not TRUTH. Let this be the criteria for establishing whether it is TRUTH or simply something considered to be "true": If it can change, if it can be altered, if it has not always been and will not always be - it is NOT TRUTH, LIFE, GOD. What is "true" to one may not be true to what appears to be "another", therefore, what is considered to be "true" and Truth can, "in thinking", be two different things. Yet only TRUTH is REALITY, only TRUTH has no competition, no counterpart, no contradiction - and no argument can be made against IT. In REALITY, there is not that which is "true" and TRUTH. In fact, ONLY TRUTH IS. "And you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall MAKE you free." (Jn 8:32).

Okay, lets’ talk first about what you become free from. You actually become free from all that is attached to "this world". You realize freedom from restriction and limitation. You are free from bondages; those things which rule you because you are not operating out of the little personality anymore, which thinks it can be manipulated, controlled, or held prisoner to anything or thinking. You are set free from addictions and dependencies. You are free from intimidation, cowardice, and timidity. You are released from all prejudice. You are free from religious laws and commandments, because as has been so appropriately said, "The ten commandments become ten promises". You become the law, the law of the Spirit of LIFE. You become free from a "natural lineage". Jesus said, "Call no man on earth your father", therefore without a natural heritage/parentage and "ancestors", you have no need to be concerned about having "inherited" such things as "family curses", physical problems, mental problems, or any so-called problem or disease. You become free from illness, sickness, disease that is not "family related" as well. You just stop being sick, stop "getting" anything, stop feeling anyway at all really, except well, perfect, sound. Your body no longer fools you. YOU, your TRUE SELF, is not sick, has never been sick, will never be sick, cannot be sick. GOD IS ALL! LIFE IS ALL, and LIFE, GOD is not sick!

Illness, after all, is only a belief that one can be ill, and a "belief" has no substance, no foundation, nothing to sustain it but "thought". There is ONLY ONE POWER, ONLY ONE. Know that sickness, disease, pain, or merely a symptom, is only as old as your last thought about it. The moment you take the thought of it away, it disappears. If you realize the "UN-reality" of it, and turn from it to TRUTH, it will disintegrate, because it hasn’t a leg to stand on. Whatever it appears to be is only viable so long as you give it thought. "Thought" alone sustains what appears to be a symptom, illness or disease. That is why Jesus said, "Take no thought". Take the thought away and the idea of it will fall completely apart. Only if you feed the "problem" by taking thought can it appear to continue, because it is only going on in your thinking, and so long as it is being fed with attention, it will appear to be something real. Stop giving it any attention and it will simply drop out of sight as out of mind, and it will seem as if the body has healed itself, when what is actually happening is LIFE.

In the movie, "The Beautiful Mind", the illusion seemed to be the reality. It was even difficult for the audience to tell what was real and what was not. As the thought was taken from the illusion the illusion began to fade. When what appeared to be real was recognized for what it was it dropped out of sight. Even if you have to say to a symptom, "That’s not real", that which appears will simply dissipate as the flimsy thought drops like cob webs in the rain.

Focus not on a problem, but focus on the TRUTH and see the salvation of the Lord, or Law of the Spirit! The moment we rise and walk, the human condition, dream world, illusion, experience, whatever! is over! Poof! Actually it never was, except that we took thought about it.

This is only possible however, when you really realize the TRUTH of YOUR LIFE, YOUR TRUE LIFE, THE TRUE SELF THAT YOU ARE. In the absolute REAL-ization of TRUTH, the understanding that GOD IS ALL and that GOD IS NOT SICK, the whole "idea", whether it be called a headache or cancer, will vanish! Oh, perhaps for some "time" it may appear to "be", but it is nothing and has no power. GOD IS THE ONLY POWER. THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER. Once that knowledge is established, truly established, then the one who would otherwise be succumbing to the lie, finds himself set free into TRUTH.

You, as you have thought yourself to be, does not, nor ever will have the faith to overcome what "appears" to you to be true. It is only the TRUTH that sets free, and the TRUTH IS WHAT YOU TRULY ARE! Say this: "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE." Say it, because what is true for Jesus, is true for you. "I and my Father are ONE." "I" and my CONCSCIOUS AWARENESS are ONE. When you realize IT, you begin to make the recognition, and confirm it with your words. You will at the same time begin a transformation which is beyond what your little mind, so-called – can imagine. The caterpillar you have been, crawling through life one inch at a time, is apprehended right in the midst of his caterpillar life, and brought into the AWARENESS of LIFE, transforming his whole way of seeing everything, not to mention the body he has seen and thought to be himself. Metamorphosis takes place right there while you are just hanging out on the limb as usual, and suddenly, it seems, you are not the caterpillar any longer, rather you are this incredible new creature in Light that is UNDIMENSIONAL, UNRESTRICTED, UNLIMITED, LIBERATED into THE REALITY OF YOUR TRUE IDENTITY.

There must be a complete change of venue! This is not just changing your mind about something, but a COMPLETE CHANGE OF EVERYTHING, TOTALLY, TRANSFORMING YOU WHOLLY. It takes an awakening to realize TRUTH, in order to be able to see the NOTHINGNESS OF NOTHING.

Do you worry about "epizooty"? That is a fictional funny word which I have heard used for some imaginary disease that no one has ever had. I bet you have never heard it and certainly never worried about having epizooty. Makes me laugh just to say it. Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s are no more real than epizooty. We have simply believed these names to be real and therefore we have believed these "things" to have some power of their own. But that’s the "human experience", making up things as we go along and naming all that we make up.

REALIZE THIS: THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER: GOD, LIFE, LOVE, LIGHT, REALITY, MIND, TRUTH, WHATEVER YOU CALL IT - IT IS THE ONLY POWER! There is no other name under heaven by which you can be sunk or saved! There is no other name under heaven - period. There is no other nature than the NATURE of the TRUTH. There is no other being than the ONE BEING. There is no other POWER than the ONE POWER. There is no other mind than the ONE MIND. Anything that claims to be - is a fallacy, a fictitious story being told, i.e. a LIE. If you buy the lie, you lay claim to the name, because you believe it to be real, and in "this world", it is.

Know this: There is "my world" and "this world". "My world is my kingdom", where I rule and reign, and "my kingdom" is not of "this world". "My world" is that which I come to see and realize as I move out of "this world". It is the place where Jesus prayed that of all which had been given him, none would be lost. All in "my world" will not be lost in their thinking, which is the only place one can be lost, but rather all who are truly in "my world" will see the Light. They may sit in gross darkness, but they will see the LIGHT I AM. They may not recognize What exactly they have seen, but they will see. All who were in Jesus’ world saw, but not all knew What they were seeing. When all have seen the LIGHT, then the so-called "outward" expression known as Jane will disappear, for it will no longer be needed. No one can take "my life" from me. I lay it down and take it up at will. I have taken the expression called Jane for the time being, and you have taken the expression called whatever your name may be, but Christ, or THE LIGHT, is my life. (Col 3:4, Jn 8:12). It is not me, Jane, that lives but Christ. (Phil. 1:21). You think its "Jane", until you see! The name is only necessary in a world of illusion, until the illusion is dispelled. I will always have expression. After the crucifixion Jesus showed us that indeed whenever an expression is needed, and in whatever way it is needed, it comes. I will still be as aware as I have ever been, but the way I present my SELF will not be the same, anymore than it is necessary for me now to be presented as a 3 year old. The form changes, "transformed through the renewing of your mind", but the REALITY stays the same ALWAYS.

"My world" is real to me this moment. There is no past nor future world. There is only THIS MOMENT. Nothing is "going to happen". "It is finished". All that is ever going to be has already happened. "The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." (Ecc 1:9). "That which has been is NOW; and that which is to be has already been; and God requireth that which is past". (Ecc 3:15). So – since that which is going to be IS ALREADY, what are you going to do? Its all been done, set in concrete, finished! IT is a completed work NOW. So how are you going to do anything about anything? LIFE is all there is. To accept anything else is to dream on. CHRIST HAS COME! LIFE IS PRESENTLY PRESENT. The little ego is not going to make anything happen. There is nothing new to report. All you can do is RECOGNIZE THAT WHICH IS!

Don’t deny anything. You cannot deny nothing. To deny something makes that seem real to you. Recognize ONLY TRUTH. ACCEPT ONLY THE TRUTH and there will be nothing to deny, treat, or fight. DETERMINE IN YOUR HEART "I WILL STAND ON THE TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT anything LOOKS OR SOUNDS LIKE. ONLY THE TRUTH IS TRUE". Let TRUTH be your focus. GOD, LIFE, IS ALL.

There are those who have a problem with the absoluteness of simply saying "GOD IS ALL", but GOD IS ABSOLUTELY ALL, so let them deal with that.

IF you truly recognize TRUTH, you will not DENY anything, you will simply know TRUTH. You recognize ONLY ONE POWER, OMNIPOTENCE: GOD. In recognizing only GOD, GOOD, you know that anything that appears to not be GOOD is not, except in "your mind", and that what appears to be, is only "there" until you come to a knowledge of the TRUTH, and is, in fact, the very thing propelling you in the right direction. It depends upon your point of view. The stinger on the end of the bee is forgotten in the eating of sweet honey. The irritating grain of sand which was the reason behind the production of the jewel within, is seldom remembered when the pearl of great price is pulled from the oyster. The rain never stops the sun from shining on, no matter how terrific the storm appears from the ground. Take off in an airplane under a storm cover and rise above into a glorious blue sky which sits on a cloudy white carpet, where no storm is possible. Are you on the ground looking up and out, or above where the sun is shining gloriously? It all depends upon your point of view. Are you looking up from death, or down from Heaven? While one might be focusing on the storm, shrinking in fear, another is ONLY MINDFUL of the LIGHT still shining in REALITY, and worries not about the passing storm. Rising above it all into the REALM of REALITY, there is never anything to fear, worry about or take thought of. It is finished!

Never start with a "problem", or "the symptom". Judge NOT by appearances, but by righteous judgment ONLY. What is "righteous judgment"? It is RECOGNIZING, REALIZING the TRUTH, refusing to believe, consider, accept anything else: knowing that anything other than the TRUTH is a lie, and of no consequence to TRUTH. START WITH TRUTH, STAY WITH TRUTH.

Remember your body is an idea in GOD: Mind, not lower case "m", but upper case "M". Not what you have called "my mind", yet it is your ACTUAL MIND, but no longer in confusion, no longer double-minded, no longer enshrouded in darkness (ignorance). THERE IS ONLY ONE MIND.

Your body is THE VISIBLE EXPRESSION OF THE INVISIBLE GOD. It is LIFE visible. It is the intangible being tangible. How could GOD, GOODNESS, ALLNESS, WHOLENESS, LIFE bring forth an EXPRESSION of ITSELF and then THIS EXPRESSION be ill? That is "the lie", "the likeness and image creation", "the dream", "the illusion". It is the "proverbial fruit" taken from the tree (or mind, or thinking) of the knowledge of good and evil. It is simply double-mindedness - thinking that while saying, "GOD IS ALL", out of one side of the mouth, we can get away with saying that there is something besides GOD (WHOLENESS, PERFECTION, LIFE) out the other side of the mouth. This thinking DENIES GOD IS ALL, reports that there is something else, and is the anti-Christ that is "in the world".

Sickness and disease exists only in a world of belief - the belief being that: you live in a physical body, were born, are subject to disease, break down, deterioration, and will die, that there are two of anything; that the opposites, the tragedies, the nightly news is true. Belief that there is something "out there", or "over there", that all that you have been taught is all there is, that you function out of your mind located somehow in a brain, that you cannot not die, that you cannot not take thought, that the many voices you have been listening to - speak truth, that there is a mixture of the truth and fiction and you have to decide which one to believe, that there is in reality evil, bad, wrong, that you have a past and a future, that you can do anything about either, that you can do anything about anything, that you can make anything happen that is not already in the finished work, that the body you claim to occupy is something other than an idea in MIND, GOD. That there is a natural, physical, mortal man, living in a natural, physical, material world, that history really happened, that memories recall something that was real, that there are people on planet earth living in an imperfect world, that religion is this, that or the other. That there is a literal devil and demons that lurk about waiting to devour you, as well as monsters in your closet, or in your world, waiting to come through your windows, ready to strike at any minute; that there is disease and plagues, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, or other "natural disasters", which you call "acts of God". That there is inner space and outer space; that there are stars, moons, suns, planets and galaxies beyond what you can see "out there". That your body has systems, functions, and blood running through veins, that your heart beats as an individual organ in an individual flesh and blood composition. That you came from egg and sperm and will someday be actually "laid to rest" in a grave in the ground, that you have ancestors who lived "way back when", that all is not happening in this ONE ETERNAL MOMENT, that GOD is not all. That LIFE has no face, that Light is not a BEING, that your beliefs matter one whit! It is all a belief in the "this world" that Jesus said he was not a part of, yet you insist is real. And we "believe" the things we believe so strongly that we deny the TRUTH at every turn.

When did the garden of Eden experience take place? NOW, the very moment you accept the lie, believe any of the things above, plus a myriad of other things you will surely want to ask and maybe even argue about, UNTIL the TRUTH OVERTAKES YOU. Consider this very important TRUTH: "I come at a MOMENT WHEN you THINK NOT!"

Well, if GOD is ALL, and TRULY GOD IS ALL, and GOD IS PERFECT, then where in PERFECT can you find imperfection? You cannot, except in your wee little mind, which is really no mind at all, but if you believe it, and "take thought" about it, you can own it, whatever it is. If you go to the physicians, they will support your belief in it. They will run the tests, do the x-rays, and give you pictures and all the evidence you want or need to support that sure’nough you do have it, whatever in the world you think it is. Why? Because they are "in the world and of the world", operating under "the wisdom of this world", which is foolishness to God. If you believe these things are real, and you accept the wisdom of these educated physicians you believe in them too and give them power as well by your belief, or you wouldn’t even be there talking to them, listening to them, buying the lie. "The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God… The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain." (I Cor 3:19-20). And yet, so long as anyone believes that there are "wise" physicians who know something, something other than LIFE, PERFECTION, WHOLENESS, GOD, they will be there to confirm the lie for you and help you stay in the caterpillar state.

