The moment, Eternal, enveloped in a cloud of blissful Presence that allows no words to be spoken.  The unveiling that transcended time and space.  Oneness/Love, the only depiction at the instance. The Finished Work of the Cross with all its mystery being revealed.  The reason for humanity in all its struggle pain and suffering being unveiled.  It all points to the only purpose worth it all – LOVE!


How can Love be demonstrated unless the opposing force of judgment is being uncovered through the most “seemingly” unjust act of wrongness! Religious judges, governmental laws and an unconscious crowd shouting, DEATH!


But what is death, but the absence of life, darkness but the absence of light, judgment but the absence of love? In unconditional Love there is no right or wrong, good or evil, value or no value, loss or gain, there is only One, Life, Light, Love.


Can we See what Jesus saw? “Father forgive them because they know not what they do.”  Why? Because there is nothing to forgive. Unconsciousness is not to be judged, it is to “not be seen” as it dissolves in its nothingness or absorbed in its purpose. This is as we See and receive situations as they come with no judgment and in our surrender we will arise in resurrection Life.  It is our return from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (judgment) to the tree of Life.





So much has been said and is being said about Salvation and the Cross. For sure it will continue to be expressed in many different ways according to the multi-faceted, unlimited implications that an Eternal Moment can convey. The vision and understanding that the Man Jesus had, as he identified Himself in his Divinity as/with the Christ, taking his position as the Master Revelator of life’s reason/purpose and extended his arms to embrace all humanity within Itself, is the Greatest action that Love can generate.


As we behold the Cross and See the results of crucifixion and death we are reminded of the words that were pronounced when the forbidden Tree was approached: “You will surely die”.  This death comes as a result of judgment, as Jesus continually expressed through words and action by a refusal to judge and a continual admonition not to judge.  The obvious result of this judgment is death, or what we could consider a state of death or slumber even though there is apparent life. “Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead” was spoken to living beings, but were they really alive?  Or is that “life” in potential a sign of a greater Life that is immanent but not transcendent? Do we desire to stay in the dimension of tangibility versus intangibility, in hell/earth versus heaven?  Is Eternity here and now or in a non existent future?


What is missing in life, for it to be Life in abundance? Would it be perhaps the understanding of the “judgment issue”? Why was it so clearly expressed that we are NOT to judge?  Would it be because, if we do, we are crucifying ourselves or others producing death in ourselves and others continually? Could we say that what we see in our surrounding as a world that continually sees death in all levels and forms is a result of the judgment in which humanity abides and has its being?


The cross, in its many exemplifications, is clearly pointing to what takes place in our daily activities as a result of our positions of judging all the events and circumstances. This judgment takes place through the eyes of; like versus dislike, valuable versus invaluable, good versus bad or right versus wrong, placing us in a vicious circle leading only to death.  Is there really any substance to all this or is it just there for us to come to the conclusion that it is pointing towards Life. It is meant to produce an awakening that by seeing the results of this continual judgment finally we come to Realize that if we don’t judge, Life will take its place instead. An abundant Life, a Life in fullness in Rest, Peace and Tranquility.


The simplicity of it all is to surrender; the acceptance of what life brings and Is. This takes care of the judgment, eliminating it and allowing God to take over whatever situation might be in effect. The consequence of heeding the words, “Judge not lest ye be judged” will be Life, resurrection Life, and the entrance into a Place of Being that is the heaven you have been projecting into a non-existent future.