Hi John,

You have asked an excellent question, and that is “If it is we that must change and not the world, then even though we change, are not the victims of the world’s continuing insanity unaffected? Isn’t this just another way of looking at bad things and trying to see some good in it?”  This type of question deserves something more than intellectual treatment, so I am depending more upon the overtone of any response to convey the truth you are seeking as opposed to the words alone.


Most of us would agree that if we understood the why’s and wherefores of our personal crisis in life, surviving and growing through them would be more tolerable. It’s the “not knowing why” that drives most of us crazy, especially when we seem to be involved in recurring “horror stories” of our own.  What Mr. Samuel is really speaking of is the way to look at  “our world” through the eyes of Reality.  We begin with the seeming horror stories of our own life, and learn to see them through a broader and more awakened  perspective. As we “See” those personal events from, let’s say, the viewpoint of contradistinction, our enlightened Seeing (which is the whole point of the event) begins to alter the scene we are looking at. It’s really as simple as saying, once you’ve gotten the point and learned to view situations and events from a higher or “quantum” perspective, the need for the lesson/event dissipates into the nothingness it really is. This is something that myself and others have proven experientially over and over again. It is kind of a “glass half full” perspective, but when you realize that God is only good and really is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, then it becomes difficult to remain in a frame of mind that places the images we see happening around us in a superior position of authority to the author of Life Itself.  What really changes is one life at a time. That change produces an inevitable change in that one world which includes the others in it. For sure, unconscious people will still negatively affect those in their world, hence the seemingly endless stream of victims.  The hope, however, is that as one by one,  man begins to awaken to his true identity,  as opposed to the phantom ego that has dominated life on this planet for so long, that Christ identity will emerge in a power of love and grace so as to gradually displace and overpower unconsciousness and ego-driven insanity. It seems to be that the crazier things get, the more people are being driven toward that awakening that will ultimately spare us what would seem to be ultimate destruction. Rest assure, Spirit, God, Life, Source or whatever you believe to call It, is working all things together for His will, and that will is rooted in pure Love.  Just as Jesus saw a little girl who the rest of the world called “dead”, so He saw her as sleeping, and was able to awaken her, so if we are able to see our world not as tragically lost, but in the midst of a nightmare, our “Seeing”  will likewise bring the obscured Life in all things to manifestation.              


I guess you’ve figured out by now that I really believe the world does change, but only as the people in it change, and that has much to do with how they “SEE” what is going on around them. What I would suggest, is to take these remarks out of the realm of theory and let them prove themselves. Mr. Samuel has several books that have been incredibly helpful in this end and I would be happy to get you the resource for them if you would like.  The world certainly won’t be helped by another theory, but Life proven and expressed in the tangible world is not only  possible, it is inevitable.