No matter what the "problem", the "trouble", the "disease", the "case", it is over with your last thought about it. When the thought about it is let go the appearance of it will go as well. The moment you are no longer conscious of something it disappears. There is no more manifestation of it.

REALIZING I AM ONE WITH GOD, I drop all thought of anything that is not TRUTH. Only THAT WHICH IS in this ONE ETERNAL MOMENT is of any consequence whatsoever. BE HERE, NOW.

Jesus said, HEAVEN IS AT HAND, in other words, HERE AND NOW, but have we accepted it to be so? No. So long as we consider ourselves to be human, we cannot. What is the "caterpillar" stage/state? It is walking about in the thinking that "I am just a worm/caterpillar", virtually the same as the "serpent". We can say - and even sing about - how we are the sons, we are the righteousness of God in Christ, we are the light of the world, we are this, we are that, while still crawling. We can even sing, "I’ll fly away", and still keep crawling. But you may begin RIGHT THIS MOMENT to recognize TRUTH, and walk right through what you are going through and out the other side of it! Or you may even come to your senses right NOW in the midst of the appearance of whatever, take up your bed, rise and walk, realizing the REALITY OF YOUR BEING - and the "thought" of whatever it is you have believed you have - will dissipate, along with the idea of your little self, and the world as you have known it. You might right this MOMENT walk right out into TRUTH and let the lie drop behind you. The transformation may begin to take place in you and the TRUTH may dawn on you and you may actually go through this incredible metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

Jesus proved the absolute nothingness of illness, paralysis, disease and death.

Why don’t we believe Jesus’ words? Because we are blinded by the mystification of the lie. Jesus said, "Take no thought", and we read it and go on to read the next line and the next, and immediately forget what was said. Not only do we forget, but we simply dismiss the ABSOLUTE IMPERATIVE COMMAND and consider it a mere suggestion that we can take or leave. TAKE NO THOUGHT, is not a suggestion. It is said with all the POWER of the UNIVERSE, via the ONLY POWER THERE IS! Take no thought about it! Oh, if you can hear this NOW!

Oh, you say, "But that was then and this is now", and "that was Jesus and…", and yet you say: "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever", and "With God all things are possible". Well, is Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever? Is that TRUTH or not? You answer. Are ALL THINGS possible with God or not? You answer. And KNOW THIS: There is no "then and now". There is only NOW, only this ONE glorious eternal MOMENT, in which everything happens that has ever happened, and in this moment everything that will ever happen IS. ALL IS HERE AND NOW.

Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the anti-Christ, the caterpillar, the worm, the serpent, the carnal mind, the prodigal son, Adam, the "human thought", "human being", "human reasoning", "man", "the wisdom of man", "all teaching – the doctrines of men", "children of the flesh", "the man whose breath is in his nostrils", "the accuser of the brethren", Esau, Jacob, duality, double-mindedness, "the man of sin", "the son of perdition", "the liar", evil, and all "beliefs", death– all represent the same thing. Thus TRUTH gives you freedom from thinking there is some "being" "out there" that is a threat to you, that has a power or is a power, that is in some eternal wrestling match with God. The thinking, or lie, which we have adopted as our truth, is that Satan, or man, is reality. There is no man in REALITY, no devil, no prodigal, no human, no "other mind", no death. THERE is only GOD, LIFE, LOVE, TRUTH BEING.

Therefore, TRUTH gives you freedom from fear. If you will turn to the TRUTH, and remind yourself of TRUTH in every situation, you will find that you will begin to "fear not". For the "things of this world" will lose their hold on you. You will forsake all - all teaching, all past thought about it, all belief you have had toward it, and just rise and walk, stretch forth your hand, kick up your heels, laugh at the silliness of thinking there could be anything besides LIFE – GOD - and you will leave your troubles behind you, and put on a happy face - as you step into the LIGHT. "Nothing shall by any means hurt you".

So, NOW - arise, shine, for thy light has come. The glory of the Lord is risen upon you, IF you can hear it. If you can only hear the SPIRIT, the TRUE and ONLY LIVING ONE: YOUR LIFE, THE REAL YOU speaking.

Take this KEY and walk free. LIVE! You’ll not die! GOD IS ALL and GOD IS LIFE. YOU, BEING LIFE, or LIFE BEING cannot die. You will change forms, you already have many times, but you will not die. Jesus said he came to give us "EVERLASTING LIFE", not life and then death and then life, but LIFE that continues right on, never dropping a stitch, never missing a beat, never losing rhythm.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for THEY SHALL SEE GOD"! This is one of the mysteries of the kingdom. There is no "man" in REALITY, there is ONLY GOD BEING, ONLY ONE MIND - and what you think of as man is SPIRIT given form. The ideas that are called "bodies" really are Expressions of the ONE I AM, or more accurately put, THE EXPRESSION OF THE ONE, or THE ONE EXPRESSING AS…whatever is visibly present.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS ALL THERE IS! SPIRIT IS ALL THERE IS. HEAVEN IS ALL THERE IS. No matter that you think there is a spirit world and a natural world. We have believed a lot of things to be true that are in no way related to TRUTH. I tell you this, because I am giving you LIFE. What I am speaking to you about will bring to you the REALIZATION of LIFE UNCEASING! EVERLASTING. And it is not new, it is what Jesus told us about, but we did not hear.

We heard, but we did not hear. We have had ears, but heard not. We assumed that, just as in the case of Lazarus, sure there will be a resurrection day sometime, sometime after we die. NO, NO, NO. A thousand times NO! Come out of the dream world. Come up into the SPIRIT. Rise and walk right out of the world of belief, right out of what you have only thought to be true. Lots of things have been thought to be true that are not TRUTH. That is why we are told to "THINK NOT". All that is required is RECOGNITION.

Sickness and/or disease cannot "strike you". You have to ACCEPT something as being so. Disease has no power, is no power. Even what you think of as death has no power. THERE is ONLY ONE POWER: LIFE. Nothing has any power except that which we give it through our thought about it, by what we "think". If we consider it to be real we can own it. When we accept something as being anything we can make that thing real to us. If, as I used the prior example, we were told there was really a disease called "epizooty" we might worry about having it, fear it could come upon us, and if we were taught to look for certain symptoms that come with epizooty we might begin to think we have it if we were to imagine we have those particular symptoms. But you are not worried about epizooty or any symptoms associated with such a disease, because you do not believe it is anything. It is the same with any other so-called "disease". Only if you believe it to be something will you even be able to manifest symptoms of it. You laugh about "epizooty", but you don’t laugh about cancer, why? Because you "believe" in it.

At one point I was working in an office right next to a girl who came in one morning with her eyes watering profusely, all red and very sickly looking. She said she had "pink eye". I mentioned to my superior that I was "trusting" that I would not get "pink eye" sitting in the adjoining desk to this person. My boss-lady, who at least had enough understanding to begin to correct my thinking on the subject, said to me, "That is her disease, not yours. Don’t try to own her disease". I caught what she was saying, and it resonated TRUTH to me, therefore I never got "pink eye".

You might ask, "How then, if sickness, disease, fear comes upon me as a result of my thinking I am a human being, can I begin to think clearly? How then do I begin to think constantly: TRUTH? How then do I merge with TRUTH, so that I ONLY realize the ONE MIND, instead of thinking there are two minds: mine and God’s?"

"Awake thou that sleepest, and ARISE FROM THE DEAD, and Christ shall give thee light." (Eph 5:14. "I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, THOUGH HE WERE DEAD, yet shall he live." Hello… though he were dead. We are either dead in sin (duality) and trespasses or dead TO sin and trespasses. We are either dead in duality or dead to duality. We are either living between the parentheses believing "I am only human", or we realize "this world" is only in your thinking and the REALITY is that GOD IS ALL: THE WHOLE. This little parenthesis, or "this prodigal mind", or "this world" can be rolled up like a scroll, and is in fact, being burned up by the ALL CONSUMING FIRE, GOD, MIND consuming all the "thought" of being human - separated from the ONLY LIFE THERE IS. So as by fire, "this world" - which we think we are in and of until TRUTH comes - is melted away, and the elements, or elemental thinking of it.

The TRUTH makes you free "of it", since it is merely one belief after another. Anything you "believe", religious or not, is this world. Once truly born again, into the REALITY of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, once the merge with TRUTH is a present reality, you no longer "believe" – you know! And "this world" is over for you, except that you are presented as a "body", a living sacrifice, visibly visible to it, until your world has seen the LIGHT.


Let go my ego!


How did "this world" begin for you in the first place? You lost sight of the TRUTH. The lamp of God went out in the temple, your eyes began to wax dim and you could not see. (I Sam 3:1-3). What was TRUTH became vague, and what you considered to be true you built upon and established as "this world", and you have considered it to be a reality for some time now.

According to history, there was a time when it was accepted as TRUTH that the world was flat. Then it was taught that: "Columbus sailed the ocean blue" and declared that a sailing vessel would not come to an edge and fall off of a flat world after all, because instead the world was "round". Since then Science has taught that the world is more spherical, or even egg-shaped, but definitely not flat. TRUTH did not change in the midst of all these speculations, rather what was considered to be "true" changed. This is simply an illustration of how what is considered to be true – or a belief - and TRUTH can be two different things, not to state anything in regards to a world being round, flat, or spherical in TRUTH.

Then we begin to think of our self as being contained in a body, which lives in a house, in a country, on a planet, one among nine, in a solar system, etc. etc. etc. , because we are taught these things, educated by men wandering around in the dark calling it light, because they have no light in them (John 11:10). We are taught this and accept it from "the beginning", the beginning of "our life", the beginning of "this world". Thus the liar (the human way of thinking which believes it is something separate from God) and the father of it (the lie), has begun to speak and we listen. But who told you? Who told you these things are so? If God has not said it, it is merely belief, the same as a lie/the lie. You have dreamed the dream for just a little while, but since time is no more in God, you have lost nothing. Wake up. Get up. Take up your bed and walk.

When you REALIZE TRUTH, you REALIZE the ONENESS OF ALL. GOD IS ALL. I will say it until everyone in my world has heard it at least once. GOD IS ALL. There are no bad guys! There are no terrorists, except in your thinking that there is. There is no enemy "out there" or "over there". In fact, there is no "out there". There is ONLY ONE, THE ONE BEING, RIGHT HERE, NOW, IN THIS MOMENT! THAT IS ALL. There is ONLY ONE LIFE. There is ONLY ONE BEING. There is ONLY ONE POWER. There is only ONE MIND, but just like a radio when it gets just shy of its signal, your thinking becomes garbled, fuzzy, and distorted when you turn away from TRUTH and listen to the voices of "this world", which are nothing in Reality, merely the static between stations, so to speak. If you have been listening to anything other than TRUTH, and do not realize it as fantasy, it is as though you have been between stations trying to make sense out of the mass of confused sounds and voices coming over the air waves. Nothing is clear. So you pick up the beginning of a conversation in one thought and try to attach the end of another conversation to it. It is all just a lot of garbled mumbling, "BABEL", thus the tower stands in the way of your being able to hear the TRUTH, and see the TRUTH clearly.

When you get tuned in at just the right frequency you will be awakened. The TRUTH dawns on you that "I", GOD created all and created all very good. It is a done deal, so you know that you have nothing to fear. You have no one to fear, because in REALITY there is only THE ONE. There is no enemy here. There is no devil, no demons, no satanic figure, no boogie man, not even any "real" men that can do you any harm, for there is ONLY THE ONE, and THIS ONE IS GOD, IS LIFE, IS LOVE, IS JOY, IS PEACE, and IS OMNIPRESENT! There are no ghosts, no goblins, no spooks, no monsters in the closet, and there is nothing that can harm you, nothing that can take your LIFE. Since there is only ONE POWER, and this POWER IS LOVE, then there truly is NOTHING that can harm you. The dream is over now. The morning sun is shining in the window of your soul. This is for whosoever will. Will what? Surrender ALL: all your thinking about it, all "your thinking" period, all your wants, wishes, desires, education, imagination, opinions, "life" as you have known it. In surrendering all, you receive ALL, all that IS REAL, all that IS LIFE, ALL that you can ever imagine, above all you can think or desire.

All has already been done that is ever going to be. It is all there awaiting your recognition of it. ALL is in the NOW. The moment you want something, or even continue to think you "need" something for a while, you will know that it is there awaiting your recognition of it. It is just waiting your desire for it to come into visible form. There is no waiting for it. ALL IS NOW. It may seem like a little wait sometimes, but whatever it is, it will be on time.

Fear not. Even when you may appear to stand in the midst of whatever storm presents itself to you, be it the appearance of sickness, lack or whatever, simply RECOGNIZE THE TRUTH. Speak "Peace be still" and the storm "within you" will cease. The winds of indecision will calm. The gale force of fear will dissipate. The gusts of anxiety will settle down until they are gone altogether. The realization of the MIGHTY WIND, and the CONSUMING FIRE, and the THUNDER will be seen and known for what they are: GOD, YOU, LIFE, blowing through the belief systems in your mind, consuming every thought that is not TRUTH, thundering TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, UNTIL YOU HEAR and BECOME THE TRUTH, UNTIL YOU REALIZE your ONENESS WITH ALL THAT IS, UNTIL YOU STAND AND SAY, "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE! I AM!".

