In the midst of the comings and goings of our life of appearance, the interludes and change of activities will, in essence, break structures and rituals that tend to linger and draw/absorb the awakening that is unveiling within. This break up or variation in external circumstances allows for a different perspective to be perceived, therefore the seeming progression of awakening takes place.


The observation and distinction of a world that seems alive, but is really dead, was confirmed on different occasions by Jesus, the Christ, knocking on the hearts of those that had ears to hear to awaken and rise from the dead so the Christ would illumine their understanding. He was obviously speaking to those that were listening and was calling them dead. There is no doubt that the majority of humanity walks, moves and lives as dead.


The illusion lived by those that believe its reality is there with a purpose; sooner or later we will find out that its needful experience speaks, clarifies and does not leave out a jot or a title that will bring us to life, to awakening and to understanding.  We can’t see and observe otherwise, but what Is the One and Only, that is God. God is Perfection, God is Harmonious and the intricacies and complexities of the revelation of duality’s/polarity’s purpose will ascertain themselves.


These words might sound rather intertwined and not necessarily meaningful to you.  But like everything else, the uniqueness of your walk, your observations and perceptions will only allow you to see what you need to see in order to get where you are already, except that you do not know it. You do not know that ultimately you are already in fullness of understanding and awakening.  Life, with its situations and circumstances, continually tries to prove that.


We’ve heard many make reference to “the way” and who is to know which is the Right way? Wouldn’t the way be the unique and corresponding way for each one of us? We have also heard mentioned that the way is narrow and that there is only one way.  Yes, but what is your narrow way and what is my narrow way? Surely they are not the same.  The fact that the Christ is the way doesn’t eliminate the fact that the Christ in/as you and the Christ in/as me is precisely that; the expression of the Christ as you and as me, therefore finding Itself in each one.


Whether your observation of the world that surrounds you, or of different areas, geographical and indigenous, of religious groups, of your personal pain and suffering, of those that have found themselves as a living expression; is seen as independent or as your identification in it, it will always take you to the Truth, the Way, to Reality, to the Love of God, why?  God does not deny Itself.