There are several statements or words put together that convey a meaning, a thought an idea or even a concept; but many times there is so much information pointing to an abstract or spiritual reality that one must listen deep within in order to SEE what is being said.  For instance, how would you understand the following sentence: ďIf you canít SEE the tree (or you could fill in the blank with any other word) you canít love ME.Ē

There is much being said here. The seeing is not limited to the physical aspect or attribute of what you are seeing with your natural eyes.  The ďSeeingĒ goes beyond the image to the Source of the image.  That is the Life and Substance of It.  The image is only as expression or reflection of its Source.

Now, the sentence is speaking of not being able to SEE/Perceive what you obviously are seeing.  So how could this be?  How can you not see what your eyes are projecting to the brain and the brain can easily describe it?  Well, this SEEING will allow you to incorporate the image to the wholeness of your Awareness, of your Consciousness or your Seeing.  It will then be able to see the image as part of your Source and Substance which is Life Itself.

Now, then it speaks of Love and loving Me.  How could it be that if you canít See something that you are actually seeing you then canít LOVE ME?  Who is the Me? Again, the Me refers to the Substance and Source of Life Itself.  The Me is you, the Me is you neighbor, those you live and share your life with, your family, your workmates etc.  The Me includes All that is living, the trees and flowers and all within nature.  Love is the expression of it all.  Love is all that is Beautiful and tender and peaceful and radiant.  Love is Being Itself, Consciousness awakened and alive. Love is the appearance of it All.  It is the smile of a child, the sunset, the wagging tail of your dog, the eyes of love and understanding of those that surround you.  Love is seeing your True Self in all that is before your eyes Seeing through the eyes of Love.

This is what will change your world and bring a gamut of tones, hues, colors and textures in their beauty to the tapestry that is being woven and that manifests and expresses who you really are, Love Itself in fully demonstrated.