As we are gradually awakening from our sleep realizing more and more who we are, as the necessary separation that took place when we entered adulthood/adultery (in order to help us awake by distinguishing the “is nots” from “isness”), seems to be integrated in and as one, another quality and attribute of intangibility seems to complete the picture. That is time.


Time, in the stage of self discovery has been present, again, as a part of the continual distinction that is being seen/revealed in our worlds/lives, until the realization comes that time is no more. It becomes absorbed in intangibility/infinity within ourselves and the realization that all is ONE.  We are time as well as we are Life, as we are Light and as we are Love. It becomes one in living, moving and having our being in that One Substance that does not see separation/duality.  Where ever we are, time is an integral part of us.  As we are ONE in Being, as “isness” and “amness” are one, so does time become that One Single Awareness/Consciousness of existence or the manifested expression of LIFE!!