“Tell them I Am sent you” said God to Moses, “And you shall be as God to them”.  For years we have been taught that God is in us, yet because we have yet to fully grasp the living reality of God as us, “God in us” is little more that a concept of finite locality in a tangible world.  The idea that God/Father/Mind/Totality/Source/Isness is about the business of being me is certainly an idea that threatens the former sense of who I am.  For if God is being me, them “i” am not being, in fact there is no “i” at all.  The only true “I” or Isness is being all “I AM”. Said another way, Isness is being the Amness that I know as me. This simply means that Source or God is Reality in both the Tangible and Intangible, and I am the Image of that one true Reality. As an image, I can do nothing of myself, the Father who is being me, does the work.  Jesus said, why do you call me good, there is One Good, and that is God. Jesus Himself new that He was the perfect Image of the Father, Source, that the Father was being Him. He said Phillip, “have I been so long with you...know ye not that when you have seen me, you have seen the Father”; “The Father and I are One, yet the Father is greater that “i”.  Greater yes, because the reality is greater that the image. A bar of gold is worth more than a picture of a bar of gold. Yet, because God is the Substance of All, Reality and Image, then in Substance Reality and Image are One. “The Father and I are One, The Father is greater than I”.   I wonder if we too, when we finally comprehend the reality of our identity as both Image and yet Substance of God, when asked if we are the son of God, will answer as Jesus did, “I Am”.


It seems that the grasping of this reality begins with the surrender of a separate “I” identity in favor of an “am” identity.  Moses was the Am of I Am.  The one penning these words is the Am of I. You are the Am of I. Without the Am, who would see the “I”?  Ah, but are you content with being the Am of I? Or as grasping Adam, do you desire to be the I and Am?   Many believe that they are an “I” unto themselves not comprehending the unseen connectedness that unites “I” with all “Am”. Image am I.  Awareness of I am I.  In “I”, i live and move and have my being.  Who can remove me from being the Am of I?  Could a phantom identity change the One who is being me? I think not!   Yet, there is no contentment in any plane of Reality that compares with the knowing that i am an Am of the only true I.


What fall of mind lead myself and so many to believe that we are another than I being, love being?





There is really no fall of mind.  The mind and Mind are one and the same. It can never fall!  A seeming mind or appearance of a false reality seems to come into being in order for Reality to appear as It Is. This takes place by a clear distinction that comes into a focal point or a balance as the poles or extremes of a pendulum swings until it comes to its center, to its rest. When this happens the Awakening that is referred to in the Bible or an Enlightenment takes place and the seeming fall is absorbed in Life/Love.