What is it that keeps us in this unending to and fro, this endless swing from one extreme to the other?  What is it that keeps us living in a state of parenthesis always expecting what is the next event to take place that will show once more the adversity or negativity of life?  Have you ever thought why is it that we can’t have a world of perfection and continual joy and peace?


After a lifetime of questioning ALL, this Life has smiled and unveiled Itself in Truth and Reality.  It all seemed to have started at the beginning with the eating of the “apple”, the account that has given much to say through the centuries.  But in reality it all has a simple lesson behind it.  You either live and exist as the expression and essence of God that you are or you continually partake of a fruit that is produced from a tree of duality and recurrent judgment.  This tree will take you into thought processes, evaluations, thinking, analysis, opinions and conclusions, all a product of a sense ruled mind that seems to know it all according to what is seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted.  Here we remain in that state of a continual whirlwind that will only produce struggle, strain, suffering, pain, instability, ups and downs and the like. It is never ending, a vicious circle similar to a cat trying to catch its tail.  Meanwhile there is something Greater, something that goes beyond and transcends this dual life, this dilemma of controversy and adversity. 


When there was given a choice between two, life and death; the choice was between Life as the One and only substance that is All in All and the other alternative was death; death being the result of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the dual judgment that comes and goes according to our senses.  The “Life” was the One, the one that transcended this dimension of polarity and being thrown to and fro by the forces of its nature in the context of an unstable teeter totter. The choice of Life is the simple choice of the heart of a child that proceeds in all, out of his Being and spontaneity, allowing its nature and source to express Itself.  The unlimited creative world of a child is what brings the fullness of joy and continual peace and tranquility that ultimately is “Who we are”.