I remember the day when the nurse placed my first son, David, gently in my arms for the first time. He was quiet, alert and intensely penetrating in his first gaze into the world.  In that moment, I had the strangest sensation that I was looking into the eyes of God.  It was fleeting and easily written off by the mind, yet the sense of it is indelibly marked as an eternal now in my heart.  Is it really so strange to have this type of “revelation” when the intensity of Life in a particular situation seemingly suspends, for just a second, our limited view of the world. These lucid times are like momentary awakenings amidst a long night of confused dreaming.  Oh, but how they confirm what the Christ of us already understands, that every child held in the arms of its mother is a brand new creation of the consciousness of God in a infinitely unique expression. Like a brand new field of the very Awareness of God, the tiny infant eyes open for the first time to see the purity and perfection of a world that, even with its desperate paradox and seeming futility, incessantly confirms the True Identity of Love Itself. It has been rightly said, in much more eloquent ways than this, that there is no way to reconcile the nature of the world except to conclude that in the end, it is all reduced to the confirming reality of Love. Although, it is difficult to explain so many of the bizarre events we bear in life, yet in looking back over the years, many would conclude that unless they had experienced what they first judged as “bad” , they would have not have known or understood something of Goodness or God.  Most of us would do the best we could to shelter that little baby in our arms from all the “bad” in the world and some of us have gone to great sheltering lengths, only to find that somehow, one way or another, the “bad” finds our children anyway, and they too walk the convoluted path of discovery. It would seem to our perception that if one follows too closely, their fragile lives teeter of the edge of destruction.  Yet there is in all of us something unexplainable that drives us through our days experiencing exactly what is needed to teach us who we are. That Something, is God Being.  Being what? Being exactly what It needs to Be to confirm Life. 


Oh, so you are saying that no matter what we do, it is all going to lead us to life and self-discovery…..what about being deceived and perishing?  Well, what about it?  Being deceived is simply not knowing the Truth, and how many of us know the whole Truth anyway. And perishing, does the Real of us ever really perish?  Or is the perishing really just the gradual degradation of the cocoon that has us bound in a world of darkness and limitation? It’s amazing, but a baby’s eyes see those same sights and its ears hears the same sounds as we do, yet they do not understand what it is they are seeing  or hearing. Later they will learn to “identify” certain sights and sounds and know what they mean or indicate. As the child matures, their physical senses remain virtually unchanged, yet their ability to use those senses to be impressed upon or to express becomes increasingly acute to a degree that “awareness” becomes more intuitive, vibrant  and expressive. Well let’s take that progression out a little further. Could it be that as we experience life, opportunities continually present themselves for us to “See” further than our physical eyes can perceive? Is it possible that, as our path leads us to a knowledge of our true Identity, we begin to realize that there resides within what we would call our consciousness, a capacity for a greater depth of “seeing” and “hearing” that goes beyond the objective world of appearances into the realm of origination, beginning, Source? We then, quite naturally begin to see through the physical forms to the essences of what is perceived. We begin to SEE that beyond the “thing” we see is something or someone “being” that thing.  We look past the physical form of a person and see that there is an Essence of Life that is being that person in form, making the form see with our eyes, an “image” of what is being the form. Amazingly, when we See things as they are, it is just as the Bible says, we are made in (as) His image and likeness. Just as Jesus was the expressed image of God, so we are an image (appearance) of the God that is being “me” in a very unique way, reflecting His uniqueness and infinite individuality.


Okay then, let’s digress for a moment to pull some things together. We can see that as a child grows in its ability to use its senses, the world “appears to change before its eyes. There is no doubt that, as an adult we look at the world quite differently than we did as a child. We see ourselves, people, responsibilities, and just about everything, in a way that has been conditioned by our life experience, education, parents, friends etc. The purity of simply perceiving life in an non-judging way gives way to a world of comparisons and judgments that has supposedly given a sense of order to our world of appearances.  Well, if we have grown to view and judge the world around us, including all its people places and things, based upon on what we have seen with our natural eyes and heard with our natural ears, is it any wonder that we would judge ourselves, who and what we are based upon those same senses?  Doesn’t the world around us really scream this truth at us with it’s pressure to conform to, or be measured by, social standards of appearance, weight, style, possessions, ad infinitum. So we go from the simplicity of pure un-judging child-like awareness to the “mature” state of having our awareness “adult-erated” by the belief that the way we “see” it is the way it is, not realizing that, all the while, what we are seeing is only the limited, appearance-based, experience-conditioned view of things.  Again, included within this limited view of the world, is a limited view of ourselves, a view that cannot see beyond the appearance of a body form and an individual personality to see the Essence of Life that is Being us. But one day, the ordered steps of the Lord, lead us to the awakening of the expanded capacity of our senses that begin to move and function beyond the limitations of tangible appearances. Seeing things that are not visible to the natural eye, hearing things not audible to the natural ear, and perceiving Reality beyond the Source of all tangibility. It is with these awakened senses that we begin to see who we are and from whence we came.  It is with these HIGHER senses that we discover that the “person” our limited senses perceived and projected as our identity was only the limited output of physical senses doing what they were designed to do. They could not tell us who we were, nor could they perceive the Truth behind and being the appearances. Is there any surprise then to discover that we are not what we “thought we were?  In our former way of judging appearances, we lived as a self-existent personality in a body form that interacted with other “selves” in their body forms. The authority to “be” rested within each individual and so we find each individual responsible for the living of its life. As long as I saw myself as a sole one, separate and self-contained, I was the judge of all that appeared before me in sight and sound. But, even as a caterpillar begins to become dysfunctional as a caterpillar, as a prelude to its metamorphosis, so we begin to discover through Life circumstances that the way we see things “isn’t necessarily so”. Seeming mistakes are made, mis-understandings happen, logic-defying events obliterate appearance-based structures of order and we find that sheer desperation becomes our shepherd leading us to the greener pastures of awakening and true identity.  Oh, how we have placed such authority and value in appearances, rather than seeing that which is the Value and Essence of all appearances, God. In our limited sense view, the appearance world ruled our lives. Financial well-being depended upon our economic environment. Happiness depended upon the “appearance” of food, clothing, nice house and spending money. In the world of appearances, the limited sense of “me”, the judge, determines whether I am at peace with my circumstances or whether the circumstances are in need of change.  I look at a person who I believe will make me happy and take a wife, because I believe there is power and authority in that female image to make me happy. Is this not the essence of what the Bible calls idolatry, which is simply the ascribing to an “image” a capacity to exercise power it does not possess.  What would relationships be like if, with an awakened awareness of who we Really are as “Love”, we lived the reality of Loving our neighbor as ourselves….not “like we would love ourselves” but in the truth that the TRUE SELF of every man is the One Identity, I am, being all men. True, not all aware of whom they really are, and some so blinded by a powerful false judge identity that no obvious good can be seen, yet all existing as an image of the One in whom we live and move and have our being.


For those who have found themselves in the midst of a transformation similar to that which has been described above, take heart. That good work that has begun in you will be completed. Your self-discovery as a glorious expression of God’s Love Being, has destined you to be revealed as an interface between the intangible and tangible realms of creation, heaven and earth. You will fly far above the warring polar views of mis-identified judges and find yourself effortlessly Being what All already Is. The awareness you are right now, reading these words, is God’s awareness being you.  Can anything be more freeing than this? There is no personal “you” to be concerned for “your” affairs. Because you are His awareness being, you, as an expression of His Life and goodness, are His responsibility. You as an “image” of the Almighty God, do not possesses authority or independent value within yourself, yet, your value as an image and expression of Love’s never failing power is priceless.