There is only one POWER, and sickness, disease, the terrorist, plague, famine, deprivation, tornados, hurricanes, droughts, and deluges are not IT. Governmental "power" is not IT. Bombs, guns, missiles, weapons of mass destruction are not IT. Men from outer space or men from inner space are not IT. Cultural beliefs are not IT. Religions are not IT. These things are all only found in the unhallowed halls of the mind of man, and he is not IT. THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, OMNIACTIVE. LIFE IS IT! Pure and simple.

So, fear not, for the LIFE that is LIVING AS YOU - IS IT, and you are already more familiar with IT than you know. The LIFE you have always known IS IT. The LIFE you have been viewing all "this" from IS IT. The ONE watching the story on the screen of "your life" IS IT. The ONE now hearing what is being said here IS IT. The ONE that reads these words IS IT. The ONE that writes these words IS IT. The ONE that just breathed that breath IS IT. The ONE that just smiled that smile IS IT. The ONE that just acknowledged TRUTH as the SOLE ONE I AM IS IT. Turn from the lie and focus solely on the TRUTH, the I AM THAT I AM. There is no other.

The man who "thinks" he was born of natural parents, has a natural heritage and a body that is real in which he lives for so many years and then dies and leaves, is the man whose breath is in his nostrils, the man whose days are few and full of trouble. He is like a flower that opens in the morning, but before the day is over is mowed down. His life is but a shadow passing swiftly "in time". His days are numbered. He will lie down at his appointed time and die, because that is what he believes and thus he will fulfill his own prophecy. He will not awaken UNTIL HIS TIME. He will continue to dream and dream and dream UNTIL it is time to awaken. (Job 14:11-12). This is the one who preaches "Jesus is coming soon. Be ready or be left". This is the one who believes in his human life time and believes it is the only life there is in which one can be "saved". Yet he declares a belief in the Bible which has that verse which he fails to see, even as he reads. "IF in THIS LIFE only we have hope in Christ (THE LIGHT, ENLIGHTENMENT, THE TRUTH), we are of all men most miserable". (I Cor 15:19). Awaken from this dream NOW and come out of "this world" of belief.

As soon as you realize the TRUTH of your BEING, and finally hear "Be still and know that I AM GOD", really hear, the dream is over, and you realize LIFE is ongoing, everlasting! "To know ME, is LIFE ETERNAL". KNOW THYSELF! LIFE blazes forth in the TRUTH of I AM THAT I AM, THE ETERNAL FLAME! A CONSUMING FIRE which comes swiftly and burns off the mist of the morning revealing THE ONLY ONE – I AM, standing up in the temple body, rising out of the ashes, THE ONE seen through the lattice work, THE ONE enshrouded in dust, the DIAMOND in the rough, rises and burst forth brighter than the noonday sun! And I was here all the time!



The I of my neighbor is the same I of myself, and that is the ME, the I that I AM, GOD which is LIFE, the ONE now speaking for those who have ears to hear. There is ONLY ONE LIFE and that is the LIFE of all things. God is not living "through" you, for that would mean there is God and there is you. God is not living "in" you. There is only THE ONE, GOD, living AS YOU. God "APPEARS" as you, and thus you could say God has many faces, but they are not the faces of separate human beings, rather: GOD FACES, and in TRUTH, a reflection of your TRUE SELF. You stand in a circle of mirrors and see your SELF reflected time and again. Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you, because I is only ever doing unto SELF. You cannot harm another and not hurt your Self. You cannot hate your enemy and love your Self. It does not work that way. You cannot love God who you have not seen and hate your neighbor which you have seen, because GOD IS THE NEIGHBOR you are seeing. You cannot hate another and not hate your Self.

In the same way, you cannot lift up another and not lift up your Self. You cannot help another and not help your Self. You cannot bless another and not bless your Self. You cannot love another and not love your Self, because in REALITY, GOD - there is no "other", only the ONE I AM BEING, and GOD IS ALL IN ALL – GOD IS ALL THERE IS. YOU are the only one you can ever "save". You are the only one you can ever "change". You are the only one you can ever do anything about through the RECOGNITION OF LIFE. This changes how you see everything and everyone, and yet in the merging with the ONE I AM, you realize there is nothing and no one to change. There is only the CHANGELESS ONE.

When you love and forgive your SELF, you will have no enemies. When you accept your SELF, you will be accepted. When you are trustworthy, you will have no one you cannot trust. To the pure all things are pure. To the lovely all things are lovely. To the whole all things are whole. To the righteous all things are righteous. To the ONE all things are ONE.

There is in REALITY (GOD) no time. Since ALL IS IN GOD, for GOD IS ALL IN ALL all the time, everywhere present, (OMNIPRESENT), and ALL IS HERE AND NOW, then in actuality, there is such thing as "time". Thus there is also no history, no yesterday, no tomorrow, no ages past, no ages to come, thus, all is happening in the NOW, not way back when. NOW in this moment, the LIGHT OF TRUTH is beginning to penetrate your little world. YOU begin to LIVE in the MOMENT. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Don’t take what you are hearing lightly. YOU BEGIN TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT, THIS VERY MOMENT ONLY. "Take no thought for tomorrow". "Be anxious for nothing". Live ONE PRECIOUS MOMENT AT A TIME and you will dread nothing, worry over nothing, fear nothing. NOW is all there is.

It is only in a belief in time that one can hold a grudge. It is only in a belief in time that one can be depressed over something that happened "long years ago". It is only in a belief in time that one will keep resurrecting the "old man", dragging him around with him. It is only in a belief in a past that one has regrets and guilt. It is only in a belief in time that one can say, "That was a wonderful time we had", or "what a good memory", or even "a bad one". It is only in a belief in time that one can have a memory at all.

Once you let the past go, and as Mrs. Lot, "look not back" you will be set free of anything called "a past", and all regret, guilt, or sadness that goes with it. Ecclesiastes 3:15 says, "God requires that which is past", i.e. GOD, TRUTH requires we let all that "would-be nonsense" GO. "Former things have passed away." (Rev 21:4-5). "Former days" and "former years" are in "time", where we have "formed" all sorts of ideas and lived in them as though they were TRUTH. Man forms, creates all sorts of beliefs and opinions in "his little head", which is itself nothing but an idea in the ONLY MIND there is. "There is no remembrance of former things"…(Ecc 1:11). "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old." (Isa 43:18). "That he who blesses himself in the earth, shall bless himself IN THE GOD OF TRUTH…because the former troubles are forgotten, and because they are hidden from MY eyes". We do not live in the "former" world! We live in the PRESENT MOMENT. Forget the past. Let "Memories" go, except to serve as parables pointing the way to TRUTH. There is NO PAST. Memories are nothing but fragmented thoughts, attempting to preserve a false world of appearances. If you will do as Jesus said and "Remember Lot’s wife", leaving every so-called "memory" and staying in this moment ONLY, in the NOW - "time" will be no more for you and aging will have no meaning for you, for aging has only to do with time. It is not easy to stay in the moment. It is not easy to focus on this moment only, but it is imperative that we begin to focus in the moment and this moment only. "Take every thought captive" to TRUTH – THE HERE AND NOW.



The Bible is the story of what you have called your "earthly life". You have thought you had a beginning, thought you were born, thus: your Genesis. You have felt as though you were walking through the wilderness at times. You have thought you experienced one thing and then another and have even said, ‘I can relate to Abraham, Peter, James, or John" etc. Of course you can, UNTIL! UNTIL you come to the cross!!! When the CROSS becomes your personal experience, you realize a death to a "little personality", death to the little person you have thought yourself to be according to your opinions, thoughts and beliefs, the end of believing in your little "Jane", or "John" or whatever name you have gone by, to be some separate self. When the cross is your personal experience, your "thinking" in human terms, begins to come to an end. Where you have thought in terms of many: many lives, many homes, many families, many nations, many governments, etc, at the cross all that thinking dies, and you realize ONLY ONE comes out of the tomb, ONLY ONE, and that ONE IS CHRIST, THE ENLIGHTENED, or THE TRUE ONE I AM BEING.

Thus you quickly go from your "Genesis" to the end of that world of belief. Judgment day has come and gone with it, the death of the "little self". See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it? Not the doomsday prophecy you have been warned about, but the THE REVELATION of your TRUE – I-dentity brings a revelation that there not only is no more "God and me", or "God and us", as we have believed, but I GOD ONLY. You have never been separated from GOD, SPIRIT, LIFE, LOVE, INTELLIGENCE, MIND. The death to self seems to happen over a period of time, but remember that time has nothing to do with God and God nothing to do with time. Life is just happening. From your Genesis to YOUR Revelation, the Revelation of Christ, and the book as you have known it becomes LIFE to you, in you, as YOU.

Jesus never wanted anyone to worship him. He never wanted us to worship the man Jesus, celebrate his birthday, or get hung up on his earthly existence. He did not even want us to worship the cross, but rather he wanted us to hear what he was saying. HE ALWAYS POINTED ONLY TO THE FATHER: CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, THE TRUTH OF OUR BEING.

"Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin." Without the shedding of the "self life", there is no remission of duality. Without the death of the little self, there is no end to duality. The cross was to show us first of all that death - as we think of it - is nothing, and secondly to show us that we must see our "little self" on that cross and witness a death to self so that we can equally realize that the only ONE that comes forth from the tomb is CHRIST, THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, YOUR WORLD.

Jesus referred to death as sleep time and again. He knew the TRUTH. He knew that LIFE is ALL there is. He knew that THE RESURRECTION IS a present here and now REALITY, and that the "sleep of death" is nothing. Allowing Lazarus to be dead four days before he came to call that particular expression forth was not an issue with him. Going to the cross to be buried in a sealed tomb was to give proof of the unreality of death. Three days later he was back, in the expression needed to prove its unreality. He said if they took life from him he would be back in three days.

Much has been made of the agony which led up to the cross and the suffering on the cross, but with all the focus on the cross, we have failed to see that ONE came out from the tomb. THE ONE I AM.

The Bible points the way to the TRUTH. THE TRUTH I AM. The cross IS my death. It is the end of my little self. Though there appeared to be a world of "others" before the cross, now I KNOW there is only the ONE I AM BEING. I have been crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live. Yet is it not I that lives, but CHRIST, THE LIGHT OF LIFE LIVING, MOVING and HAVING EXPRESSION as "Jane" for the time being.

As you surrender all - your beliefs will begin to drop away, even as the scales drop from your eyes. It may take a little, what seems like "time" to wipe the sleep from your eyes. You may still be a little fuzzy minded for a while. You may have many questions, but The Mind’s Eye, the Eyes of Your Understanding, will be open again. You do not have to be a "Christian" to be awakened to Reality. Enoch was NOT a Christian, yet he walked so closely with TRUTH, GOD, that he became ONE with IT and was no more in a bodily form in a so-called "natural world". Elijah was NOT a Christian, yet he knew TRUTH, GOD, so well that he was swept away in a whirlwind of TRUTH at his own bidding. Writers of scripture realized TRUTH to one degree or another, and thus spoke from a place beyond the veil of fleshly illusion. So, one does not have to be called a "Christian" to have his eyes opened and have the TRUTH revealed to him. ALL are always in Christ,. ALL ARE THE LIGHT, for ALL IS the Expression of the Invisible God, regardless of what is believed! It is only in the forgetting of TRUTH (the Spirit brings all Truth to your remembrance) that you have assumed a separate identity, thought you were a "human" being, instead of GOD-BEING. In your forgetting you fell into the aquarium, so to speak, and thought you were a fish, trying to exist in a world you don’t even belong in. In TRUTH, you are not the little person you have thought yourself to be. You are not a little fish in a big pond, nor a big fish in a little pond. This thinking takes you around in circles! Death to birth to death. Deliberately "death" is put here first, because you have to "die" in a sense, to LIFE, the WHOLENESS OF YOUR BEING, GOD BEING ALL, for you to even begin to believe you were "born". And to come back into your TRUE BEING, OR YOUR RIGHT MIND, the BEING in reality you have never left, you must be born again. This "being born again" is not something you DO, but is something you realize as your eyes which have closed in "death" are opened again to TRUTH!

If we are complacent to TRUTH we are complacent to God. If we are fearful of TRUTH, we are fearful of GOD. If we are content with the error we have, and are willing to stay bound up in and to a world of sickness, disease, depression, doctors, hospitals, crime, prisons, terrorists, poverty and on and on, then indeed we can stay there until we "think" we die. Watching the nightly news will help you stay right there. BUT if you are open and honest enough, and can be just willing enough, to admit that you just may not know it all, that your little security blanket of your version of truth may not be all there is, then the windows of TRUTH will fly open for you and you will walk through the door. Prove ME NOW herewith… and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. What are the windows of heaven? THE EYES OF YOUR UNDERSTANDING! Eyes which see by the Spirit. Inner eyes, inner sight, INSIGHT. The MIND’S EYE. Things your natural eyes cannot see. In Truth, there are NO natural eyes. We see all by the SPIRIT. When the windows of the SOUL open, you will see beyond anything you have imagined before.

So, then the Bible or any other book or writing that is the TRUTH speaking, is simply there lying in the lap of the blind, UNTIL THE DAY DAWNS and the scales of opinion and belief fall from his eyes and he can SEE! Fear not little flock, it is your CONSCIOUS SELF who delights in giving you the ability to see when your time is come. This is the second coming of Christ. This is "New Birth". This is LIFE. This is when the Light burst forth and the empty sepulcher is revealed for what it is, the veil is rent top to bottom, the stone (hardheadedness) is rolled away, and TRUTH is revealed. This is when TRUTH makes you free!




