Reading this morning and chatting with my Friend, something strangely wonderful happened. We were discussing the idea of continuing on writing  the book on Identity when I began to speak of having a high threshold of reality in proving the things written about.  My friend began reminding me of the fact that it was my "me-sense" that was making such a judgment as to readiness, maturity and such. Then something wonderful was said with regard to the idea that how things are perceived changes the way they are. Because I was being seen and spoken to in accordance with who I truly am, that is, in completeness and fullness of life, I began to see reality the same way. In seeing it, I came into agreement with what Is already, and the judgmental, perpetually unready, inadequate "me-sense" dissolved into the no-thing that it is….in other words, it was seen as the contradistinction to everything I Am “not”.  I thank Life for showing me Its ever-present readiness, perpetual flow of love and confirmation of what already is present as Reality.  


The key then is this. If the Awareness I am “sees” something in Truth, regardless of the appearance or image in time, the higher positive energy of Seeing Reality “In Love or In Truth” converts the lower negative energy of carnal appearance, and allows the situation to vibrate in Harmony with Intention or Love.  So, If  there is the appearance of someone who is sick before us and we see them as sick, there is no effect on the lower energy of sickness. If, however, we behold the appearance, yet “SEE” wholeness and health, then our Seeing converts the sickness to wholeness. In this seeing as Awareness sees then, we co-create, or better said, confirm the reality that God is health and will never be sickness.


Is this the “Look again and see the fields are white for harvest”?  What if we began to see every “troubling or perplexing” situation through the eyes of Awareness that only sees the reality of Isness? Would not those situations, just as the storm that Jesus spoke to, only testify to and confirm the Peace and “no-storm” that God is?  And in seeing such, would the storm not be stilled, or converted?  It seems that Jesus was continuously confronted with situations that provide us the opportunity to see Him operate in such a way.  He saw no storm except as an opportunity to demonstrate overwhelming calm. He saw no dis-ease except as a canvas on which to paint the picture of wholeness. He saw no lack of bread except for the privilege of un-veiling effulgent creative abundance.  No wonder He could say of a dead, she just sleeps.