It seems as though a life-time is spent coming and going, doing and not doing, acquiring and discarding etc. etc.  It is spent as a continual to and fro that should bring us to a place of wondering, “Why all this?”  It is obvious that it has to be this way since it is, so then, maybe the understanding of why it is this way would make the difference to those with inquiring hearts.


The simplicity of it all is precious, the coming to a place where the veil is removed is a great treasure, we then are left in awe, at peace and at a full potential of BEING!


Life is the unique expression of a Conscious Awareness in all the different forms and facets, visible and invisible that in its beingness is perfect, or that is perfection being. Once we remove our understanding from that and focus on half of the equation or half of the whole, that is the expression itself, it becomes futile, but as long as we include the source of it all, it is just that—LIFE BEING!!