As we observe the heart's desire in others to encounter Truth we find how their thoughts are very insightful and reflect a persistent pursuit of that Truth that is demonstrated visibly in the world.  We have found that the man-made systems and doctrinal structures really do more to fix or re-establish the old-identity than to cross the bridge into the new. Like Christianity teaches, there really is nothing to do with the old-man with all his wounds, history and sense-ruled concepts except to deny its reality in the Light of who they really are.  Much has been written by those that were Enlightened and Awakened to Truth and we find in and through those authors “overtones” that do so much to bring illumination and unveil the reality of the True-Self. 


Many have been and are being drawn to the teachings of Jesus. I was a Christian Pastor for 18 years and have received a much richer appreciation for them, now that the man-made religious debris is being cleared away.  One of the keys to His (Jesus') ministry was that He had no identity issues going on in His life. He new that He and His Father were ONE. In other words, if you looked at Jesus, what you were seeing was a tangible image of the Father.  If you were to “follow Him” in awakening to new birth, which was an expression that meant to think differently, then you were to come into the same understanding  that He had, that you too, were not a separate being from God, but in fact an image of God just as Jesus. This seems to be the identity bridge that few religious people cross but it holds within its recognition the keys to peace, sufficiency and wholeness.


Many are well on their way to living in the freedom of this wonderful Life because they have begun to ask the questions about that “I” who has all the goals.  Once those questions are answered and lived, then you will find that the CHRIST AS YOU has been there all the time guiding you as you come into the awareness of who you truly are.  In the pursuit of Truth you are already experiencing an awakening of the extended senses of awareness that allow you to see yourself, not as the limited caterpillar, but as the butterfly to whom boundless freedom is the natural way of life. The discovery is amazing and is the reason those of us who have begun to taste of this Life have become addicted to it.