There are awakenings happening constantly. You are familiar with some of them, Lao Tse, Buddha, Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jesus, John, Paul, Lanyon, Aiken, DeWaters, to mention just a few of the more well-known names. Though we have borne the image of the earthy we will also bear the image of the heavenly. Consider now what you are reading, for herein lies the secret of the ages, the SECRET hidden for ages and generations, the "hidden manna". Consider these things. Meditate on them in your heart day and night: "No man hath seen God at any time", (John 1:18), and "no man shall see God and live" (Ex 33:20). Yet Job 19:26 says, "Yet in my flesh shall I see God", and Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they SHALL SEE GOD." Now if "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God" (I Cor 15:50), but "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven", then how can these things be? IF no man can see God and live, then how can I see God in my flesh? How is it that the pure in heart see God? The answer is settled in this one thing: There is NO man in reality. "Surely men of low degree are vanity (emptiness, transitory according to Strong’s Concordance; hollow, futile, worthless according to Webster’s), and men of high degree are a LIE: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity". (Ps 62:9).

"Man" is a vapor, a dream, an illusion, an image. Therefore, why fear them? Why trust them? Why think about them? Why count them? Why name them? Names are only given UNTIL we come to a knowledge of the TRUTH, where we truly realize that there is no other name under heaven!!!

Man is the sleeping giant who wanders about in "this world" of delusion, the dream character which belief says is real, but REALITY says is not. Man is the one made in the likeness and image of God, a reflection of the TRUE. Something made in the likeness and image is not the true. THAT which the image world is mimicking is the TRUE. Stumbling about in a dream he is making it all up as he goes along, that is why the prophet Daniel said, in 12:4, "knowledge shall be increased" because as man’s thinking goes, his knowledge increases as well, until he thinks he can do anything. But. "Whether there be knowledge it will vanish away". ( I Cor 13:8). The knowledge of the one called "man" will vanish away. TRUE KNOWLEDGE comes and guides into all TRUTH. The I THAT I AM "giveth wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding." (Daniel 2:21).

"Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed!!!

For anyone who wishes to "do" anything about the illusion, I can only say, WAKE UP! There is nothing to be done about the things that happened in your dream last night is there? The "belief" world is simply that: beliefs. There is no world to save, heal, or deliver. So long as you think there is you are still in and of "this world". The same one who would wish to do something about "this world", the illusion, the dream, is the one still telling you all the scientific reasons for everything, and thus is still dreaming.

Flesh and Spirit are ONE. It is only your thinking about it that says otherwise.

The Psalmist, David, while lying on a quiet Judean hill, keeping watch over his sheep, watching the grass grow, feeling the breezes blow, observing the clouds passing over head, wrote, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul."

What could be more worth realizing than the need for nothing? What could be a more lofty position to find oneself in than lying down in green pastures of supply? What more peaceful state could one find themselves in than of being led beside still waters (thoughts)? What more could one ask for than a restored soul? The coming again into your rightful place, THE ONLY MIND there is. "Yet in my flesh shall I see God". How? You must realize that there is NOTHING that is not SPIRIT (God, LIFE).

The Truth Holds, Sustains, Provides

The mountain climber hangs on for dear life his first time up or down the side of the stony cliff. I had a dream of fearfully hanging onto just such a cliff. Sweat seemed to pour over my brow. Wet palms tried desperately to hold onto the slick rocks. Breathing hard I realized that dust was falling beneath my feet. I was losing my footing and my grip. There seemed nothing I could do. My fingers, though dug into the soil around the rocks, were slipping. It was all giving way. I was in a mess, and suddenly I lost it. In a free fall I gave up! I had no choice but to stop fighting. Too late now, I was headed for the rocks below. It was over. I was falling, falling, falling, and so finally I just gave up to the inevitable. Suddenly, as if from out of nowhere, the ropes which were somehow tightly secured in an "above", I had not remembered were there, stopped my plunge into the unknown. I was caught up in a security which had found me, a security beyond my wildest hopes, security which had been there all along, waiting for me to lose it, waiting for me to give up and quit trying to grab something that wasn’t there. I had had the Security all along; I had simply forgotten. Was that a dream? I don’t know for certain NOW.

The songs are sung, "Oh, magnify the Lord", then the singer goes out and magnifies the lie. To "magnify the Lord" is to magnify TRUTH. So long as we in anyway support "the dream world of knowledge and belief", we are supporting the lie that keeps bound the very ones we would set free. I state only what has become TRUTH as REALITY to me. This I share because you have come calling. You have come asking. Thus, you have a desire to be free of all the entanglements which have kept you in the dire straights of this world. We are to give to whoever comes asking, but not to cast our pearls (of WISDOM, of TRUTH) before swine.

To whosoever will, the kingdom is available. The TRUTH is free to the one who realizes that to pay with his soul-life is to lose nothing, give nothing, forsake nothing. To the one who only wants to argue, while holding tightly to his version of truth, to lose his soul-life would seem to him as giving, losing, forsaking all.

What I am going to share with you will hold you up under all circumstances, while you my friend, let go of "trying" so hard to hold on, maintain and hold your little life together, while dangling precariously on the edge of this thing we call "life". The everyday world that you have believed to be is passing away before you. The everyday world you have believed in is a slippery slope, which can give way without notice. You know that. You saw that on what is now called: "9-11".

Read this and reread it and be free of fear or worry of any 911s or anything else, for that matter. You can let go and rest assured that your fall is already provided for. That which buoys you to the top is the ONE that you are in REALITY.

Do consider this, do you really think that you can work for and earn something that God would not already have you to have? And consider this, while someone may say, "I only want God’s will", if he doesn’t know the ONENESS OF HIS BEING, he may feel he has to work to "GET" the things that otherwise he would not have, because they may not be God’s will for him to have, or God might be slow in bringing them to him, or that God might not provide or give to him. This one is "thinking" there is a God that gives and there is his self to receive what is given (duality). He may think that if God wanted him to have a car he must go out and earn it over a period of time in order to have it. Part of the dream-world, the illusion, is the thinking that there is a "period of time" to work, earn and save, that one might buy. There is only NOW, always NOW in REALITY.

This does not do away with work, but whatever becomes "work" to you, if you should want to do something, in TRUTH, it will be a delight in the doing, will be easy, and fun! There will be no burden, no heavy labor, for "my burden is light". You will do whatever you feel inspired to do and that will be sufficient. And you will not do what you do not feel inspired to do. You will do all "as unto the Lord (Law), not as unto men".

You may not "work" at all as you have thought of work, but rather you may just BE! You may just smile to your world, doing whatever your hands find to do: making beds, folding towels, planting flowers, just being the LIGHT of your world. You will be provided for, because LIFE has always provided ALL, and will not stop now. You will be blessed and prosper, with or without employment, with or without "a job", with or without the "natural" ways of having income. You will hear, "Go here and do this", or "Go there", or "Wait", or "Know", or "Be still". The provision coming from the WITHIN – out, so to speak, or from the invisible to the visible, the unseen to the seen takes place in a way you know not of, so quit trying to figure it out. "I have a way you know not of", rest in that! And, always let your answer be "Yes" to whatever. You will find that "Yes" will open many doors. LIFE BEING ALL, you will come to just LET, because you will know that that the LORD is the LAW and the LAW IS: GOD IS ALL, not "some" - ALL. But, if you "think" for a moment you can sit on your little belief bottom and do nothing and hold onto the little personality egotistic self of "this world" lazily, while you just "try" this "to see" if it will "work", forget it! Surrender all! That is an absolute. No compromise. Once you step off the edge there is no turning back, not even any looking back. No exit. Dying to self is the end of the dream and the return to HOME, HEAVEN, in MIND, where you have always been.

There are no tomorrows to "work over" in order to gain or save enough to buy the things you wish to have, contrary to what you may have believed. That’s merely dream stuff. GIVE US THIS DAY! OUR DAILY BREAD. We have all that we want or need in THIS DAY, because in REALITY, there is no "other" day. Learning to live in "this day", "this moment", as the ONLY, you worry not about a tomorrow. There is only HERE, NOW.

If it "seems" that you do not have all you need in this day, or even all that you want in this day, it is simply that you are not realizing the NOWNESS of WHAT IS. You are still taking thought of a "tomorrow". Let that foolishness go. To dream about or worry about a "tomorrow" means you are in the middle of a dream called "this world". Wake up! BE HERE NOW.

When we start reciting and thinking in terms of "Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there for a year, and buy and sell, and get gain", we begin to get into trouble, we begin to play the prodigal, or as the case may be, continue to play the prodigal. (James 4:13-17). "Whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even A VAPOR, that appears for a little time (an idea on the screen of life), and then vanishes away". To go into the land of the prodigal is to go into the land of negativity, and when you go there you go alone! God does not go there with you, because it is not REALITY. There is NO GOD there. "But I thought that God was everywhere." GOD IS EVERYWHERE AS TRUTH. The illusion has no TRUTH in it. It is a "nowhere land for a nowhere man". But if you go there in thought, and that is the only way you can get there, you can plan on receiving all that goes with "this world", which is the land of sowing and reaping, where the karmic law rules.

To venture off into the valley of sin – IS really to venture into a state of unconsciousness, where DUALITY, thinking that there are TWO of anything, or more than ONE, "God and me", is the order of the day. But, Beloved, ONE is the place of WHOLENESS, COMPLETENESS, PERFECTION. There are not two days, ten days, 3 months, a year, years, centuries, millenniums, ages and generations, except to the one who thinks there is, but then that one is living in confusion saying "What exactly is Truth"?

THERE IS ONLY ONE DAY, THIS DAY, THE DAY OF THE REALIZATION THAT GOD IS ALL. NOW is all there is! THIS VERY MOMENT IS ALL YOU HAVE, but what more could you need? And yet even the word MOMENT is a time word and the TRUTH must be recognized that the NOW is all that is ever PRESENT, in AWARENESS, just being AWARE.

IN THIS DAY, the DAY OF THE LORD, present with the LAW that God is All, ALL we need is provided in THIS DAY, FOR I AM the Provider and the Provided For. To project that "I am going to go over there and earn", or "out there and get", is to think in the foolish terms that I have a life that is separate from THE ONLY LIFE THAT IS, and a future in which to do anything. "Your life" in the sense of the little human being life you have only thought was "your life" is but a vapor! Vapor as steam rising from the tea pot. Steam as water rising into the air to form clouds of confusion! "Vapor man", is nothing! The "little personal life" is nothing! Let your self go! Vapor is NOTHING. THERE IS ONLY ONE LIFE, AND THAT IS TRUTH, THAT IS GOD AND THERE IS NO "other". Until you realize this you will continue going around in circles, spinning your wheels, "trying" to get, "trying to have", "trying" to keep up with the Joneses, "trying" to make something happen, and worrying about every little thing. The LAW works whether one is consciously aware of what is actually taking place or not.

Consider the manna in the wilderness. Where could they in that parable go to earn it? Wandering always they could not grow crops over a period of time to produce it. They did not build barns or banks for what they thought they were going to need. It came from HEAVEN, GOD, SPIRIT, MIND. And it was all to be used in the day it presented itself. Manna was gathered for the day and not to be saved. The only time extra was gathered was for the Sabbath. Well, there is a Sabbath rest for the people of God, and it is HERE NOW as you accept it. In THIS DAY ALL IS PROVIDED.

Where did Jesus get the loaves and fishes enough to feed 5000 plus? Did he call up a to-go order in the desert? No, of course not, yet the "human" thinking is that "God helps those who help themselves". I AM constantly conceiving-perceiving. Jesus said, "I can of my own self do nothing", well, if Jesus could of his own self do nothing, how do you think you of you own "little personality self" can do anything? But, when you realize that Jesus gave no credence to the "own self", no power, no concern for "my own self", because he realized the TRUTH that "I AND MY FATHER (CONSCIOUS AWARENESS) ARE ONE, then you realize that ONENESS is ALL things supplied OUT OF SPIRIT ITSELF. Jesus knew that the idea thing of his "own self" was merely that, an IDEA IN MIND, AND he knew that all things were his, likewise: "ALL THINGS ARE YOURS" (I Cor 3:21, 22). He knew "I" lack for nothing. "I" AM ALL. I CHANGE NOT. I have ideas, body, thing in MIND and those ideas are what is seen on the screen of life, HERE and NOW made visible, and yet are passing away even as they are seen. They are not belonging to "my own self", but are ideas of MIND that are visible as quickly as they are conceived. "I have a way you know not of", so stop trying to figure it out and just accept! What we can accept we can have. Consider it done, whatever it is. Buy the TRUTH and sell it not.

I WILL HAVE WHAT I WILL HAVE and nothing can prevent it. That which is in Mind will be made visible on the screen of life THIS DAY, NOW. I will enjoy that which I have conceived presently present. It is only if I go off on a prodigal venture into the area of "negativity", assuming things that are not TRUTH, and begin to think in "human" terms of the little "i" which has need that has not been met, a lack that is not being fulfilled, thinking "i" must earn it, "i" must do it, because "i" of my own self can do something, must do it - if it is to be done, in order to have it, God’s will or not" - that one will find himself in the mist of confusion, the depths of despair, frustration, misery, illness, and all that goes with that nightmarish world. That "i" will have to eventually come to the end of that little self, be crucified, dead and buried, before the CHRIST, the ENLIGHTENMENT, CAN COME AND BE REVEALED AS THE ONLY I – I AM. The good news about that "night-marish" world is that it is the priming for the pump, the catalyst, the pressure cooker – referred to as "tribulation", which will eventually cause you to explode out of your world of belief!

When you do begin to hear, see and realize, you will become very quiet. You will share the TRUTH with whoever comes asking of you, but to the one who has not the ears to hear, you will learn to go into your closet and shut the door (mouth).

THE SECRET PLACE of the MOST HIGH will not be desecrated. WISDOM speaks and knows when to be SILENT.

