Why does it seem that we need to remove ourselves from the conglomerate world that surrounds our lives?  It seems to be a pattern with those seekers of Truth or those that feel or know of this strange overpowering pull and draw towards a higher/greater from of life. 

Is there really a higher form of life? Or is it simply Life Itself as It Is that is drawing Itself from within a seeming container and a seeming world that surrounds it?

The stillness found in the removal gets to be drawing Itself which allows the consideration of “that Stillness” to be within already and simply encountering Itself without/externally as well.

But what of the removal from the strong sense of creativity that comes from unconscious words and thoughts spoken from those yet not aware of this greater/higher from of Life?

Perhaps the greater need to be removed from this negative field of conflicting judgmental forces that collide with Reality and tend to hinder an entrance of an unveiling to take place of this higher form of Life is what allows the ugliness of a caterpillar to be transformed in the beauty of the butterfly.

The end result is certainly a higher form of Life that is free to fly here, there and everywhere in this seeming world/tangible world in its Truest form of Life.