Much has been written by the wise and knowledgeable of the ages concerning suffering.  Not pretending to ascend to a position of those volumes written, but from a Place of Realization, I share a few thoughts.


The tangible realm, that which we can see, hear, taste, smell and touch, seems to be on a continual ebb and flow of life with daily situations that once in a while, and for some, more than once in a while, turn into adverse situations. During those moments it is easy to cry, react with strong sentiments, and also inquire why it seems to be so; all this, many times accompanied by pain and sorrow that turns into suffering.


That is where the written volumes come in assistance in soothing the soul and helping those in need to find answers about what seems to be the inevitable appearance that floods the hearts of many which find themselves in a sea of bewilderment.


As we began to understand or to be enlightened to our Real Identity, Who we really are, a light starts shinning bringing a glimpse of hope in the midst of circumstances; circumstances that so many times seem to be so far from our reach of/to change.


But do they need to be changed? Is there a Greater Intelligence that has created a sovereign plan for a life of contradictions, adversity and suffering for a greater purpose? Will we realize that what we see is not necessarily the complete picture of a movie projected on a screen? Or is it that we have not yet had enough suffering to want to wake up to a Greater Reality.  We do not seem to understand that the continual ebb and flow, the continual situations that produce pain and suffering are precisely there so that we can see beyond to Reality.  That Reality is a Place of Being where only Love, Peace and Joy prevail no matter what situations seem to surround our lives.


Yes, I refer to a Place that is not in the future, that is not somewhere else; It is a Place Here and Now. It is a Place that some have chosen to call Heaven and think that there is hope for it in the future. Except that there is no understanding that in that dimension of Life there is no time, no past, no present, no future, no matter, no substance, no similitude to this tangible realm.  This is one of the reasons why the slumber continues and the prolonging of the hellish situations remains.  In other words, not being able to See that “time is no more” and therefore hoping for something in the future can prolong the appearance of situations that are there, no more and no less than to point to a Life that is free of them and exactly what every Heart yearns for.


What is meant by “point to a Life”? If there is no time in Heaven why can’t we hope for it in the future? It is undoubtedly that in this seeming dimension of tangible things (at least we have to accept that they are all temporal); there is a principle for its existence of duality or polarity. As this is a principle for matter, the earth and its physical existence, it is also a part of man’s basis for its judgments and continual thrust in the already mentioned hell.


For a view of this all we need to observe is the situations we live or to turn on the news to find out how one pole differs from its opposite pole in every presentation/situation. Coming to a place of realizing that “all this” is NOT It, will point us directly to the Only that Is.  That is Life, Light, Love, God, Intelligence, Totality or which ever appellative you desire to use.  The suffering, hell, adversity, pain, sickness, lack that seems so apparent is really a part of a Whole that is Greater and far from it.  It is a call to wake up to that Greater Reality, to the only Substance and Spirit that is able to dissipate the appearances.


The Light that shines when we realize Who we really are is that which brings about that Realization with the consummating of it. To ascend or find ourselves in a Place where life situations are seen as the appearances or the in-part of a Whole that are there to direct us to a Greater Reality, that is, to be able to see that Life is Perfect, Harmonious, and Love Itself, is to enter or be in Heaven, the desire of our Heart. That the Light shines and consummates this Reality is the desire of my Heart.