What then, about the religious man who comes with all his baggage, a head full of knowledge from the world of make-believe? "Religion" is knowing "ABOUT", not BEING. For instance, for years the scientific world, along with the religious world, has been searching for "The Ark of the Covenant". It is reported to be here one time and possibly there another. Know this, you are The Ark of the Covenant. Wood speaks of humanity, and gold – Divine Life. Your "human" way of thinking is overlaid in gold, THE DIVINE MIND, as you realize your true I-dentity. Within you is the hidden manna (the Way), the commandments of LIFE as promises (the TRUTH), and the rod that buds (the LIFE). The Cherabim, the Shekinah glory, is the hovering Presence of Your Conscious Awareness. Knowing about the ark of the covenant as you read it in scripture you are able to tell all you know, but this knowledge will not do anything for the hearer. If you don’t realize YOU ARE THE ARK, then all the knowledge in the world will do nothing for you. Knowing all about the history of "knives" doesn’t put the jam on the bread. Religion knows all "about", but LIFE IS.

You must realize death to your little ego, and KNOW the RESURRECTION OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS! This MUST BE LIFE TO YOU, REALITY TO YOU.

Your temple-body-form is the OPENING between the invisible and visible. IT is not a solid thing. It is the DOOR, the opening! Through you all things pass into form and then out again. Job 19:26 says, "Yet, in my flesh shall I see God". Understand that what is called flesh IS SPIRIT VISIBLE.

Be still. This is a HOLY TEMPLE. There are no voices here but the ONE. Keep silent. When the hour is come that someone is ready to hear they will find their way to you, otherwise if you go "out" trying to "tell", you may find "out" is a place where you may invite more trouble for your self than you wish to encounter. Leave "this world" alone. It is a dream, a fantasy, an illusion, a reflection that cannot be changed. How do you change something in a dream?

"I", if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto ME. I don’t have to go out and tell the world. MY world will be drawn to me and then I will tell. As St. Francis of Assisi said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel, and if you have to, use words".

In the SECRET PLACE all desire is conceived to be perceived. Between the concept and the visible form YOU bridge the gap by following through with whatever seems sensible as you are inspired in order to bring whatever into visibility. Almost before you can "do" anything, you will find it happening and coming towards you before you can get to it. It is not by might, nor by the power of your little self’s efforts, but BY SPIRIT! TRUTH! LIFE! Just doing what SPIRIT does. And this is the hardest part: to move forward only as you feel to, yet at the same time, LETTING that which is before you come to you, resting in the TRUTH that ALL IS ALREADY prepared, finished, complete, awaiting your recognition.

Putting your hand to the plow – DON’T LOOK BACK. Keep your focus. Be still. See that you tell no man. Telling someone what you have recognized and are aware of in secret, only frustrates the "letting". Why would you tell a "man" whose breath is in his nostrils? He doesn’t understand, can’t understand, and will most likely only want to argue or add his negative opinion of why it won’t work, can’t work, and will never happen. You are opening yourself up to "this world" of unbelief. Just know. Watch and pray. And what is "pray"? To recognize the TRUTH. Since ALL is already done, a finished work, you will not go out and make anything happen. That is only in the dream world that you can "think" that is so. You can only bring into expression THAT WHICH IS by recognition.

All worry, fear, anxiety is drained in the realization of the finished work. You cannot by taking thought add one cubit to anything. The ENTIRE "building of God" is complete. IT is finished. Accept, let, and fear not. It is I.

Sitting on the beach the little fellow not quite 2 years old sees waves he doesn’t comprehend in front of him, higher than his head, swift enough to wash him out to sea in a moment. Unafraid he lifts his tiny helpless hands to the ONE standing over him and he is carried high into the air above the forces below, by a power he recognizes as "Father". He is lifted in the power of Something mightier than the surf before his eyes. He and his Father (The Conscious Awareness of the Presence of Greatness) are ONE.

That little fellow is of his own self doing nothing. By lifting the hands, lifting the vision to the One above "his problems", all are solved without his doing anything. Up, up and away. Sounds too good to be true, but then they didn’t believe Jesus either. They still don’t believe Jesus. Do you believe? Not the "belief system" of "this world" now, but TRUE BELIEF, through a knowing you cannot explain.

Lifted by the LIGHT, we no longer have to struggle daily to "get", "have", "make". Recognition of ONLY ONE POWER brings swift relief from the thought world of many. Be absent from the body (human power, effort) and be present with the Lord: TRUTH.

No longer having to work by the sweat of your brow, you can run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

Just as the little guy in 4 inches of water which comes to his knees is powerless against the rising tide which sways his tiny body, you, in your physical strength are just as powerless. The weighty dirt clod you have thought your body to be gives way as the Light passes through you. The weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders! Weight is only there in your thought about it, as is the world. The world off your shoulders you become instead the LIGHT BEARER. Your burden is light both in the seen and unseen.

Though you have worked by the "sweat of your brow" lo these many years, when you are pressed to the brow of the hill (having had all you could take of "this world"), by the circumstances of life as you have known it, the crowd of thoughts which would consume you grow strangely dim. You simply recall your TRUE STATE OF BEING: LIGHT, and pass right through the crowd. Recognize the LIGHT BEING you are and those thoughts will not be able to get their hands on you. You will pass right through.

To the crowd of circumstances, appearances and arguments as to why it cannot work, you will have disappeared. To you, it is those forces, the circumstances, which will have disappeared. No thought of "tomorrow". You rise higher and higher in the freedom and SURE footing on the ROCK of REVELATION. Living in the moment, the HERE and NOW, THIS MOMENT ONLY, ONE PRECIOUS ETERNAL MOMENT, you witness the impossible happening!

Never try to make anything happen. Be still and know…

No "thing", "form", is any more important than any other "thing", "form". All are coming from the storehouse of the Invisible into view, without end. Be still and know. Be quiet. This is Holy Ground. All is there only for your good pleasure. Enjoy!



GOD NEVER CHANGES HIS MIND. God is not a man that he can lie. God is not a man that he can repent, regardless the thoughts of some of the writers of scripture, and regardless your "beliefs" about it. "Man" or "human mind" changes constantly. What is thought to be "true" changes with the wind. What killed Uncle Pete two years ago might today make him a "healthier" guy after all, if he had just hung on for the latest developments on the evening news reporting the most prominent and up-to-date findings of the present school of thought on any given subject.

TRUTH, however, NEVER shifts, never can be changed by the thinking of anyone, never is altered in any way and cannot be concluded other than IT IS. That is why we are told to not build our house (understanding) on sand.

Scripture again tells us, "NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU", (Luke 10:19), yet people drop dead everyday from their beliefs, the first one being that there is POWER in anything other than GOD, MIND, TRUTH. This belief is to have gods-many. GOD IS THE ONLY POWER. THERE IS ONLY THIS ONE POWER. Make no mistake. There is NO POWER, save the ONE ALONE GOD, I AM. This is not just changing your mind about things, but a WHOLE, COMPLETE MIND, BECOMING YOUR REALITY.

Begin to accept the TRUTH. Stand on it. "Nothing shall by any means hurt you". Jesus’ words. Do you believe them? Do you? What then are you afraid of? NOTHING. NOTHING. So why worry about a symptom, a mole, a wart, a growth, or the appearance of any other "thing"? It is only your belief in anything that keeps you in and of the appearance world. The appearance world is simply the world of belief, belief that something is there, that that something you believe is there, something real which has a power or is a power other than GOD. Beloved, GOD, OMNIPOTENCE, is the ONLY POWER. If you make something out of it and go to the doctor looking for support for your belief - you will find it - and all that goes with it, but if you will accept the TRUTH, and the TRUTH only, that will be the end of it. "Take ye no thought for your life…" (Luke 12:22). Do we really believe anything Jesus told us? "Let not your heart be troubled…" (John 14:1).

This afternoon I pulled up a large patch of grass. Fire ants ran out of the hole and covered my feet. Tiny bites on my feet, legs, hands and arms almost immediately. I dropped the grass and backed off. As I walked away from the tiny biters the thoughts about what the bites "could mean" came to mind. I simply recognized without a word out loud, "No, fire ants are nothing. I won’t be bothered by them. It would just have to be a belief in it that would make it so." Immediately I felt nothing more from the bites and forgot about it, until just now. There are no marks, no redness, no pain, itch or any evidence whatsoever of what I felt immediately when that appeared to be happening. The "problem" is only as old as our last thought about it. "Nothing shall by any means hurt you." I thought of this scripture right after the bites and accepted it as so. And so it is. Whether I accept the TRUTH or not does not make it so, but my acceptance of TRUTH, makes it so for me. Buy the TRUTH and sell it NOT.

Fear not. It is I.

Somewhere, sometime you have got to see this. You have got to stop being "of" this world. You have got to stop playing a game with your little self. God is not mocked. It is your little self which must be done away in CHRIST, THE LIGHT OF LIFE. "Christ" is not the man Jesus. You do understand that, right? Christ is LIFE, LIGHT, UNDERSTANDING, ENLIGHTENMENT, ILLUMINATION. The man Jesus was absolutely no different than you and I, an expression of God as a form, body. But the CHRIST is the ILLUMINATION OF THE TRUTH. Suddenly the day dawns, and you see that "CHRIST IS MY LIFE". LIGHT IS MY LIFE. THE ENLIGHTENED STATE OF BEING IS MY LIFE, then you know that a LIGHT BEING is NOT subject to any of the beliefs of "this world". Believing in "this world" is missing the mark, which is coming short of I-DENTIFYING with the CHRIST LIGHT, UNDERSTANDING – BEING – KNOWING - and thus is sin.

In this realization, you will know, just know, that TRULY NOTHING CAN BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU! NOTHING CAN TAKE MY LIFE! Nothing! I am here for so long as I, GOD, LIFE, is presented as this form. "I shall not fear what man shall do to me". (Heb 13:6). Neither shall I fear any "creature". To fear either man or anything else is to run scared from my own image-making, my own imagination. I don’t care if you can "see" it and believe it to be real, it is still your image of something that is intimidating you. What you accept as "being there", you will imagine to be and it will appear to you as real.

As a child, we lived back of an empty field of playground for the local grammar school. It was about 2 football fields long and one wide, so to a child it was an enormous "desert". When I was about 5 or 6 I remember walking across that field perhaps for the first time alone. As I neared the woodlands on the other side I saw a dark object. The object was a "bear" to me. It was, in my way of thinking a bear, no doubt. I could hardly turn around I was so frozen in fear. When I did turn around however, I ran like lightening. Several times I looked back and the "bear" was still there. Heart pounding I ran into the house and it was quite a while before I was able to tread that perilous way again. When I did once again make the trek across the field the "bear" was gone. I never again saw what that dark spot in my imagination was, most likely because the light had shifted and what had appeared to a child as a bear was most likely a shadow or a shrub or tree that appeared in the shadows in the shape of a bear to me.

When we stand in the shadows instead of the LIGHT we get a double vision. When our focus is off the TRUTH, and the LIGHT is not exactly right, we imagine all kinds of things to be there that are not. In "this world" there are all shapes and sizes of dark spots to get our attention off the TRUTH. Hypnotized by the world of appearances we "believe" what we "see" and "see" what we "believe".

To run from anything, anywhere, anytime is to say that there is another power greater than GOD. If that were true, you better just bow down to it, because IT would be God.

The "god" of "this world": the human thinking, sits in the temple making itself as God. Don’t let any man deceive you. There must come a falling away from your eyes the opinions and beliefs which have blinded you, that that man of sin, that double-minded one you have been, might be revealed. Do not kid yourself and look "out there" for this son of perdition, (destruction). It is the egoic personality named Jane, Bob, Terry, or whatever you recognize as your name, who has opposed and exalted its little self above all that is called GOD, or that is worshiped, so that "i" as God sits in the temple body, showing itself that it is God. This is the mystery of iniquity. So long as "i" put it out there on some "thing, devil, monster" or even my "fellow-man", then "i" think "i" can get away with worshipping on Sunday, saying grace on Monday, prayers on Tuesday, church on Wednesday, reading my bible on Thursday, without DYING ON Good FRIDAY! God help us! The little egotistical personality must die! No more fooling around. If we don’t get out of the boat some time and quit this fooling around with the devilish mind with the forked tongue, we will continue to receive the strong delusion and believe a lie.

What do you believe in? Do you worship an unknown God? Do you know THE ONE YOU ARE NOW?

If so, you will have to walk this out. You are going to have to "prove me". You cannot prove this to anyone else, but YOU MUST prove it. Stepping out on the waters which appear to be moving and unsteady even as you put one little toe over the side is not easy, but if you TRULY CAST YOUR CARE UPON THE LORD (THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS), you will find that you too can walk on water. Wanting the scriptures like, "The Lord may bless thee in all the works of thy hands" Deut 24:19, and "that ye may prosper in all that you do", Deut 30:9, and all other such marvelous scriptures are just pie in the sky until you are willing to risk everything, not to "try" this, but to BECOME THIS, AND THIS BECOMES YOU. YOU consume the bread and the wine, and the bread and the wine becomes you, not as some ceremonial religious ritual, but AS LIFE!

"Act as though I were, and you will see I Am". (DeWaters) I love it! Whatever it is you wish to see, hear, do, BE, ACT like it! Act like you believe it! ACT LIKE: Nothing shall by any means hurt you, and you will see that NOTHING WILL!

If I sit on my desire and say, "I wish I could paint. I would sure like to paint. I would like to be an artist. I would love to paint beautiful paintings. Someday I am going to paint, you’ll see", but I just sit here talking about it - it would never happen. I have to get up and act like an artist. I have to act like I can paint, and guess what, because I act like I can, I can and do! You don’t have to act like you can paint. Surely you know I am not saying that, but what I am saying is: Act like you believe THE WORD OF GOD YOU ARE! For your OWN SAKE, ACT LIKE GOD’S WORD IS TRUE. But don’t plan to do it on a trial basis. Make a TRUE, COMPLETE, TOTAL LIFE COMMITMENT with no plans of "return". If you really believe that "with his stripes we are healed" (Isa 53:5), then stop taking the medication that you have had a greater faith in than GOD, LIFE, TRUTH. What is your faith in anyway? NOW is the time to make the step of a lifetime. Tell GOD (which is to tell your SELF) as you swing your leg over the side of the boat: "I am going to believe that there is no other power than the ONE TRUE AND LIVING ONE I AM, and if I die, then so be it, but I AM GOING TO LIVE THIS or die", and watch what happens. How many powers do you believe in? How many gods do you have? THERE IS ONLY ONE: THE POWER OF LIFE!

