What a delight it is to encounter LIFE in its TRUE ESSENCE! To realize you are IT! That “you” are not an individual that possesses life and does with it what you please or think is best; or even further, that “you should live” according to a certain set of standards. We are recognizing more and more that there is a Greater Life, a Greater Power that lives through us; that “us” is ONE, in its most beautiful expression or existence.

As the realization of God, as the only One and All comes alive and the awakening that Jesus Christ spoke about takes place, the world before our eyes transforms itself into its original expression and/or creation. It’s as if a veil is removed or a dark glass is made transparent. We no longer see a world of lack, disaster, fear, anguish, depression and darkness in existence. Ultimately all these are non existent anyway. That is, darkness is only absence of life as well as all the others in their corresponding opposites. It is a simple thing to turn the light in a dark room, or wait for the sun to dawn in the horizon or in an instant see depression; anguish and fear disappear when their “opposites” are present.

But, is it that the “opposites” contend with lack, sickness, disaster etc.? Or is it that they are the substance, the only Reality and True Essence of Life? Why does it seem as if the negatives are so real? Is it perhaps that we make them real? How could that be? Who are we anyway that we would have any kind of power to create negativity? Or is it perhaps that, negativity is non existent, but is only sustained by the power of concepts, beliefs and words? Would this kind of simplicity be discarded by intellectuals and those that consider themselves knowledgeable, researchers and gurus of realities? We could respond to this is many different ways, but the most important thing of all, is that life continues as usual for those that see it “as usual” but for those who are awakening, the realization that Life is living through us in Perfection is the solid rock of salvation.