I’m sure we can all relate to moments when there were no words that could express the greatness or the beauty or even the depth of indescribable feelings that were inundating our hearts.  Perhaps it was an instant where you found yourself in awe of nature’s artistic touch.  Maybe you can remember moments when you held your baby in your arms and looked into innocent eyes emanating love. Or the many times that our hearts have burst with joy or gratefulness for an unexpected response when it all seemed to be dim of any hope or possibility. Or perhaps you have experienced those moments when the intensity and presence of love elevates you to an eternal moment where time and everything else fades and only the moment remains.


This is when we realize, that even though words are made for communication, they are not essential for interaction. They are only instruments that have been created for a lesser way of exchanging ideas. The use of words in communicating takes us somewhere, or points us to something beyond what is being said. That “Somewhere” or “Something” that follows the intuitions, the knowings, or perceptions of an abstract “world” is exactly what Reality is. The Substance and Source of ALL things is the unspeakable dimension of Love where words are no more.  We then come to a place where it is almost as if, uttering words would interfere with the sacredness of the moment. We find ourselves in Presence or in God!


Is it possible that we are coming to a Place where words will no longer be needed to communicate the depths of Reality and Life which ultimately is Love?




As with every form of living expression, there seems to be an endless creativity that uses whatever is at hand to bring something new into being. Such is the nature of God and such would be the nature of His Image. It is apparent that the “word”  is one of several forms of communication which seems to have endless possibilities. Music, art and dance too having their place within the realm of tangibility engaging in the intercourse of ideas, emotions, and expressions of love and life. However, as the Reality to which all words, symphonies and arts point actually be found, tangible expressions melt into the silence of Love and we are consumed by that which is already One. There is no longer a need to move an idea or thought from one “place” to another for One Mind is the simple Reality of Love.  Love is at the center of all we call One and is the pervasive Nature of All Life. In the moments when Love has emerged from its secret place, as when a union of heart has caused the veil of separateness to vanish, then sacred silence alone moves and flows within this womb of creation, saying more than all expressions together could say.  In their limitations, even the greatest expressions will have played their part in unveiling the limitlessness of Love, and maybe, without loosing the beauty of the lesser, greater dimensions of all expression will emerge throughout the unfolding of time.