"If you believe that "nothing shall by any means hurt you" (Lk 10:19), then don’t hesitate to do anything you wish to do. Absolutely FEAR NOT! If you believe that "All things are yours", that YOU are ONE with the ABUNDANT LIFE Jesus came to give you: BORN AGAIN, A NEW CREATURE, THAT GOD IS ALL, and that you ARE GOD BEING, then don’t hesitate – BE STILL AND KNOW and bring into being whatever it is you want, think you need, desire, wish to have. THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER. Don’t fear, holding back, afraid that there is going to be a "rainy day" which you better prepare for "in your future". IF you KNOW this, you know there is NO FUTURE, and you can REST IN THE HERE AND NOW. IF you make the CLAIM, then walk it out! BEGIN TO ACT LIKE THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUTH. BEGIN TO ACT LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN PROFESSING TO BE. ACT like the Word of God is TRUE. YOU are the WORD OF GOD! BEGIN TO ACT LIKE YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE AND YOU WILL SEE THAT TRULY YOU ARE WHAT YOU ACT LIKE.

You’ve been doing this pretty well so far. You’ve been acting like a "human being", subject to sickness, pain, and disease, afraid of one thing and another, dependent on many things other than God - and what you have been acting like - you have been. NOW QUIT FOOLING YOURSELF. ACT LIKE WHAT YOU TRULY ARE! And you will see the salvation of the LORD: The LAW of the Spirit of LIFE! Act like you have an abundance of all things. Act like God is your TRUE IDENTITY. ACT LIKE what you claim to be or go on about your silly little "human business" as usual and stop the pretense. Claiming to be "Christians" hasn’t impressed the world. Anyone can claim anything, but if there is no evidence TO YOU that something is indeed different in YOUR awareness, YOUR WORLD, YOUR LIFE, YOUR PERSPECTIVE, YOUR EXPERIENCE, then YOU are only fooling YOUR little self. If you only think you hold fire insurance in case there is a hell, and think by repeating prayers to the unknown god you are a little better off than the guy who claims nothing, all the while having the same problems, ills, depression, divorce, lack, and limitation, a medicine cabinet full of "what ifs", and health insurance "just in case", then you are no different than the prayer-less wonder down the block. How are you better off than the man who claims nothing, but in many instances has a better, happier, more prosperous lifestyle than you? He thinks he is living and he will think he is to die just the same as the one with only "claims", clouds without water! We can have all the right words, but words alone don’t cut it. We are THE WORD BEING. ACT LIKE IT! THIS is ALL or nothing.

Sending a multitude of foreign missionaries to the field has not changed the world one iota and never will. It is "the world". YOUR WORLD is the only world that will change - as YOU REALIZE YOUR TRUE IDENTITY. Claiming to be anything simply doesn’t hold up under the scrutiny of TRUTH. YOU MUST BE WHAT YOU ARE in order to prove to your own SELF that these things be TRUE, REAL, LIFE. Forget trying to prove it to the next guy. YOU MUST PROVE IT. "Prove me this day…" Then if anyone happens to notice the LIGHT YOU ARE, it is because YOU ARE LIVING NOW! SOMEBODY’S HOME and the LIGHT IS ON! And if "they" can see that there is Something which is different about you, it is because THERE IS SOMETHING WORTH SEEING. It is Something that you will never quite be able to put your finger on.

We have known how to do the things you can put your finger on. We can follow the law, well, pretty much anyway, and we have known how to act like a Christian: Be nice. Be sweet. Don’t say bad words. Go to church. Pay your tithe. Read your Bible. Act like you love people. Don’t gossip (except when you think it will "help" somebody). Be honest (except when you can get away with a little here and there. Call it exaggeration.). Don’t steal (except when you consider you haven’t been getting your fair shake anyway). Don’t lie (except when you have to)! Don’t kill (except when you can justify it as war). Don’t covet (except what you can’t help but …). Help the little old lady across the street. Don’t kick the cat. Etc., etc. We got the "do’s and don’ts" of religion down pretty good, at least good enough to earn us a reputation as being a "good man", who "loves the Lord". We may not always follow the letter of the law, but we have read about it, and "try" to put it into practice. BUT – what we are speaking of here transcends "the letter of the law". How do you think I know these things? Because I too "seemed to" have fallen asleep and dreamed the dream. Awake to RIGHT THINKING! KNOW WHAT YOU ARE! YOU are NOT the law, nor are you under the law. YOU ARE THE SPIRIT OF LIFE! There is no other.

THIS FULFILLS THE LAW OF LIFE! YOU ARE THE LAW, TRUTH, LIFE, LOVE, LIGHT, WONDERFUL! WHEN YOU BECOME LIFE, there is no one to steal from, no one to cheat, but yourself! No one to kill, but yourself. For what you do unto "others" YOU DO UNTO YOUR SELF. We have got to get this sometime.

Step out there where no man has gone before, and never will. Step out where the water is so deep there is no side to grab for, no bottom below, no life jacket around, where it is truly GOD IS ALL or I DIE! Are you afraid? So what, so was Peter. So has everyone been when they have put that first toe out into the inky darkness of doubt, but you will never know unless you cash in all your chips, go for broke, lay your very life on the line. This is not a "sink or swim" proposition. There is no "Plan B". This is: RISE AND WALK. Unless you prove GOD for your own SELF, you will never know. What have you got to lose? Only your soul life.

Come on in. The Water’s fine.




Why is this so hard to accept? I have daylilies in my little garden. Every morning a beautiful flower comes bursting from the invisible and becomes visible. At the end of the day that same flower goes once again from the visible to the invisible, just as we expect of that species of flower. We have simply come to accept that daylilies do that. We have come to expect the invisible flower to become visible and then drop its little head and disappear into the invisible again in the evening.

The daylilies we have were planted by the previous home owners. When I saw the first signs of them rising up out of the ground I knew they were daylilies and thus expected them to act like daylilies. My neighbor walked over yesterday and we stood and admired the beautiful bloom of one of the daylilies that had blown off its stem. So perfect, so absolutely perfect, but this morning it wasn’t there! And tonight it will be gone no matter what we might try to do to preserve it like it is. Why? Because we expect it. We don’t pray for it. We don’t agonize over it. We don’t go checking every other moment for it. WE JUST KNOW that in the morning it will be there. We accept that at the right time and season daylilies just do this. We expect it and so it is. JUST KNOW. Whatever it is you want or "think" you need, JUST KNOW. KNOW that FATHER KNOWS (YOU ARE AWARE IN YOUR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, before "you" even ask for it).

We constantly see things come from the invisible to the visible and think nothing of it. All things, including body, are ideas in MIND which come into visibility, and just like the daylily. They come into visibility and they pass out of sight.

The daylilies are a wonderful example of HOW to obtain and have all you could ever want or need. You ARE AWARE that ALL HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE. You are not going to make anything better. You are not going to make anything happen that IS NOT ALREADY. You must simply accept that "every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father", and know that NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU, and that ALL THAT IS REALITY IS VERY GOOD. The "appearance" world is NOTHING! NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It has no viability to it. It has no power to it. It is but an illusion. We enjoy it as it passes before us, and we observe the interesting things that "appear" to go on on the screen of LIFE, but we do not become disturbed by them, or caught up in a belief in them as anything but "the story of your life". The ONE YOU ARE, THE TRUE YOU is GOD watching all that is taking place, NOT OF it, but only for the MOMENT appearing to it, as whatever name you call your little self. Can you hear this?

YOU, YOU the ONE who is reading this, regardless of a body, in spite of a body, the YOU OF YOU! IS GOD! IS MIND. Not the MIND OF GOD, but MIND, WHICH IS GOD! We sometimes use those words to explain to those who are trying so desperately to understand, but sometime you must get this.

As with the daylily, your body is visible for a MOMENT "in time", but just as the daylily is passing out of sight from the minute it appears, for its "life" is very brief, so your "body" is passing out of sight, to be recognized in anyway you see fit as the need arises, in whatever way LIFE presents ITSELF again. YOU are NOT "in it". It is in YOU>< MIND, GOD, INTELLIGENCE, LIFE.

Only so long as we hold a thought in mind is it there visible to us.

Example: At one time there was a house across a field of corn that for some reason caught my attention. Perhaps it was just so that I can tell you this now.

It was a white clapboard two-story. I admired the beautiful corn in the summers, and the golden wheat fields in the fall. The house stood in a beautiful stand of old oaks and being a painter I enjoyed the way the sun splashed on the sides of the house through the trees, as well as the colors of the changing seasons over that entire little farm. I wondered about the family, or families that had lived there, where they were and what their lives were like now that they had grown up and left the old couple to keep the family farm behind them.

One day in passing I happened to notice a white wreath on the door of the old house. I say old, because the house had the look of being perhaps early 1900s, but it was a sturdy well-built house that showed no signs of deterioration. It appeared to be able to withstand many more years as a solid structure. The day I noted the white wreath I just knew one of the old couple had passed from this scene. I didn’t know what I know now, so I felt a twinge of sadness for whichever of the couple was left. Several cars came in the next few days and filled the front yard, under the big old oaks. But within a week all the cars were gone, the wreath was down and the house itself seemed to slump a little in my view as I passed.

Interestingly though, even though the fields were not sown in the following season, but rather were left to grow over with wildflowers and tall grass, the house itself seemed to recover. It seemed as solid a structure as ever. I never saw anyone there, so I never knew which of the pair had left the house. Whoever remained held the house in mind, because it continued to be a lovely old homestead for about 2 more years.

Then one day, I happened to pass the house again and noted another white wreath on the door. A few cars came and went again and then a real quietness seemed to settle in on the property. No windows opened that spring. No more cars ever came that I saw. A "For Sale" sign went up along the road and the grass grew even taller.

Within six months of that Sale sign that house began to cave in at the center of the roof. I was amazed to see in a very short period of time a structure which had lasted probably 60-70 years or more crumbling to the ground. A house which most likely could have lasted another 60 or 70 years with the right care, or even more, was falling completely apart. Why? I asked my self.

Now I know. What we hold in MIND stays for as long as we hold it. When we let something go, it goes. So the daylily, which I expect to last only one day, lasts only one day. The roses my son sent me lasted two weeks, because the little package which came with them said they would. So, I laugh, because this means, my friend, that whatever you desire is there awaiting your recognition, but with its appearance it is already fading away. But that is not sad to me now, because I know that GOD, LIFE, SPIRIT, is an unlimited Supply. I AM an unlimited supply! And nothing is to be held on to, nor should the fear of losing it be of any matter, once you know the TRUTH.

This is why we can give, and give freely. Freely you have received, freely give! Freely all has come to you, not because you have earned it, but because all comes as we accept a thing and then passes out of sight when no longer accepted.

If you can see this you can see why "things" are not to be grasped and held on to, neither are they to be saved, but be willing to let anything go at any time. All "things" are merely to be enjoyed. No point in building bigger barns when whatever you ask, when recognized in the nature of the ONE, will come into visibility for your good pleasure or to bless another for as long as it appears to be needed. Conceive, perceive. Conceive, perceive, whatever you want, wish, desire. All of it, ANY THING! And you don’t have to "try" to do this. Only accept. But you must first have all the greed drained out of you, and your little self must be crucified to the world of "things".

To "think" that God provides only for "needs" is foolishness. All good and perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights. In other words, every good and perfect thing, regardless what it is, comes out from your CONSCIOUSNESS, AWARENESS, GOD, THE TRUE SELF, and flows right "out" into visible expression. Everything you have ever had came this way. IN GOD THERE IS NO NEED! GOD, LIFE, ALL BEING ALL THERE IS, denies no one anything! Thinking you live in a world of lack and limitation is the only thing that has kept us from having all. It is in being in the moment, in the NOW, proving this thing by simply BEING with each fresh awareness of a need, wish, desire. This is realizing TRUTH and walking it out. This is not commitment to a church, to an organization, to a system, to a religion, to a man, to anything other than a commitment to know Thy Self, (to thine Own SELF be true), KNOW TRUTH, until It IS your Reality. THY SELF, YOUR TRUE SELF, is the ONE that is called GOD, LIFE, LIGHT, CHRIST, UNDERSTANDING, LIBERTY, LOVE, TRUTH, PERFECTION, REALITY, I.

Never ever beg, plead, or feel that you have to somehow coerce God into anything. Simply know, be still and know. "Before they ask I will answer them…" The very fact that you wish to have something, and would pray for it, is proof that whatever it is that would be asked for is right there awaiting your recognition and acceptance. Expect and look for the appearance of it, but keep your hands off of it! Don’t you TRY. You will know what to do if there is anything you are to do, or anywhere you are to go, as well as when and where and how. You would not even be asking for whatever it is if it were not available to you NOW. Once you recognize the want, need, request, wish, desire, just let it be! Just know and do not attempt to make it happen. Know it IS coming into the visible, just as the daylily, and "wait upon the Lord", so to speak. Wait upon its coming into visibility. You may be led to follow instructions, but don’t get in a rush, don’t panic, fear not. BE STILL AND KNOW. ALLOW GOD, LIFE to follow through and prove that GOD IS. Let GOD, SELF, LOVE, SPIRIT, REALITY, TRUTH show you and if it is in the realm of what you consider the "impossible" - rejoice all the more. Only then will you see GOD and begin to LIVE in the ONENESS your heart desires!

