We obviously recognize the Equation! There is no doubt that, more than being intelligent, wise and knowledgeable, Albert Einstein was enlightened and very much in touch with Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge and Light Itself. What he left us with, not only the scientific world, but those that have been in search of Truth, was the answer to Life Itself! 

In the Equation we can see in simplicity the complexity of what we are and the complexity of the world that surrounds us. Could the opposite of the equation also be true? Is it possible that what seems to be “the complexity” is really Light in the form of matter? That Light reduced to a certain speed is transformed to matter? This would explain things said by the great Sages and by Jesus Christ when he alluded to the fact that we were the Light of the world once an Awakening had taken place and we came to a Place of Being or a Place of understanding such that our True Identity/Christ was revealed to us. Then as Light, all complexity dissolves, all darkness is absorbed since it only is the absence of Light.

Other than all the scientific implications this Equation could offer, there is a great revelation that is opened to us as we realize that “living the Equation” is simply understanding that the Intangible is being expressed or manifested in a tangible form through our lives.  As we understand that we are Life/Awareness/Consciousness/Christ Being then the doing will always come out of the Being. Light will materialize, the Invisible will become visible and the Intangible will become tangible. The Equation will be lived.

For those that have been seeking and climbing the mountain of accomplishment without realizing that they have already reached the top or actually never left it because they are Truth and Life themselves, understanding the Equation could bring them to a Place of Rest and to Who they are as well as to their purpose in this dimension of life, that is, to substantiate in the tangible world what already Is in the Intangible.

Realizing our True Identity, Light, will allow us to become Life in manifestation and “go about doing good and doing the greater works” that we were told we would. Since we are Light, the transformation of it in words, actions and Being will be the Life that will express Itself in/as Love in the dimension of the natural world (world of matter).