The concept of duality seems to be an integral part of all life as we perceive it on this planet. To those who have become increasingly aware of a deeper place of being, it is still, at times,  difficult to comprehend the connection or better said, oneness, between these “seemingly” two realms of relative reality. We have called it “heaven/earth”, spirit world/natural world, or  material world/nirvana, but the same veiled reality exists within all these concepts.  One world we would call “natural”, is a phenomenal world perceived by the natural senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. The other world seems to be more a dimension of “spirit” and is “sensed” through a different set of senses which in most are hopelessly obscured behind an elusive veil. 


The subject of being able to reasonable discern the spirit realm to the extent that its peace, delightfulness and abundance may be experienced as a part of Life on earth has been the quest of people for millennia and has been woven into every form of religion, cult, or psychic group imaginable. Yet the premise that we are living in one realm “A” and needing to get to another realm “B” is foundation upon which all these formulae are based.   Various religions convey the idea that man must suffer this natural earth and then hopefully go to heaven.  According to religious myth, the faithful must go from the world of natural senses to the world of spirit in order to experience the bliss of eternal life. 


Is it possible that what we have thought as two distinct worlds or dimensions are really one and the same, and  that this one world, within the Totality of God, includes some expressions which are discernable to the five physical senses and also some expressions which are discernable to the extended capabilities of those senses. Have you ever had a “vision”? A vision is something you have “seen” and can describe visually yet it was not seen with the physical eye but with the extended eyesight of spiritual awareness.  Could it possibly be that what we thought was two worlds, was really just one world waiting for us to wake up from the slumber of a sense–ruled existence into a Present reality of “Heaven and Earth” as one. Instead of believing that some day such a condition will be brought about by an intervention by God, is it not possible that the scales can fall from our eyes as they did from Saul’s and we see ourselves surrounded by a myriad of angels and the cloud of witnesses as was Elijah and his servant. Was it possible that Jesus walked in the reality of these seemingly two dimensions at the same time, (NOW), to the extent that the bliss and perfection of spiritual reality swallowed up the perceived limitations of a life that could only see flesh and blood.


Duality, or the idea that man is separated in his essence and identity from the Totality we call God, has spawned innumerable religious concepts and a mind-boggling maze of philosophies that attempt to address the apparent paradox that although man is created in the image and likeness of God, he lives far below his potential and many times, with considerably less integrity than an animal. The fact that duality is taught as truth within the hallowed halls of mind-made religion, is a further indictment upon a flawed system which solidifies it adherents in the very bondage from which it professes to offer freedom. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you, and yet many are waiting in time for the Kingdom to appear in the sky. 


It appears that in order for all this non-sense to cease, the prayer of Jesus that we be made one, even as He and His Father were One, will need to be realized.  Until we stop seeing two instead of one, we will always be trying to reach or attain what has already been provided.  Could it be that the qualities that we seek  from  the place called heaven, health, peace, provision, joy etc, are natural expressions of Life which are abundantly present wherever  Life Is ….and that is everywhere! What if you were able to erase the idea that heaven was in some other geographical location, and were instead taught that heaven is everywhere God is and that there is nowhere he is not…….would that not make your very home, workplace, gym and shopping mall, heaven.  Jesus said “look again” and see.  Heaven is here, right now, right where you sit. Its abundance is open to whosoever will recognize that the effective distinctions between heaven and earth are simply concepts in the mind. Jesus lived on earth as it was heaven, where light leaves no room for darkness, health no place for disease and abundance no place for lack. The awareness of the deeper reality of Spirit is the power to turn the world from its blindness, its relentless seeking and its night-mare reality to the truth that it is surrounded by and infused with God-life, ready to be manifested at the simple recognition of its reality.