Do not settle! Press into this thing with all your heart! YOU have it already, you are the only one keeping yourself from the UNLIMITED SUPPLY. There will be moments of exhilaration, moments of frustration, moments of ecstasy, and moments of sheer determination, but all are for the bringing forth of the LIGHT OF LIFE.

KNOW THIS, once that daylily is out there in the visible morning sun, its time is over. If I know that there will be others following, there will be, until I go on about my business and forget about daylilies blooming and then they will cease. When I "expect" their season to be over, they will be gone.

Go to the potter’s house. Watch him fire the clay. Until he puts it in the kiln and fires it, he can make and remake the same clay into one pot after another, over and over. How? He simply IN HIS MIND sees the pot one shape and makes it thus, but if the idea in his mind is not exactly what he sees molded, when he holds it in his hand, he can begin again and remold it. He may think time and again, "No, that’s not exactly what I want", and remold the pliable clay so long as it is pliable, until he gets what he has in mind and then fires it. However, once it is fired, "out there", so to speak, where you can hold it in hand, it is no longer workable. Whatever it is, be it money, or things, once it is out in the visible shape, form, you can do nothing with it. It is "finished", hard as a rock. Once in visible form it is no longer pliable, moldable, shapeable, formable. Why? Because it is then "the image and likeness of", not the TRUE.

The TRUE is the IDEA in MIND – before it comes out into visible form. The likeness and image of the idea is but the shadow of the concept, or the reflection of the TRUE, which we have been seeing and calling "real". What you accept to be true is true for you. IF you accept only TRUTH, then you move out of "this world" of "belief", but so long as you accept the reflection, or the holographic image, the charade, the illusion, the delusion, however you wish to phrase it, as the "real", you deny the TRUTH and continue to buy the lie as your reality. We’ll talk more about this a little further on.

You have seen this happen so many times that it could not be counted. You just have never known what was happening. You have "in-visioned" something, or envisioned something: a new car, a new piece of furniture, a toy, or trip - only to begin to move towards it as it moved towards you. It happens almost as though you were not a part of the scene until there you are, and you have it, and it seems - after all what you thought of as "waiting" and being patient, that it is suddenly upon you, whoosh – it is here! This is just a simple attempt to tell you what you have been doing all along, having the "idea" come to you and then seeing whatever the idea is come right out into visible expression, and you have thought nothing of it.

As another example of this: When I have an inspiration to paint, I have a concept, a blueprint in mind, so to speak, a seed-thought. It is the idea of what I am going to paint. Although I no longer plan out what I am going to paint, I do have some idea of what the finished product will be. I have found that when I get before the canvas with an inspiration IN MIND, I have only to pick up the brush and LET the IDEA IN MIND present itself! If I try to "man"ipulate it, or attempt to make it happen like "I think", it is usually a disaster. If I do not "take thought" about it, but let the paint go where MIND would have it to go, it turns out wonderful, and I see it as it happens as though an observer of the work just as surprised as you about the Master’s piece. I have finally accepted that if I LET this MIND which was also in Christ Jesus HAVE THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, to bring whatever ALREADY IS to fruition, then what comes out into visibility is beautiful. I can tell a tremendous difference in the paintings I "try" to make happen, and the ones I LET happen. One is a success, the other usually ends up being painted out. I feel, or intuitively know, which way to go with a painting as I paint. If I try to figure it all out ahead of time, though it may be technically correct, the life is just not in it.

And once it is out there a finished product, then, if I "try" to do anything with it, I will again fall on my face. I have to know when to let and when to release. This is an intuitive knowing, and sense-feel flow that comes by ceasing to "try", which only turns out to be fighting an uphill, upstream battle, and is useless, because I am working against my SELF.

Example: In our area we have about 300,000 bikers come to town each May over one weekend. Once I had this "bright" idea to paint a portrait of a motorcycle and go out and make fliers to advertise my work. This was what seems like a few years ago and now I know better, but at that time I walked in the hot sun from one Harley to another trying to sell portraits of motorcycles. I had a lot of great compliments, but no takers. I spent a sizeable sum on the fliers to give as advertisements, which probably ended up as litter. Except for the exercise in the hot sun, walking all over, peddling my wares, I got nothing out of the experience, EXCEPT, to KNOW this very thing that NOW is TRUTH TO ME: LET! Don’t "try", LET.

And to show you just how wonderfully that works: One day I started painting and had had a busy day before I even started. I knew that when I over work myself I do not seem to get the desired results. If I am tired I do not see the flow on the canvas that is there when I am fresh. I said to myself, "I am going to go lay down. GOD knows I have enough paintings out there where they can be seen. GOD, LIFE will….whatever." So, I laid down. I entered the rest of God, not only in that I rested lying on the bed, but I rested in the KNOWLEDGE that ALL IS ALREADY DONE, and I don’t have to work myself into a frenzy to MAKE anything happen.

A short time later the phone rang and as I reached across the bed and picked up the receiver I heard the voice of one of the curators at the gallery saying, "Can you come down here? We have some folks here who would like to meet you." Rested now, I got up and went to the gallery. The folks were so gracious. They ended up buying four of my paintings and it was one of the most profitable afternoons I have realized to this moment.

TRUSTING GOD. We talk about it, but then we work our little selves all up trying to "make" something happen. Never again will I go on a good idea to try to "make money" or with some money making scheme. It is simply not necessary. If opportunity presents itself it will because "I" willed it so, and recognized the whole scene before hand (in a way), because every good and perfect gift comes from CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. But never again will I worry about money, or things, or bills, or anything "out there". There is no "out there". All I need is presently present in the AWARENESS OF MIND, HOME, AT REST. There is only "place" that anything that can happen already has happened, and I have only to do allow those things which ARE come into my field of vision!

Oh, my Precious ONE, the TRUE YOU reads these words and KNOWS.






When will I be able to walk in Truth, to no longer be "of""this world"?

"NOW also the ax is laid to the root" – Lk 3:9.

How can I be changed?

"Blessed are ye that hunger NOW: for ye shall be filled." Lk 6:21.

Don’t I have to grow?

"Come for all things are NOW ready". Lk 14:17.

When will I walk in the spirit realm?

"The hour cometh and NOW IS, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth…" Jn 4:23.

If I am "dead", only thinking I am alive, I don’t want to be fooled any longer. If I am dead then I want to be born again! When can I come out of this thing called "death"?

"The hour is coming, and NOW IS , when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they shall hear and live". Jn 5:25. I AM speaking to you who are living among the tombs (dead thoughts of sickness, disease, lack, pain, frustration, wars and rumors of such). Yes you, come out of your grave thoughts. Come forth! Hear and live! And don’t look back! You died, in a sense, when you moved into the world of thought-taking and beliefs and took it as your "world", and you identified yourself as something other than God, LIFE. Since you have been dead, you are not ‘going to die’. YOUR HOUR TO HEAR IS NOW! Stay with it as though your life depended upon it, because it does. Jesus said of the twelve year old child, who was thought to be dead, that she was only asleep. Awake to righteousness and Christ will give you light!

What about "judgment day"? When is the time of JUDGMENT" Isn’t it after I die?

"NOW is the judgment of this world…" John 12:31. And "I die daily" – through letting go false beliefs and opinions. I Cor 15:31.

Well, what about the devil (evil, duality)?

"NOW shall the prince of this world be cast out". John 12:31.

But don’t I have to be perfected through suffering?

"NOW you are clean through the word which I have spoken to you." Jn 15:3.

Don’t I have to die to leave "the world"?

"NOW I am no more in the world…" John 17:11.

Everything is NOW. TODAY is THE day of salvation. Come out while it is still called today… Who is calling it today? Not I. But while you still call it TODAY – come out! NOW, right this moment. There is no "other". There is no yesterday. There is no tomorrow. There is only NOW, and this NOW always IS.



If you have heard it once, you have heard it many times that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. If you have spent any time in church, reading your Bible, and seeking this kingdom that you keep hearing about, then when and where exactly do you expect this to become a reality to you? Is "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven", just some great idea that will never truly come to be enjoyed! I DECLARE THE KINGDOM IS COME – HERE, NOW.

Did not Jesus get his prayers answered? He prayed, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Did he not? Why are you thinking that it has been 2000 years and his prayer is still not answered? Do you not expect that it would be answered sometime? And why not IMMEDIATELY? Did Jesus have to wait on anything? "Five thousand fish and loaves", and pow! HERE NOW. ALL WITH GOD IS NOW. YOU are in HEAVEN the moment you accept that you never left, cannot leave, because HEAVEN (GOD) is all there is. This begins to lift you from the plane of thought adopted by "this world". All that you consider earth, or the visible - IS your world, and your kingdom comes in earth as your perception is lifted to realize ALL from GOD’s, MIND’s, SPIRIT’s point of view. As our perspective is transformed through the renewing of our mind, we begin to realize a new heaven and a new earth, similar at least at first to what we have been seeing, but our "way" of seeing it is shifted from that of looking "out from it" – INTO IT.

And what about excuses? There is no excuse for not being still to realize the TRUTH. Once the DESIRE is there, you will not be able to stop your Self. You will not be able to dismiss the TRUTH. You will be so turned from "this world", that it will hold nothing for you anymore. Understand NOW, that "this world" and "your world" are two different things. One is your reality, and the other a dream, or fictitious story, a false image. "This world" is one belief after another. Thy kingdom is come when you realize that Heaven is all there is, you never left it, and the dream you have been dreaming is over. No excuses. Just be still and wait upon the Lord. Be still and KNOW! Be still and listen within yourself for the answer to any and all questions which might arise.

Did Jesus ever have to make excuses for anything he desired that did not come IMMEDIATELY into being? All that you declare in the Reality of the ONE, your True Identity, is here already, NOW, awaiting your recognition of it. ALL IS NOW. If you think you have to "wait" on something, you are still in the world of belief. REALIZE ALL IS NOW – ONLY - ALWAYS BEING. Though "time" may appear to be involved, in TRUTH it is not, and the answer can never be late. If something is needed IMMEDIATELY, it will be here now immediately! If it is needed before such and such a date, although that may sound like we are dealing "with time", that is of no consequence, only know that all is really now, and in the NOW it IS and will presently be visible, by the so-called "date".

But, "I have no man when the water is troubled to put me into the pool". Stop looking to a man. Stop listening to a man. Man at his best, his most intellectual, his most impressive state, is simply still man and is poor, wretched, naked and blind, not to mention impotent. We are invited to come, NOW! We are invited to rise now! Forfeit the lame excuses that Jesus warned us about, " I have bought a piece of property, and I have to see to the needs of it, paying for it, working it, and all the responsibilities of this property, and the employees involved, I have a business, a job, career, or other affairs at this present time." "I have bought cattle, stocks, bonds, CDs, or have other investments that require I attend to these earthly things first of all, then I will get to the heavenly things." "I am married and have a wife/husband who doesn’t believe like I do. He/She is my problem. This is holding me back. After all, I wouldn’t want to upset him/her by not following his or her wishes, since he/she doesn’t believe and think like I do." (Luke 14:15-20). "IF any man loves father, mother, brother, husband, wife, child, more than ME, he is not worthy of ME." So forget that one. It is merely your lame excuse for not leaving your comfort zone. Jesus never "put off until tomorrow" anything. All IS NOW or not at all.

Jesus came along and in a split second delivered one from 38 years worth of the belief in a crippling life. He brushed aside all possible objections and excuses by simply saying, "Rise, take up thy bed and walk." PERIOD. He did not say, "You will have to attend rehab for awhile." He did not say, "You will have to develop into this, or grow into it. It is a process". He simply spoke the truth, "Rise"! Come on. I AM speaking to YOU. Do you hear? Come up out of your circumstances. Stop making excuses for not being WHO YOU ARE. The hour IS HERE. JESUS CHRIST IS COME in the flesh, in your Conscious Awareness. It is YOU who must accept this! (I Jn 4:2-3). Demand of your SELF that you be still until you KNOW. Set your mind on things "above". Focus on TRUTH. Stay with it and rest.

Stop worrying about your little temple, body, thing, which is only an idea in MIND. The less attention you pay it, the less you will glorify it as "matter" that you think of as "you". You can enjoy the canvas of it. You can clean it, feed it, and even paint on it presently. It doesn’t matter, because it isn’t matter. All the things we do to it have no consequence whatsoever, so long as we realize that it, like the daylily, is merely a thing that for "a time" comes into visibility, but is passing from view even as it comes into view, just like the lightening which passes swiftly through the sky. You know it was there, saw it in a blaze of glory for a moment, but then it is gone. YOU will still BE - with or without it. And whatever form YOU, GOD, LIFE, CONSCIOUS AWARENESS chooses to express ITSELF AS beyond the "little you" that you think is so important, will BE.

If you continue to live "in" the body and "of" the body, focusing on it, desiring it to be attractive and desirable, with a focus towards its representing who you are in an appearance world, though you may make a beautiful corpse, beyond that - so what!? So long as you realize that all the fluffing it up and sliming it down, coloring it beautiful, and working it out, is vanity – you may do what you wish. You are free, but we must not let the body, form, thing, be our focus, because it is merely a form – MERELY A FORM, a 3-dimensional light picture which I, GOD, use to present MY SELF to a world which could not begin to see ME otherwise. That is the purpose of the form, body thing, the only real purpose for it. OUR focus must be FROM the perspective of the ONE, SPIRIT I AM, not from the body, or towards the body, not even about the body. To exalt the body is to make it a god and THERE IS ONLY ONE. There is no other. EXALT THE LORD, THE LAW, THE TRUTH. I AM THE LORD, there is none else. Give the glory (thinking) to none other than THE TRUTH.

