During the night as we ebb and flow from the arms of God to our wakening and the ears are in tune with the sweetness of the whispers of the night, smiles of understanding soothe the heart. The eyes are delighted with the scenes that describe the indescribable.

For ages and since Man has been looking for Itself, the questions, mysteries and paradoxes in reference to LOVE have been present in order to direct us towards IT. Love IS, I AM Love. No wonder the mixture and the entanglements and misconceptions. As long as Man is in separation the conflicts will be perceived. Separation does not exist. God is ALL. In Allness there is no separation. The two shall become One.

The tumultuous, the torment, longing and desiring seem to clash and overflow until the veils are removed, the scales fall and the heavens are wide open distilling honey, refreshing the soul and enveloping with warmth. It all has been made One. There are no two who are in Love. Love IS and we find ourselves in the ISNESS of Being, of Existence (Essence), of the depths, passion, fire, tenderness, gentle touch, and sweet fragrance that emanates from its Substance.

There are no limits, there are no distances, there is nothing that can affect, that can hinder, that can defile Existence Itself. Love IS and when we are found in IT we will always be One. We will always enjoy the profundity, the ardor, the pure moments that emanate from Within and Without. The longing, the desire, encounter the warmth, the fervor, the still touch, the depth of Itself in Oneness. I AM LOVE!