As the veil between two and one "seems" to be vanishing, LOVE "seems" to be appearing or being made visible. As the idea of thought prevailed, LOVE started to be distorted. Something like double vision confusing or interfering with Reality. The blurred vision of duality sets in and from there on time wants to define the Infinite, the Indefinable. In its intrinsic limitation words can only help us to activate the underlying Reality to emerge into what we have made to believe as reality.

To consider the possibility of dividing the Indivisible or separating what is One would seem absurd, yet this is what a blurred, dual vision does when we lose the perception of Singleness/Oneness. This defacement/misalignment is the entrance to a dreamlike, illusory temporal state of being that sadly describes the seeming world that surrounds us, a world of distortion and make believe.

Love must be allowed Itself to Be.  As water seeks the lowest level, Love seeks freedom.
Love is always looking for its expression in Oneness
Life’s extravagant obsession for Oneness