“It all seems strange, doesn’t it?”
“All the struggle, the pain, the suffering, the adversity and the separation; it all seems as if it was designed to be
such a complexity.”

"There is never a moment when perfection and rightness prevails continuously.  There is only one thing, though, there does seem to be an underlying continual “peace after the storm” pervading Presence that not only guides and directs but uplifts and supports, strengthens and empowers beyond the seeming scenarios of difficulty and adversity.

“But where is this all leading to?”

“What is it all for?”

“Temporality, oblivion, illusion, futility, frustration, all seem to cry louder than the eternal, the purposeful, and enduring, increase and beauty, all leading towards a tranquil place of being.”

No wonder the wisest man wrote, “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity under the sun.”

“Is this what we all need to conclude?”

“Is this the deduction we need to arrive at, and then the end?”

But there does seem to be something that wants to say, “What about love, what about life, what about peace and beauty and unity and oneness?” “What about grace and kindness, compassion and joy?”

“Is it possible that without its opposite one could not be distinguished from the other?”

“Do we need to be sick to appreciate health?”

“Do we need to suffer in order to realize peace and rest?”

“Do we need to encounter aggression and harassment in order to realize that there can always be kindness and compassion towards each other; solitude and starvation to experience unity and abundance?”

“Could the purpose and reason be that simple?”

“Why such controversial, conflicting, lawful and forceful difficulties?”

“Why is it that man, mind and matter seem to be behind the apparent paradox?”

“What is the real paradox?”

“Is it that love, peace, oneness and beauty are present while hate, struggle, separation and ugliness are at hand as well?”

“Or could it all be pointing to ONE? To the One versus two, Life versus circumstantial life, to Light versus light reduced to speed and materiality? To photons as particles versus photons as light?”

 "Could  it be  true that each individuals’ unique expression of Awareness has within its center,  two trees as in the Garden, there being an inherent ability to choose between Life and death?"  

“Has the choice been perhaps that of separation, duality, darkness and death versus the One, the Life, the Light?”

“If then, the choice has been the one producing death, doesn’t that choice inevitably point to the other tree that is already in the midst (center) and is Life Itself?”

“As the obvious contradistinction continues to present itself on a daily, continual basis the confirming of Life will be before us incessantly, but gently and lovingly drawing us into All Truth.  That Truth is that Life/Love/Light that is ALL.  The rest just points us to IT!”