It is evident, that the realization that the infinite can not be expressed in words, brings us to a place of simply stating what is in the heart.  Mind and intellect will probably not be able to connect to certain thoughts that arise from the deepest realms.  But when they are directed to the heart those that are in Oneness will read between the lines and understand where the words are pointing to.


When an Eternal moment is being experienced/evidenced within Awareness, it seems that the recording of it is essential as one more beautiful expression of Love’s Being. The rest, the silence, the peace and oneness that is Realized as Being Awareness versus administrating/possessing it, is what allows purpose and reason to be unveiled before our eyes. The Seeing seems to be with other eyes, the surroundings are undoubtedly the same but they are no longer what they used to be. They are no longer external, they are part of One. The happenings are usual, as well, but are no longer separate from our existence and our Being.


So much has been written, so much has been said, but could it be that so little of this has been lived?  What would it mean to have more than one Realize that it is All taking place within Awareness/Life? Would the implication then be, that the identification with the fact that we are Awareness gives way to the qualities and attributes of God, then removing the veils of separation and God Being!!


When these moments are shared (within Ourselves) we realize the reason for the multiplicity of Oneness (manifold expression of God). Being able to overflow and pour/demonstrate the tender, gentle and kind Love is what allows Awareness to Be, as Love IS!!