At the Center hangs an immovable Pendulum of brilliant white Light. This is the Christ Light that You are, the Center of Being, and the essence of all True Identity. This Light of Tranquility rests in an eternal now, unconcerned with the relative to and fro of past and future. As the functioning of Deific Awareness, this Identity of Light comprehends Itself to be all Sufficiency, Health, Reality and the transcendent Peace that passes knowledge.  Superimposed over this great Light is another pendulum. This pendulum is moving rhythmically between past and future concerns, considerations of right and wrong, feelings of agony and ecstasy and a thousand other likes and dislikes and exists only in its activity as the “Creator” and “Judge” of all it perceives.


In contrast to the opinion-less, motiveless, desire-less Center Light of pure Awareness, this moving pendulum, set into motion by the personal judgment of the Phantom Judge identity, bounces between the Judge’s own self-created opposites of “I like” and “I dislike”; distinctions that do not even exist in the Christ Light.  The fearful Judge of a “Red Hot” condition of poverty flees to the “Royal Blue” vision of wealth and riches, not SEEING, as it passes by the Center of Being, the Christ Light of Sufficiency that comprises True Identity.  From sick to well, depression to elation, each swing of  the pseudo-pendulum, prompted by the like/dislike judgment of an Ego-Judge that believes itself to be the personal possessor of Awareness, produces a multi-colored spectrum of vacillating opinions, and storm-tossed life situations.  Oh, but at the Center, in stillness, when the dualistic insanity of the Phantom Judge  has ceased, all the refracted colors from the Judge’s judgments of good and evil come together in one magnificent Christ Light. It is there, in the Center of True Identity being, that the Christ Light shines its magnificent Light for All to See.