In the years of seeking truth I encountered many others who were in the same journey.  There came a time when I knew that the path taken up to now was not the answer and probably Truth would never be found there.  In other words I knew that ďit was notĒ what I had been looking for. There even came a moment when, with some of those that I had walked so close, we agreed that we were going to go different ways, we were apparently parting from each other.  They would never accept the different views and perspectives I was already starting to glimpse, which were unfolding Truth to me.


Well, Iím sure I would never be able to share with them, at least, at the moment, because Truth canít be found in us by others.  Truth IS and it unfolds within each individual expression of God Being.  Truth canít be spoken or put into words.  We are Truth.  I Am the Truth and that in Itself will speak for Itself.  Truth is seen, perceived, known, unfolded and unveiled for All to see and encounter It within and without.  You will suddenly find yourSelf in Truth as well as encounter other Selves as One, the only Truth, God Itself, Life and/or Love Being.