In a certain way becoming identified with our True Self takes us to a Place that could be described as “Super humans”.  Somehow the natural need of the emotional heart seems to dissipate amongst or in the midst of the Stillness and Centeredness of Being!!!  At the same time when those moments come, the intensity of the emotion and neediness of the heart seem to have increased to levels not experienced when the True Identity was not yet encountered.  Even when those moments seem to be present the stability, wholeness and sufficiency of the Christ Life shines in its immovable and gentle Awareness that ALL IS WELL!!!!

Then we marvel at the moments of what seems to be an even greater intensity of emotion that leads us to an even further belief that somehow the heart moves in the rhythm to the Spirit when the True Identity is not just known but lived.  This is like living at a higher level of intensity in all areas of expressive being.  Could this be the "Life more abundant" spoken of? ALL truly is VERY VERY well!!!