Is a shortage of Infinity possible? Is the abundance of Life limited? Is the supply of Love subject to market fluctuations? Is Soul capable of exhaustion? Is Mind measured in quantity? What sort of container would you use to weigh Wisdom? Would it be liquid or dry measure? Does God come by the foot or yard? How much Truth is on hand? Will the back­log of Intelligence be sufficient to meet the demands of today, tomorrow, next week? Just how large is the stockpile of Substance? What is the net value of All? Is there enough Reality to cover today's essentials?

Do these questions concerning God seem absurd? If so, look about you for but an hour. The radio, TV, newspapers, books, public speakers, the pulpit, the schoolroom, the shop, office, living room and kitchen, the bank and the law court, are all dealing with a shortage, an insufficiency of Good, God. There is not Good enough on hand to pay the bills; not Health enough to meet the demands; not Intelligence enough to govern our bodies, homes, state, country or planet in Peace and Security; not Life enough so the undertaker can take a rest!

Truth is so limited that our lawmakers, backed by the mili­tary and judiciary are swamped in their efforts to administer justice and keep us out of war. Wealth is so ignored that our slums are overcrowded, desires unsatisfied, hopes with­ered, discouragement and fear ride blind through the streets; greed, lust and competition hold open market, even if it requires our friends and allies to stab us in the back in order to corner that market and make a profit! Taxes mount higher and higher while the dollar buys less and less. As cost of military preparedness goes up, personal freedom goes down. All this merely because one ignores his Sole Self, insisting on being what he never can be. This ignorance is the measure of his poverty, but possibly not in a financial sense, but cer­tainly in his awareness of his Self, his Potential, his Genuine Wealth. His poverty of Intelligence, of Wisdom, will drop from one like an old coat the instant he functions as the Self he always is.

What manner of God have you? Is your God deficient in Its Presence, Its Allness, Its Action, Its Being, Its Iden­tity aware as this Individual I-that-I-Am? Is your God Real, Honest, Acting, Alive, Functioning, Being, or is It a popular theological myth?

Is your God all of all, or a mere enlarged human off in the sky somewhere? Is your God rich, affluently possessed of all good and actively, intelligently being and enjoying it to the full, or is It indifferent unless you crawl to God as a miserable sinner, grovel before God begging for even your daily necessities?

Take stock and be certain what manner of God you claim to worship. Can one honestly adore a deity whom he fears, quails before, does not understand, and is sure he is dis­pleasing; a divine power who is enjoying Its own heaven and cannot waste the time or effort to be interested in the things of earth, the things vital to you and me, here and now?

As a human being, a personal so-called thinker, an individual man-consciousness, there is no escape from trouble.



Difficulties (opposition to God) are essential for duality, the Adam sleep, the curse borne by man's progeny from its in­ception-the mythical, theological curse which declares that sorrow is the only harvest one can reap from working the soil (dust, ignorance, a substance contrary, alien or foreign to Spirit). "Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee ... in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken: for dust (nothing, mythology, assumption) thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." (Gen. 3: 18-19)

Should you try to behold Wealth, God, Your Sole Self from an aggregate basis of racial and personal education which distorts, discolors every observation, inclination and experience, no Truth will be apparent. One cannot climb up to Reality via humanity, no matter how he tries. One is al­ready that which he seeks, or he never will be. Truth, The All-Self is already perfect and no one can behold It save as Present Reality. There is no other "Way"; no "becoming," no evolving into Perfection or progressing thereto. Perfec­tion is. Acknowledgment of this Truth leaves no blindness; no one to grope in obscurity, duality; no one to dwell therein or experience God's absence, poverty.

In this Allness that God, Omnipresent Wealth is, there is no need of reducing falsity, ridding one's Self of limitation, nor of correcting impossibles. Truth is Present Fact. It does not call on you nor expect you to make It so; to produce or create God. You are not asked to bring forth Wealth's mani­festation. One does not have to argue Life, Health into Exist­ence, into Its own Conscious Recognition. Mind does not have to be urged, wheedled or coaxed into being by driving Its absence, Its negation out. Darkness does not have to be ex­pelled so Light can be present to Itself. Infinite Good already is all; all is already Infinitely Good, so nothing needs to be, nor can be changed, for there is only one All.

God already knows It is All of all. There is no knowledge beyond this, and none except this. It is this simple, but not always easy to behold Truth because of a personal misplaced loyalty to ignorance, to what-is-not; to an assumed duality. It is this lesser so-called mind which is our enemy, which casts us down, betrays us, impoverishes us. There is but one Truth and It is Your already present Abundant Per­fect Wealth, Health, Truth. This is God being the Absolute wherein there is no other existence possible. The assumption of a lesser presence is Self-denial, a needless and useless going-without.

If any of Wealth is missing, then the One Whole is miss­ing, for God is Entirety-completely present. The degree of Truth's Presence cannot be measured by the activity of evil or the lack of such activity! All is all, no more nor less. All cannot be measured in degrees.

In Truth there is no battle royal going on, between Satan and God. This theological fairytale is but ignorant rationali­zation, a convenient line upon which all shortsightedness is hung, all shortcomings are blamed; an excuse for appetites and indulgences that deny God, dishonor Love, repudiate Wealth, betray Self, falsify against Life, and generally wal­low among the husks which even the swine find unpalatable. (See Luke 15:16) As God is not absent, can Its absence militate against Itself? How absurd is absurdity?

No, Dear Reader, God is not watching over a sinning, a material world that is supposedly floating about within Infinity, needing Its constant care and intervention. God is Its Own Wealth, Its Own Health, Its Own Life, Awareness. God includes the whole universe, the all of Entirety; the infinite illimitable abundance of all ideas-things-thoughts forever present, available and is their Sole Conceiver-Perceiver.

Spirit's supply of Itself is Totality Itself. Mind does not have to wait for Its ideas to be made, manufactured, turned out, milled, developed or otherwise readied for Conscious­ness to conceive or perceive them! Mind speaks and the idea is. Human sense cannot see this. To the finite ignorance that passes for human intelligence, the idea must be patterned or designed, and then pass through many stages before the product is usable. Time, labor, cost play a major part in the development. But remember, nothing human is Divine, and vice versa.

Do not assume Your Self is one of the human race which, through eons of time has evolved from an amoeba to a man. To discover the nature of our earth, one would be foolish to begin with a flat one, for no such earth exists. One need not concern himself as to how a flat one came about, when, why, or how to remedy it. No flat earth is, hence why waste effort mulling it over? To know Fact, the Truth must be the sole starting point; Truth must be the continuing point; Truth must be the only point!

Should the constant repetition of the Allness of God irri­tate you-be like salt in a raw wound, an offense to your


Alfred Aiken