If we continue believing the body is a material reality that we live "IN" in "TIME and SPACE", then we are subject to all that that thinking entails. If we awake and realize that it is a light projection which appears as visible form, then we can come out of the thinking of it as our identity. It is only your belief in it as a material, physical, human thing, that keeps you doing these silly things like taking pills, or worrying about the food you eat, the water you drink, cholesterol, dieting, etc. Get your mind OFF your body! Be absent (minded) from the body and be present with the Lord (The LAW of the SPIRIT OF LIFE). The more absent minded we are in regards to a body, the more we are PRESENT in REALITY.

GET YOUR EYES OFF OF YOUR "little self". Set your mind on things above! Think on the things which are: TRUTH, HONEST(to thine own SELF be true), JUST, (righteous judgment rather than judging by appearances), PURE, LOVELY, OF A GOOD REPORT, VIRTUOUS (excellent, perfect), PRAISE (True praise is entering the rest of God, which proves you know WHO GOD IS, no longer fighting the appearance of things, or trying to hold on to the visible, which is passing from sight as we speak), think on these things. Let us therefore, as many as be perfect be thus minded: and if in any thing you are otherwise minded (thinking you are not perfect), God shall reveal even this to you. (Phil 3:15, 8). "Think on these things". It does not say, "Think on these things and…". It simply says, "Think on these things." – period. If it is not TRUTH, ignore it, forget it, let go of it. It is not HONEST – TRUE to your SELF, then it is nothing! It it is not JUST, judging by righteousness, not by appearances, we need not give it another thought. If it is not PURE, it is because we have wandered into a land of impurity, perverting TRUTH. IF is not LOVELY, we are mentally out of focus calling darkness light. Our world is upside-down, believing the lie to be the truth. Everything brought into the LIGHT is LOVELY, GOOD, WHOLE, PERFECT. If it is not A GOOD REPORT, it is no report at all. IT IS THE LIE, accept and believe it not. It just isn’t there. No substance to it. No reality. No power. Nothing. If it is not VIRTUOUS, it falls into the realm of imperfection and lack, which again, is nothing. If it is not PRAISEWORTHY, it comes under the title "works", where the little self is still pumping iron, trying to be the spiritual giant in his fairy tale world. So get your mind on THESE THINGS and let every other thought blow away like smoke in the wind.

There is nothing wrong with the body, but you simply must realize that it is an idea in mind, no different than the book you are holding, the chair, the lamp, the desk, the bed, the clock, the dog, the flower, the bird, the vase, the whatever. All are ONLY ideas in MIND, LIGHT BEING PROJECTED INTO FORM.

Yes, yes, I know very well we have all been asleep in the dark. I know very well that you seem to have nodded off for a moment, but that is all over when you accept that I AND MY FATHER CONSCIOUSNESS ARE ONE. Come out of this world of "belief". All, and I do mean ALL, that you have "believed" to be true has been but for a moment, and has no meaning or purpose anymore than a dream last night does. YOUR WHOLE SELF is what you have to realize. In God there is no time. Believing in time you have thought that it would take time to be holy – WHO-LE – WHOLE. Wake up! It may "seem" that there is a time element as you toss and turn in your beliefs, and it may seem that there is time involved as your eyes open, as you squint into the Light trying to make out exactly what it is that is there, but there is no time really. It only seems so. THE FIELDS ARE WHITE TO HARVEST – NOW! ALL IS NOW!




Every single word, phrase, story and example here has been written out of LOVE. The kingdom of God is a SECRET PLACE HIDDEN right before the eyes of all of us. "Hast thou heard the secret of God?" Job 15:8. I know that if you haven’t heard it here, you will. It is YOURS and at ONE PRECIOUS MOMENT you will realize it. "I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth"… I declare things that are right".(Isa 45:19).

Just before we pause for NOW, I wish to say some things to you that will take you to another place, if you will allow it.

If you close your eyes to "this world", and go silently into the night, and be alone, away from the groups, the crowds, the fellowships, the friends, the many influences which present themselves daily; and if you are willing to BE alone, you will enter into the SECRET PLACE, THE MOST HOLY PLACE. ONLY one priest, the High Priest, could go into the Most Holy Place one time per year in the Old Testament Tabernacle. ONLY ONE. ALONE, ON THE DAY OF AT-ONE-MENT.

Friends are wonderful. Family is wonderful, but NO ONE CAN GO WITH YOU INTO THE SECRET PLACE. Though we want "to share", there is no sharing in the HOLIEST OF ALL. There is only the PRESENCE OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.

In the PLACE of which I speak, which is a state of BEING, you will hear many things. "Call to me and I will answer you and will show you great and mighty things which you do not know". (Jer 33:3). But you MUST come out from among them, from the numbers, even if it is "two", and be ye separate in order to know. You will not hear in a group. Revelation does not come to groups, sorry. Revelation is YOU being revealed to your OWN SELF. Revelation is GOD seeing SELF. Revelation is the TRUTH being opened to you! AS YOU.

And you can talk about it from now on, and that can be your religion. But if you want something of the Uncommon, Something so Precious you cannot imagine, you must come aside from the multitudes, be alone and be still, be quiet. You came into "this world" ALONE and you will have to go out of it ALONE. And though you will have moments where you are called here or there and others come to you in their search for the TRUTH, you must, you will, remain in the SECRET PLACE, no matter how it appears you are to "them". The YOU of you changes NOT, and no wish, desire, thing nor amount of anything, will mean anything more than just the pleasure of it in the moment, once you realize YOUR TRUE IDENTITY. Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. YOUR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS ONLY SEES IN SECRET.

NOW, let’s go just a little further, to be sure I have said these things as many ways as I possibly can in this moment to bring you out of your mistaken identity. Take these things and sit quietly with them. Yes, I know the thinking of "man" will try to rear its ugly head and say, "I know, but", but I say to you - if you will allow the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD YOU ARE to make HIMSELF KNOWN TO YOU, YOU WILL SEE THAT YOU ARE ONE WITH THAT WHICH MAKES ITSELF KNOWN, and in that moment of KNOWING, you will never be the same. This must go past your head. This must become YOUR REALITY. See that you tell no man. Ponder these things in your heart. Be still and know…

YOU are not a human being.

YOU are not a physical person, man, woman, child.

YOU are not on planet earth.

YOU are not in a body.

YOUR body is an idea in MIND.

YOU were not born.

YOU will not die.

YOU are nobody’s wife, husband, mother, father, son, or daughter, grandma, grandpa. Neither do you have any of these.

YOU are neither male nor female.

YOU do not have any systems going on in a physical body: no heart, no lungs, no brain, no bones, no blood. It is all belief.


YOU never left HEAVEN.

YOU are not a sinner, never have been.

YOU are not such and such years old.

YOU have no past.

YOU have no future.


YOU are GOD, LIFE visibly Expressed.

There is no other time than NOW.

There is no other ONE THAT YOU.


YOUR little personality self, ego, is nothing, absolutely nothing.

"This world" of appearances is LIGHT passing out into pictures IN YOU, IN MIND, but YOUR KINGDOM is not of "this world" of appearances and beliefs. YOUR WORLD is much higher than "this world". Though you appear to be "in it" for a while, YOU are not IN IT, all is within YOU.

ALL IS WITHIN YOU. Get that. ALL is within YOU!

YOU cannot get sick, age, die, decay, or even believe that you can.

All that you see is coming straight from YOUR MIND into VISIBLE EXPRESSION to YOU, and YOU ALONE.

















If you are hearing, you know this YOU is not the little personality one you have named Jane, Danny, Mary, Joe, Catherine, Peggy, or whatever, but the ONE THAT IS, AND WAS, AND IS AWARE EVEN NOW AND PRESENTLY PRESENT.

I will put it one other way: YOU, in the vastness of "space" for lack of a better term ARE ALONE. YOU, with no floor beneath you, no walls around you, no world visible, no ceiling above you, no clouds, no stars, no moon, no sun, only the black inky Awareness that YOU ARE BEING. THAT IS GOD.

In this vast UNKNOWN, YOU WITHOUT FORM conceive a thought: Instantly body, form - IS. NOW you are visibly visible. GOD visible. NOW GOD has form.

It is as if you are standing in a dark place and suddenly the light right where you are begins to glow, even as a dimmer switch on a wall, the light is coming up, brighter and brighter. Suddenly you are aware of a railroad track just to your left. And just as suddenly a train comes blaring down on you, swoosh, it is here, and just as swiftly it is gone! You saw it pass. Where it came from you do not know. Where it is going you do not know, but it seems to come out of nowhere, is for a moment visible to you, and seems to go off into the nothingness before. So it is with every thought GOD conceives, perceives. SO it is with every thought YOU conceive, perceive. Whatever you can be aware of, you will have. What you accept - IS. Whatever you tell your Father (your CONCIOUS AWARENESS) IN SECRET, not out loud, not with words which are the pot fired, but whatever you can know in your KNOWER, you bring forth into the visible. IN THIS AWARENESS "this world" loses all its importance. And the "people" who would intimidate you in it, lose all their intimidating power. And the "things of this world" are simply there, brought out of the YOU YOU ARE, the MIND, the ONE you call GOD, for your good pleasure, even as they pass swiftly by and out into nothingness again, though seemingly slowed down for a brief span of "time".

Don’t worry, no one can deceive you on this one. This is GOD, and there is no OTHER, for truly, GOD IS ALL.


One other thought comes to me, and it must be that it is something that will help you put this whole thing together. Here is a picture I paint for you:

YOU, GOD, LIFE, THE TRUE, THE TRUTH, are walking in your garden one day. You come to a pond and bend down at the edge of it. Kneeling between the grasses, with flowers blooming all around and trees swaying in a gentle breeze under the blue sky and white fluffy clouds above, you peer over the side of the pond and see there a reflection of those things that are all in your world. You see your reflection, and the reflection of the grasses and flowers. You see the reflection of the trees and sky and clouds. YOU know that all of this is but a reflection. YOU are not fooled by the reflection thinking it is the real. YOU know that where YOU are is the real, and that the reflection is only that, a reflection. It is only if you continue staring at the reflection too long, become dazed by it and fall into it, that you become one with what was just a reflection a moment before. Thus the illusion. We stared at the world of belief until hypnotized by it we fell right into it. If we continue to stare at the world of belief and belief it as real, we stay "in it and of it". When we awake and look up from the reflection, look up into the REALITY that I AM the REAL and the TRUE, then we can enjoy our world, but not be taken captive by the illusion of "this world".

If you had never seen a television or movie, never heard a radio, read a history book or any other book for that matter, never heard a news or weather broadcast, telling you about a world "out there", how would you see LIFE? If you had never been told that there was a country named say, Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Japan, or America, where would you be? If you had never been told you lived on a planet in space, where would you be? If you had never heard of anyone being sick, maimed, lame, hungry or dying would you be concerned about these things? If you had never been told that you were born, never heard about birthdays - how old would you be? Would you even "think" about age? How would you age if you had never heard of "time"? If you had never been told you had a name other than "I", "ME", would it matter to you? If you had never been told you lived in a body, how would you see your self? If you had never seen a mirror, how would you see your form? If you had never accepted a belief in distance, how would you appear to be somewhere else? And if you didn’t believe in time, how long would it take you to be somewhere else? And if YOU ARE always where YOU ARE, how do you appear anywhere else anyway? If HERE and NOW are all there is, how can you believe you can go anywhere? And how can you return from anywhere? If everyone you see you consider to be YOU here, there and everywhere, how would you treat your SELF? If you had never been told that there were males and females, but saw all as only LIGHT BEINGS, how would your thinking be in regards to a body? If you had never heard of hate, violence, anger, lack, poverty, murder or war, never known anything but LOVE as a child knows LOVE, as GOD KNOWS LOVE, how would you view your world?

All the BELIEF that has to do with a world "out there": cities, countries, nations, planets, universes, space, time, distance, sickness, pain, starvation, death, dying, lack, birth, birthdays, age, names, heritage, inheritance, history, ancestors, places, dates, bodies, systems, governments, churches, cemeteries, institutions, organizations, sects, faiths, religions, money, things, murder, violence, crime, wars and rumors of such, along with all the implements of destruction, as well as construction, storms, disasters, tragedies, comedies, entertainment, competition, accomplishments, titles, and degrees, are all "THIS WORLD" of illusion. All "belief" that there is anything beyond, or outside of what you know AS the ONE I AM ALONE BEING, GOOD, LOVELY, PERFECT, WHOLE, COMPLETE, ENTIRE AND LACKING NOTHING is the world of illusion: the reflection in the POND, NOT THE TRUE. It is a dream. You seem to have fallen into it one time. Even thinking it once - was enough. Now, realize that you did only "think" you fell into it. Take no more thought about it. Only TRUTH IS.

ALL IS VERY GOOD, and if it appears otherwise – ask yourself, "Who told you?". Bury the dead thought! If anything appears to be other than VERY GOOD, LOVELY, COMPLETE, WHOLE, ENTIRE, ABUNDANT, PERFECT, it is only the little you taking thought, believing in something that is nothing! It is the little you living in the shadow of the tree of the knowledge of opposition to ALL THAT IS TRUTH, the tree (or thinking) of the knowledge of both good and evil, duality, double-mindedness, believing there is both good and bad. Don’t buy the lie! If it is not VERY GOOD, it is not. IT SIMPLY IS NOT. And ALL is VERY GOOD!

Don’t buy into this thing that what someone "thinks" he is going through in "this world" is working out for the good. The only "good" about the apparent nightmare is that it may cause you to awaken out of the nighttime of your soulish experience.


This is so Precious. Buy the TRUTH, and sell it not. Accept TRUTH and YOU ARE ONE WITH IT. You have bought the lie, and paid dearly. NOW - BUY TRUTH WITH YOUR EVERY THOUGHT. BUY IT WITH YOUR LIFE. Do whatever you feel you need to do, but whatever you do: BE STILL AND KNOW…