The mysterious agreement between Isness and Amness, is the communion of the One with the single and only Awareness of that One. Isn’t it strange how we have a tendency to personify the Awareness of God, giving it a separate life and identity. It’s almost as though we present the idea that my awareness of myself is a separate identity from myself, as if the image I see in the mirror is actually another person. God’s Awareness is one facet of the omniscience of God. The Awareness of God is not a separate identity from God, but is God’s ability to be Aware of God, to perceive all that the One Self is. You and I are that Awareness being. When we look and see God, the Awareness we perceive God with is the very self-perception of God perceiving the One-self.  When I, as the Awareness of God perceiving, look into the tangible world, I see the infinite expressions of the One Self being All I See….and all I see is Good….Very Good indeed.


So you say, but I see horrible things going on all around me…do you see God being all those horrendous things.  That is an excellent question, because it would seem that I am either putting my head in the sand to deny all the negative things in the world, or even worse, portraying God as a schizophrenic potentate. No so on either account.  If is can be said this way, knowing that any way of “saying” it, is not it, Awareness is being aware of all that God is and all that god is not.  Awareness “SEES” Good by discerning Good and its polar opposite evil.  Anti-Christ is simply the contradistinction to the Being-ness of God.  We, as the Awareness of God, perceive and know God-self by knowing the infinite depths of what God is and will always be by knowing the depths of what God is not and will never be. When that knowing is fully known, all contradistinction will be no more and All will fill All in All.