As we look around and observe the hunger and need for Truth that is obvious in all human beings, it is so easy to note the way attempts are made to satisfy it. There are so many aspects and facets of it that we could write pages on the subject. For example, in some, this need is being quenched through sports, many of them life-absorbing and time-consuming, while others require enormous training and extreme physical dexterity that involves hours of preparation. Some prove to be quite dangerous, and in the extremes, cost the participants their very lives. In the business arena, various marketing techniques use psychological manipulations to lure the public into buying what it may not even need, all in the name of amassing wealth and riches. We couldn’t leave the subject without mentioning, the media and the world of communication with its exaggerations, misconceptions, crudeness and sensationalism. The world of politics, society and education are all driving many to immerse their lives into a misconstrued objective and purpose that only denotes a deep need to understand and seek an underlying Truth that is continually veiled by a false identity. Governments and countries killing each other for self ideals, based on man’s interpretations, have ended lives in countless numbers, leaving a wake of pain and suffering that has multiplied over the years. Finally, religion is the most deceptive force that seems to guide those searchers and seekers of Truth to enter a vicious cycle of endless sojourning in an attempt to find a future “non-existent” peace/heaven. Together with all the metaphysical branches and studies of intellectualized spiritual understanding, objectivism and subjectivism end in the same unquenchable desire that just points to the fact that they all are, sooner or later, dying of thirst.

The areas mentioned above are structures that are in place for Life’s expression; in themselves they do not need to change. If sports, politics, economy, media, government and society in general were filled with those who have found another “dimension of intention” they would become structures that would give way to a beautiful Life full of colors, joy and peace as never experienced by humanity. The driving force and the motivating power that is even now emerging in the hearts of men is of an intensity and influence that goes far beyond all intellect and self-misconstrued identity. That power, authority, energy, vigor and drive is the One and Only Source of all Creation, it is LOVE based on the Knowing of Who You Are. Once you Realize that your True Self is not the selfish individual that is out to fulfill itself and satisfy its needs, but that you are the means through which a Greater Life is being lived, then you will be able to enter this new “dimension of intention”, a Place of Being.