There is only One Being, One Consciousness that is living You, Being You.  The Consciousness as a unique expression (your life) is in a process of maturing, growing and expanding in Awareness.  The early stages are periods of limitation, coming to know (judge or label) oneself by virtue of our sensory reception from the world. The “self” we know ourself to be, is separated, isolated and most often impotent. This immature and elementary identity we call ego, places my “me sense” in the middle of this limited, sense-ruled view of myself and the world. As consciousness matures, the realization of Oneness, Interconnectedness with the Whole  begins to emerge causing the former images of oneself to fade like the night in a new day.  Ego then is not a real entity, but a necessary stage of emerging Awareness. The maturing of the Consciousness naturally dissipates the shadows of ego.